featured graphic for the City of Huntington Beach during COVID-19, City seal courtesy of Huntington Beach

July 4 festivities in Huntington Beach to be limited

The 2020 Huntington Beach Main Street 4th of July Parade is CANCELLED due to Statewide COVID-19 restrictions on large events. In its place, we will hold a MODIFIED OneHB Neighborhood Parade with two vehicle caravans traveling on separate routes, with one or both passing within a mile of every single home in Huntington Beach. These expanded routes will prevent crowding and the spread of COVID-19 – since all residents will be able to watch the parade from the comfort of their neighborhoods. Therefore, please avoid congregating in large groups along any one part of the parade route, in order to protect the health and safety of our OneHB community.

This modified format will allow us to continue our standing traditions of celebrating Independence Day. Although the parade will not be held along its usual route on Main Street, we encourage our residents to watch the parade in their neighborhoods and spend time with their households. Enjoy the Huntington Beach Front Yard 4th of July – Bringing the Celebration Home by pulling out some chairs, BBQ’ing, and relaxing in their front yards.

The parade routes will be announced the morning of July 4. Both caravans can be tracked in real-time using our handy GPS tracker on hbready.com and hb4thofjuly.org.

Update: July 1, 2020

As you know, the Huntington Beach City Council voted tonight to close all city beaches, Huntington Harbor beaches, Sunset Beach, and the Pier on July 4, 2020 to limit the spread of COVID-19. Orange County has seen a significant increase in COVID-19 cases this week, and these closures are intended to be proactive measures to enforce social distancing. In addition, the City Council also authorized City Manager, Oliver Chi, to work with neighboring beach cities to determine if closures on July 3 and July 5 will be necessary. Additional details related to our Fourth of July weekend beach closure protocols will be available tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience on what was probably a very busy day for you all.

This article was released by the City of Huntington Beach.


  1. Covid 19 does not have a political party or religion party.
    .just some ignoreant people who are have no medical understanding of how many people are sufferyn and dieing from it .
    If you think there is nothing go out and help in a hospital.my you wake up.
    Selfdistinig and proper hygiene and mask are our best defences against the virus and stop pandanic I beleave all states shall limit. Travel to other states and so make a border to stop reinfection
    May we make it through this pandanic and hope we are all wi be save.

  2. Unbelievable, still spreading the lies about covid19 virus. The Democrats of the state of California are stripping the citizens from their liberty and their constitution.Churches are still not open and they’re saying you cannot sing in church. People need to wake up and stand up for what they believe in and question the information that they’re being told. Need honest scientific data for proof.

  3. Good luck with that

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