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California launches second phase of extension to unemployment benefits during COVID-19

Unemployment benefits paid to workers hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last three-and-a-half months now total $37.5 billion, $4 billion alone just last week – providing critical financial support to families and communities throughout California. According to the latest data, the state’s Employment Development Department (EDD) has processed a total of more than seven million claims in just a few months, almost doubling the claim total over the worst full year of the Great Recession (3.8 million claims in 2010).

Recommendation from Orange County Breeze: For those in a tough spot with no response from EDD and lacking funds, check this page from the Orange County Business Council for resources:

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EDD launching second phase of PEUC extension benefits

On July 8th, the EDD will complete a phased roll-out of the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) extension and begin notifying additional claimants of their potential eligibility for a PEUC extension. The PEUC provides up to 13 weeks of additional benefits once someone runs out of their regular UI benefits or their recent claim expires and they no longer qualify for a subsequent regular claim. The extra benefits are paid for by the federal government as part of the federal CARES Act. Visit the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) webpage for more information and FAQs.

Update on EDD’s expedited mass hiring effort

This unprecedented pandemic hit at a time when the state was seeing record low unemployment with correspondingly low federal administrative funding and therefore reduced staffing levels. With the increased claim workload and associated increased federal funding, the EDD is working to add 5,300 new staff, up from an initial target of 4,800 hires. Through an expedited mass hiring effort, the EDD has already hired or have offers extended to more than 4,000 new staff. More than 100 have already completed initial training and are assisting customers on EDD’s phone lines. For more information about the positions available statewide, visit the EDD’s Career Opportunities webpage.

Certification requirement for many claimants with past payments

A key requirement in the Unemployment Insurance program is for every claimant to complete a bi-weekly certification – answering basic questions that inform the EDD that they remain unemployed and eligible to continue receiving payments. As part of an emergency effort to help process a historically high number of unemployment claims, this certification requirement was temporarily suspended for regular UI and PUA claims early in the pandemic. Many claimants continued to certify for their payments during that time. But for those who did not, the EDD did indicate certifications would be required later. That requirement is now being implemented.

  • If claimants received benefit payments but did not submit a certification for those payments, they must now certify for those weeks to confirm eligibility. This is known as “retroactive certification” which must be completed by October 5, 2020 to help us determine if these claimants were indeed eligible to receive those benefits during the temporarily-suspended certification period.
  • Claimants will need to use the application on the Retroactive Certification webpage to certify for the weeks they didn’t certify for before. Some claimants did report wages through AskEDD if they returned to work during the temporary suspension. But the EDD is still required to get a completed certification for all claimants during this period, even if you did not work or earn wages at that time.
  • Claimants are encouraged to retroactively certify right away. If a retroactive certification is not completed by October 5, 2020, the EDD will have to make an eligibility determination based on information available and if eligibility for payment is not supported, the claimant could be required to repay the EDD.
  • For those claimants who did return to work during the temporary suspension and received benefits anyway, the EDD is required to get a completed certification from them as well. These claimants should also follow the instructions on the Retroactive Certification webpage for reporting how much was earned during each of those weeks benefits were paid. The EDD will follow up with each of these claimants with information as to how any payments received can be returned to the EDD. Claimants in this situation will not face false statement penalties due to the emergency temporary certification suspension period, and may be eligible for a waiver of any overpayment.

Helping claimants get the EDD Customer Account Number they need

The fastest and most efficient way for claimants to complete their required bi-weekly certifications to qualify for their ongoing benefit payments is through UI Online. To do so, individuals will be sent an EDD Customer Account (EDDCAN) through the mail as part of the package containing their monetary award notice. The EDDCAN allows individuals to complete their registration in UI Online so they can gain all functionality of the system, including the ability to complete their bi-weekly certifications online. The mailed package usually arrives within about 10 days of filing an initial claim for benefits. If that mailed package is delayed for any reason, the claimant has a couple of options to gain access to UI Online for certifying for their first benefit payment.

  • The EDD is automatically completing the registration in UI Online for those with claims that are not undergoing any further review for issues like identity or wage verification. That means the EDDCAN won’t be required for most claimants to log-in to UI Online and move on to certifying their eligibility for benefits. These claimants should look for an email from the EDD that says “New Online Account Created”, indicating further UI Online registration is completed for them.
  • Customers can also visit AskEDD to request their EDDCAN. Simply select the “Unemployment Insurance” category, followed by the “UI Online” subcategory and then “EDD Customer Account Number”. By pressing “continue” and completing the information asked for, the EDD can send a message with the requested EDDCAN to the customer’s personal email address within about five days.
  • Customers can also call EDD for their EDDCAN at 1-833-978-2511 or TTY 1-800-815-9387.
  • The article by Monica Vargas above was released by the California Employment Development Department.


  1. I lost My job March of 2019, I was Pregnant at the time so I didn’t get another
    Job bc I was Gonna wait until after the baby was around 3-5 months. When the COVID happened I saw you can get the 13 week extension for the cares act. I called and got through in April. They guy filed my claim for me and it was 167$ a week for a regular Ui claim length now 26-39 weeks. Got a letter in the mail saying I was all good and I would receive the extra 600$ weekly. I’ve been certifying since April and was backdated to march. I already Had a card. Everything was pending so after weeks of calling I was told it was an identity issue. I never received a form to send docs in so the lady gave me an address and told me what to send. I sent 6 documents just to make sure they had everything they needed. Finally had someone call me after talking to the 9 or 10th person over the last 4 months telling me someone will call me within 3 days…. so this lady said it was in process so that meant someone was looking at it now. That night I log in and my claim says EXPIRED at the top. I cried. I had More than 16 weeks pending due to identity. When I called a lady told me they expired it bc I no Longer was eligible for the reg benefits since they launched the PEUC or whatever the 13 week extension is called. She said no further action was required and once my ID went through I would Get my 13 weeks plus the 600 for each week. Wtf! How are they allowed to expire my claim that I’ve been doing since march! I wasn’t paid for any of it bc of this identity issue which my husband swears they are only doing so they don’t have to pay! Now I see how common that was and they didn’t have to pay me anything from that claim bc of it. I already Have my card from last year but I’m worried I wont Ever get this 13 weeks. It acts like I can file a new claim but that lady told me no further action was required but I dont Trust anything they say:
    I still can’t get over the fact they expired it and why? It was 4-5 months ongoing. So when they verify my ID all those weeks just go away and I wont Get paid?? Anyone else have this exact issue?

  2. Isn’t Phase 3 starting in two weeks? They are supposed to extend the $600 PUA money an additional six weeks starting 7/26/2020 in California. Or at least that’s what I read on EDD’s website today.

  3. In Africa there is
    NO EDD
    NO SSI
    NO GA
    People make 2 OR 3 DOLLARS A DAY as teachers and nurses and construction workers
    Jus sayin

    Keep that in mind

    1. Do they have the costs of Californians to live? Keep that in mind

      1. Yeah but this is America Remember that, not! Africa.

    2. Would love to know the cost of living. I earn 25/hr but only 20 hours, rent is 1k/month so i make about 2k a month but pay half of that just on rent, another 100-120 on food per month( i cook most of my meals) and I have student loans that is another 350. So in comparison I make 2k a month but I pay 1.45k-1.5k on just necessities. I don’t even drive my car these days and just walk/bus to where I need to go but only saving up $500 a month never leaves me feeling secure. Just a car part could cost me more than I can save a month.

    3. Yeah, the situation there has been bad for a very long time. Sadly though, that contrast doesn’t serve someone living here, except to maybe find appreciation for what we have on a general level by contrast to other parts of the world. Many of us living in poverty here, live better than the majority of humans on the planet and that is something to hold gratitude for… but everyone’s problems are as real to them as another’s are… And here, where we have very high costs of living, we couldn’t hardly feed just ourselves on $3/day, let alone an entire family. So for the current situation being faced, your comment has little use, but in a general way it stands.

  4. I am a manicurist who went back to work on July 20, As of today my job is having to close back down again due to newsom’s orders. Does anyone know what I should do regarding my Unemployment, I had been recieving it during the lockdown but stopped certifying three weeks ago because i returned to work, HELP! im lost

    1. Hi Vi,

      I believe you reopen your claim. It can be done on their website when you log in

  5. I was already out of work when COVID hit so I was using a claim that I started September 2019. I thankfully didn’t need to join the millions applying for a brand new claim when quarantine started. However, now my regular claim has no money left in it, but I can’t apply for a new claim until my year is up in September 2020. I can’t get anyone on the phone and from what I’ve read, they are supposed to have auto submitted me for the PEUC extension and I should be expecting a letter or email confirming I qualify (which I should) and then I am just supposed to start certifying again as normal for the 13 week extension. I guess my question is, does this sound accurate to anyone going through the same thing? Is my only job to sit and wait until I see there are new weeks to certify for? Help!

    1. Yes I got a letter saying they filed on my behalf. But now my claim is stuck on pending, waiting for a specialist to call me 20 weeks pending.

    2. nope, i’d say your spidy senses are tingling for a reason. Tends to happen when you are dicking around behind a dumpster fire like this one. Moving on k cousin… It’s nothing but a wiped disc anyway;)

    3. I was in the same exact scenario, out of work starting September, I was received regular unemployment benefits and my original claim was extended automatically.

      You should have received info via mail or the online edd page.

      1. I did receive a letter in the mail and one in my EDD account saying i qualified! I’m just wondering how long it will take for it to kick in or if the money will be in my account on time by my next certifying date so that there’s no gap in payment! Did you get yours on time?

  6. Overtime Question here: I use to work 50 hours or more of overtime a month. That is what use to get me by since I was the only one from my family employed. I work zero overtime now, does that qualify me for Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation? (PEUC)

  7. Hello I had a question regarding the email “Notice of Required Retroactive Certification.” So as a lot of people I was paid for two weeks automatically despite having worked those two weeks. I knew that I shouldn’t have qualified for that money, so I called the EDD and spoke to a representative. I explained my situation and he told me to use the money that there was no problem. So finally after two months I went ahead and used the money. Now I get this notice and I wanted to ask, will I have to repay that money now or is there a chance it might be waived?

    1. I have field and start doing my weeks back in May. My problem is that I haven’t received any of my payments from them. I called over 200 or more for someone but now I have to wait for someone to call me back to fix it. I’m homeless from all this living in my car.

  8. Before I knew PUA would be an option, I mistakenly applied for UI (as a 1099 contractor/self-employed person). I’ve been in limbo ever since!

    Received a denial and award letter on the SAME DAY! The denial letter was such a joke! It said that I stated my last day of work was February 1st (true) and that this *PREDATED* the declaration of a state-of-emergency in January. Read that again!

    So I’ve been calling hundreds of times the last week or so, trying to figure out the final determination. Figure I may as well file my appeal just in case whoever touched my case last denied my claim.

    Tried to certify for benefits in case, but the option to do so is unavailable in my online portal. Tried to do it by phone and was told I had to mail mine in. Haven’t received any forms by mail after my initial claim. When I tried to search for a print off the form at home, the pdf’s were corrupted and I haven’t been able to print them.

    I’ve been living with friend’s hoping to get this money so I can get back on my feet, but at this rate, there’s no end in sight, and patience is running thin on every front.

    1. You will get this money, keep trying ! Call the general line and they will help you.

      1. This helped me, and I hope it will help you and others…

        Go to the EDD website and download the paper (PDF) Appeal Form, print, complete, and mail in this form to the mailing address on any communication you have received from EDD. It’s EDD Form #DE 1000M Rev. 8 (6-15). This paper appeals form is for people who have received an EDD account number and acknowledgement of a claim, but the benefit amount is not correct or the claim was denied. Again, you will need to print and send this Appeal Form to the address on your UI benefits letter from EDD; that’s the address for your regional field office responsible for your claim. After weeks of calling and not being able to get through to a real person, I did this and received a call in less than three days from an EDD agent at my regional office who rectified my claim and got me paid in arrears that very same day.

        1. Followed your suggestion, now I wait and pray someone will contact me.

      2. It’s impossible to reach anyone on the phone number. Every single time I call it says the call volume is too high and they can’t help me. It says to try again later, but I have never been able to get through. EDD is a joke… I wish the offices were open cuz I’d drive an hour to get to it and stand in line however long I had to to get to talk to someone. They closed my claim and I have to reopen it.

    2. This helped me, and I hope it will help you and others…

      Go to the EDD website and download the paper (PDF) Appeal Form, print, complete, and mail in this form to the mailing address on any communication you have received from EDD. It’s EDD Form #DE 1000M Rev. 8 (6-15). This paper appeals form is for people who have received an EDD account number and acknowledgement of a claim, but the benefit amount is not correct or the claim was denied. Again, you will need to print and send this Appeal Form to the address on your UI benefits letter from EDD; that’s the address for your regional field office responsible for your claim. After weeks of calling and not being able to get through to a real person, I did this and received a call in less than three days from an EDD agent at my regional office who rectified my claim and got me paid in arrears that very same day.

    3. The same identical thing happened with me with my claim. I appealed it and had a hearing by phone with a judge. I just recieved a letter saying I was now approved for PUEC by the judge. But no further letters or payments have come not even a bank card, so I went on UI online and I still can’t certify for weeks still so I am now back again trying to contact EDD. Just make sure you appeal your denial and wait for a hearing with the judge and don’t give up.

  9. First and foremost I am homeless,first. time try to get edd I applied on 02/23/20 recieved a paper 2 weeks later how much I will get a week. No acct. Number then just about a month ago I barely see a certification.
    Little over that month I recieved nothing through the mail so I decided that since loss of work due to Corona virus applied when I heard that I can do that to. So I did still no responce I’m stuck with Bill’s payments. I check my edd login every day my claim history shows dates from 02/23/20 to 05/03/20 and it says not paid.

    I certified for those but it has been more then enough time I should have recieved an answer. In living in my car now hoping i dont loose it. Hoping this gets out there because i really do need this.

    Please whoever can help from any edd associate please message me .or fix the problem. Thank you

    1. Call the EDD 1800 number I cannot believe it. Please call them .

    2. 1. If you “certified” already for weeks 2/23 to 5/03 then you are qualified to receive the payments.

      2. Did you answer for your certification questions “NO” to #1,2,4,5,6 and “YES” for questions #3 (and if there is a question #7) only?
      If not, then you won’t be qualified for those weeks. If you made a mistake you should be able to resubmit them but you have to contact them.

      3. You should ask the EDD directly. By phone is difficult but not impossible just very difficult. Another method is to send them a message from your UI Online. At the top where it has “Certify for Benefits”, “Payments History”, and those other sections the last one is “Contact Us”. They say it takes 5-7 days to hear back. Also, someone from the EDD is not going to contact you because you requested it here, they can’t even answer their phones. YOU need to fix the problem..even if it is their problem. Be sure to be checking all the right boxes always anytime the EDD wants you to do anything. Many of the questions are unclear and poorly worded. There are various websites and YouTube people who do a walk thru and tell you which box to check if you are qualified and which box will result in a problem. If you select one wrong answer it can mean a huge delay/problem so you should ALWAYS be double-checking your answers are all the right ones before you submit anything like a certification. There’s a reason why your history says “not paid” even though you do qualify for benefits and it’s most likely that even just one question was answered incorrectly.

      4. If you are low on money then this may be the time to NOT pay your bills on time. Contact the companies you owe and tell them your situation and ask for an extension or tell them you can’t afford to pay at all and sorry but they’ll have to wait for a little but that hopefully, you can both reach a mutual agreement. Be nice but firm especially if they try to bs you or tell you there’s nothing they can do. Ask to speak to a supervisor and keep being polite.

      The federal CARES Act made it so that if you were “current” in the status of the account that you owe money to and you make an agreement with the creditor like for a partial payment or to skip a payment then the creditor is not allowed to report the account as delinquent or take action against you like a repossession or canceling the account.

      5. Also, just my advice for credit issues is to be aggressive in disputing everything. Ask the creditor or collection company for “account verification” and that they send you relevant documents to prove that the account is yours and was not opened by someone else or mistakenly put under your name, which is not uncommon. Collection companies never have this info on hand and often aren’t even able to get a hold of it. If they fail to produce meaningful evidence that the account is yours the credit reporting companies have to remove it from your report. Sometimes this takes 2-3 disputes for the same item. Also thanks to a new law, a collection company is required to have verification details BEFORE they even contact you, which exposes them to liability if they have contacted you before conforming with the law in an amount that very well might exceed your the value of your account to them.

      6. Credit reports from all 3 bureaus are supposed to be free once per week right now. You can get them from the federally authorized portal on the annualcreditreportDOTcom website.

  10. I think it is ridiculous to give this stimulus check out. People were not making near this amount of money before they lost their job. There are many people that lost their jobs for other reasons than the covid 19 pandemic. Also if one person gets a check, then everyone sould receive one. If not that is discrimination.

    1. I was making more. Everyone’s situation is different. Please be kind.

      1. Thank you.

    2. if people are making more money on unemployment than they did while employed, it sounds like the minimum wage needs to be raised ? it’s very weird to me that you are mad people are being paid a livable wage.

      1. Excellent point

    3. I was sick with covid I am still having issues with my hart now I cant go back to work yet I have to have hart surgery and I know people who have been sucking California dry for years and now they make more than me because of free money my disability dont pay my Bill’s I have to move now because of it and I have a family to support this sucks

      1. Your understandable anger is directed at the wrong entity, saying California has been sucked dry for years is an overstatement to the fact the money is there, for you, for everyone but isn’t funneling into the right departments/issues. You should be upset at the gov’t system at play, not your fellow citizens just because they have a different tax bracket than you were able to maintain when you were able.

    4. You have ZERO clue what you’re talking about mr prez. People need to do some research before they talk

      1. be eh oo tea full symbols lovey, pure poetic slapstick too, my fave xo thank you

    5. Seriously…. in LA a HUGE % of people are bartenders/servers in nightclubs/restaurants because we are chasing our acting careers, therefore can’t work daytime. For the record most of us made way more than $600/wk. It ridiculous to assume we’re content with such a pay cut AND with no ‘phase’ for clubs in sight cause gov’t assumes we all live with our aging grandparents….stupid. Didn’t shut down LA cause of homeless spreading typhus, HepC, SARS, Infuenza, ChickenPox, or tuberculosis. Argue that point. I’m switching political parties, eyes wide open now. Suggest you do the same.

    6. So it’s fair to get ui benefits if you’ve never worked? Lol ur dumb

    7. Oh really, big f-ing deal. Its a drop in the bucket to how much our citizens are ripped off by the fed. and state govts.

  11. I keep reading about all the immediate hires EDD needs. I have applied on CalCareers and I receive no response. I know I am qualified for the position and have several years experience. I want to work and obviously EDD needs help. I’m at a loss here. in addition I read so many bad posts regarding payments, etc. My goodness they are working to the best of their ability under the current circumstances. I think they should all be treated like store employees; working the front lines.

  12. I dont understand the people that ant worked ever in they lifes and lied are getting $10000.00$ but the ones that have and didnt lie ant getting shit and the ones that lied are getting all kind of extinctions and all the ext.and we on ui that worked for are money ant getting shit bullshit really is some of us still waiting month later . maybe we should have lied .im just.saying the ones lieing got they money fast no problem and thats not right .

    1. I’m curious what lies your taking about? They refer to your tax history for your benefits, you don’t just say, “oh I’m used to making 10,000/ month pay me.” I think you’re just a bigot, “Mary Jane.”

      1. Mr. Le Gault,

        Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and for taking the time to respond to another reader’s comment about this article.

        Your comment met our stqndards for publication right until you started name-calling and using scare quotes. Please refrain from name-calling and derogatory scare quotes to ensure that your future comments here at Orange County Breeze are published.

        Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

        Stay safe, stay healthy!

        Shelley Henderson
        editor, Orange County Breeze

      2. I live with someone who directly lied and is getting more money then me while i continue to work. She is unemployed (“self employed”) but doesn’t actually make anything and took advantage of this epidemic and California’s inability to deal with it.

        1. Exactly ive worked everyday since 16 ill be 26 in a couple days because of that i got out on the pandemic extension where people i know who havnt worked a day in there life got the normal pandemic unemployment and recieved 10,000 in back pay plus continued benefits where the hell is my back pay why is it set up like this??? So glad im not the only one a little angry at this crap

          1. Well you should have them invest in a franchise like stanley steam cleaner there a ton franchise’s available for $10 and less. Look into this You could benefit from them, have them work for you

          2. Franchises are available in your area $10K & under! make them work for you in a buy in.

          3. I worked since I was 14 lied to go to work, not get out of work. 2.50 an hour then $4 $6 took 5 years to get to 15, 20 25 30 35 an hour, now I make 90K with all free online courses no college. Folks can work find courses or buy into a franchise! Dirty jobs guy, many folks can go from $0-to what they want to make buy so much ways online find a career or franchise, service, get a free education!

      3. These people receiving benefits do not have to show work history. The word of this has spread now people are filing new claims and back dating their claims saying they have been out of work since the start of pandimic and receiving over $10,000.00 in back pay.

      4. I too have been trying to get ahold of EDD. It took over 2 months of phone calls, then writing a letter and some more time later, before anyone got in contact with me. No one ever responds to the UI msg system either! I’m looking to get back pay, to the date that I lost work, not when I applied. If you get regular UI benefits, like I, then you have to request back pay. But YET, you can’t get ahold of anyone! But if you get the PUA, then you automatically get back pay. Doesn’t make any sense. This whole extra phone # and chat is a joke!

        Then, with my mother, they disqualified her certification of her 1st 2 weeks, because, as the note said: “every week you have the option to request for taxes”. That’s all it said, as their reason for disqualification! Obviously they screwed up but now she has to try to get ahold of them how is she going to do that!? And then when it shows click this link to a pill you click it and it says page not found.

      5. It’s not a lie, I live in a small town and work as a cashier. Everyday, so many drug addicts that I know for a fact either never worked at all or not in a long time, are coming in spending lots of money on junk food or unnecessary items and using an unemployment benefits card to pay for it

        1. Those addicts are spending money at your employer’s business, which keeps you employed. Would you rather they don’t?

      6. Calling Mary Jane a BIGOT? Wow….. PHILLIP, please stop being so “tolerant” of other peoples opinions. Geez!

      7. I need to submit a pandemic claim to see if i qualify but i can’t finish my claim because i can’t remember any of my security answers and my family is really sad i don’t know what to do. I’ve tried 3 or 4 different things in the hopes of making contact with California EDD pandemic staff Representatives,please help.

    2. Girl you gave me a instant headache trying to read this BS!
      Exactly where did you work, and who hired you?! OMG! You need to get off of EDD & Login to GED! TF?!

      1. LOL…WOW someone needs to get their facts straight and go back to school to learn how to spell and write! Sorry but you do Mary Jane

    3. I am with you on this. There is so many people receiving money that have never worked a day in their life. The people that have worked have to show we are entitled benefits and the people that don’t work do not have to show anything I are immediately paid.

      1. Welcome to phase one of the green new deal – people who are unable, or unwilling to work will be taken care of

        1. Yes b/c it’s generally better for the economy when people have money to spend.

    4. Who received $10k from EDD? Are you getting SBA funding mixed up with EDD? Your post is confusing….perhaps you should restate your question or comment so that it’s legible.

  13. I can’t log into my email cuz I forgot my password so then my answers to the security questions when I put them in they say they’re wrong so how do I get into my account to find out what’s happening since I got a letter with my reward benefits and then I got a letter saying I wasn’t approved I want to know what’s going on can anybody help me to get into my account

    1. This happened to me also.. I called their customer service department and explained to them the situation, they just verified some information and helped me reset my password and email through the phone.

    2. Dont you have a security question. You need s phone or tablet, so you can request your password. Always write down important data.

  14. Everyone I know including myself are still waiting been weeks since we’ve turned in n our reports still no update or word this system doesn’t seem to be efficient going to starve or go broke from borrowing money before relief gets here

  15. I have out of work since March. We broke for spring break then never returned back to work. My employer only just told me to apply for unemployment. Will I be able to get back pay from March to now?

    1. Yes hurry though

      1. How do u do that because i havent got any back pay yet either?

  16. i filed in dec 2019 recievd benefits in febuary 2020 when my benefits ran out the state automatically enrolled me in the extension i didnt have any problems

  17. This system is a joke. I filed back in March. Was awarded benefits. Saw no money. Still have not seen anything . Then asked to recertify for weeks prior to my filing date. Then asked to refile again recently. Our state has failed us once again.
    Phone calls do not ever go through.
    People in charge should be fired.

    1. You probably did something wrong cause I got my money as soon as I filed in the next 2 days. So go back and fix it buddy.

    2. Man oh man ..I’m on that same boat as u buddu…nevada DETR is a big bullsh!t only to appear to look good and on track with their weekly updates …. Me and my other both have been approved and has linked our bank accounts ffg or direct deposit and now we’re about to be on 4 months waiting for our benefits..

      1. We applied for PUA the first day it was available, we were approved, sent in the paperwork they sent and nothing!!! What’s going on. This is torture! Good

        1. It’s not just you. I applied for PUA in early May, got a letter in middle June with my benefit award amount, and haven’t heard a peep from them since. UI Online doesn’t even show my claim. I can understand they are overwhelmed, but at least give us some update or tell us how long to expect or explain what will happen next. This is a joke.

      2. How can a homeless Vietnam.vet file unemployment benefits.I have no computer.no web.obama cell no web
        I worked last year all year
        I paided 5 bucks just to send this text on a strangers cell
        Help.anybody.one stop.E.D
        D.told me can’t help.

        1. File a new claim. That happend to me too. They asked for my old EDD account number. I could not find it. I just filed a new claim all together. You should get a something in your email. I just recieved my account number. The system will see if you have had past claims so you shouldn’t worry. Hope this help.


    3. Yes I understand I’ve been waiting for mine since April 18th and it’s now July I emailed them three times and no response they tell me they’ll get back to me 5 to 7 days and they never do they don’t respond so congratulations for making me homeless thank you EDD Justin has a change everything needs to be D program and reprogram again and do it right next time

    4. It was no later then 2 weeks after I filed that I had received my card and all payments were deposited to my card. Very happy!

      1. You must contact Bank of America & have then issue a card. They will mail it out 7-10 business days and if you’ve been awarded anything it’ll be in that card once you receive it. Also, make sure to certify online. Log in to EDD portal click the UI benefits all your award information will be in there. Click the “certify benefits” and proceed to certify weeks etc…

    5. John, I know it can be frustrating and mostly so if you need the funds to pay for the most basic stuff – food.
      Please don’t get discouraged and persevere until you succeed on establishing your UI claim and certification.
      Use the Ask EDD format as it is more efficient than being on the phone for hours.
      Hang in there and keep trying until the problem gets resolved.
      Good luck!

    6. I am asking if my employer can refuse me PLF WITH A DOCTOR NOTE. My son is a special needs and his school is closed

    7. You should all your city council member for help. They have access to edd personal

    8. Funny Shelly says a comment was threatening and was name calling. I find everyone calling Republicans racist these days and no one ever considers that name-calling. The commenter called the person a bigot and that is name calling? I didn’t see any threat. Did you edit their comment? You should have mentioned that If so. What the heck is a scare quote, lol. Grow up.

      1. Jeanne,

        Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze and for taking the time to comment on this article.

        Our comment policy here is to allow comments that advance an argument and to disallow comments that resort to personal attacks and foul language. We would not publish a comment that characterized Republicans generally as racist. The person was cautioned because the laguage of the comment was a personal attack, not a response to the content of the comment.

        “Scare quotes” are commonly used to indicate disparagement of the topic in quotes without providing any basis for that disparagement.

        I did not edit the comment.

        Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

        Stay safe, stay healthy!

        Shelley Henderson
        editor, Orange County Breeze

        1. What about us that are on EDD disability and our claim has come to an end. But due to COVID -19, surgery to my workers comp injury is postponed till this pandemic is over. But there is no extension for me. So how am I going to survive now?

  18. I filed unemployment March 7th. Before covid-19 hit. Left an abusive relationship and my ex held my mouth so did not know I got a verification paper that a 10 days to send it back in. I took me a month and a half to to speak to a representative. They did not know it was wrong so they cut an adjuster call me it was then I was told it was verification. I was told to send in the paperwork to verify who I was. A month-and-a-half later still nothing .I call back about three weeks when I receive a live person they said I need to appeal it and send in the verification paperwork with it. She gave me a address to San Jose appeal center. I called the center today and she says they’re not doing that. I need to send it directly to EDD. I called today and no answer. I’m severely struggling not sure what to do. Should I get a lawyer should I get a lawyer?I know people that are not even working regular jobs are getting unemployment before me. I’m just so confused and poor can I get a job right now. Do I receive all the back pay I should have been making? I’m exhausted and I need help.

    1. Monique stay strong honey. Something is bound to happen for you. I know it looks bad now but it will get better. I myself applied for e.b.t.. That helps with food and bills. You can still collect unemployment with E. B. T.

    2. Stay strong love God will make a away..

      1. Me too same boat i make 50.50 an hour at work love working too been corona layed off dickin sround with edd is a joke etc. Ive done everything but get payed f this democrap biological hilary move

    3. Monique call this number maybe they can point you in the right direction, they did me. And they answer the phone, but I’m sure they are busy so be patient you may have to call a couple times, 916 227 0301 this may be a Cal jobs number but they helped me w my edd. Good luck and keep at it. Pressure bust pipes and also makes diamonds, so keep the pressure on!

    4. If your owed unemployment you will get every single penny owed all at once even if it’s $20,000. You just need to make sure you do what is required of you until finalized and approved. Make sure you’re 100% you did everything you needed to and filled every form. Once done just wait and watch. Also contact bank of america/edd to make sure your card comes when it’s supposed to.

    5. I’ll pray for u and I just want to let u kno that even thoughat most times,u feellike its All on u…ur not the only one suffering..we all are ..cheer up and u kno that saying goes…… good things will come to those who wait….god nless8

    6. Go to a career center. They have direct lines to edd I waited in line for 6 hrs and they finally got my problem fixed. I faxed papers I delivered them signature on receipt and nothing happened for 2 and a half months. Finally talked to a person after 56 ask edd customer support emails. The person you talk to on the phones at your local career center will help it just takes hours and hours to get inside they only have 5 phones working and 5 people waiting I suggest going very early and trying to be first inline to get on the phones… they can give fax # to you to send forms

    7. Hi Monique. My heart goes out to you. Speaking from personal experience, the appeals process can work out for you, and you will get ALL of the money owed to you since Feb 2, 2020. Be diligent about pursuing your claim while being patient with the process. You are not alone, and there are many people who currently share your situation.

      In order to appeal the denial of unemployment benefits, you must meet deadlines and other requirements, as well as file a written appeal presenting your supporting legal arguments. While you are not required to have a lawyer for this process, you may be at a disadvantage if you do not.

    8. I saw a suggestion, call 800-300-5616 – then DO NOT press any number when it prompts you to select a language. What happens, theoretically, is it asks you to make a choice several times, when you don’t your call goes to the Vietnamese interpreter’s line, then you ask for an English speaker and they switch you over. I tried but it was after hours, however, it did seem to work. So far after trying to call the main number repeatedly many times per week for three months, I never got a live person but I think that if you call during business hours (and you are not disconnected due to too many callers,) you might be able to get a person this way. Another option is the online help line, 833-978-2511. You must chose a language option when prompted, I tried but on this number if you don’t choose a language option, then the phone hangs up. I was able to get through and after one nasty unhelpful rep, the second call landed with someone who was super helpful. You have an unusual case so I don’t know if someone at this number can help you, but it wouldn’t hurt to speak with someone at the online help center.
      I hope things work out for you soon Monique.

    9. Hang in there Monique. EDD IS a major pain in the but when your situation is normal. I’m finally getting my benefits and I filed in January. My tennant has been through the same. The best I can say is keep on them constantly. May God bless your life as a whole and heal all that your ex has done to you. Life will take care of your ex. Matt

  19. I open my clain on 6/7/2020..and after day i m receiving my claim amount..but I want to know I can get my benefit since I left my job ie my past week claim..can i file and claim for my past week claim? Since from April 4th 2020,i m at home without job..
    I didn’t claim for those days as my employer didnt told me about it…then on June 6th 2020,she told me about it n then i filed claim…is it possible to file my past week claim..

    1. I’ve been waiting for the PUEC extension since May 27 I was told I would be receiving a notice by mail within in a few days both times I got a hold of EDD by phone. I haven’t received or heard anything just wondering if anyone else has??

      1. It’s even worse for people out of state but work in California in the Bay area receive the benefits notice and may I still haven’t heard anything and I filed on March 22nd myself I wonder if I’ll ever get anything done

    2. Swati,
      I don’t think UI benefits are retroactive to the day you stopped working or when your employer let you go.
      I am pretty sure they start once you establish UI eligibility.
      Once an eligibility has been established you are all set and all you need to do is certify every other week from your EDD Online account.
      If you have questions ask EDD by going to Ask EDD.
      I know the system can be a pain, but just persevere until you succeed.
      Good luck to you!

      1. They will go retroactive.

  20. I am part of the phase 2 because I had an open claim from 05-19-19 to 05-16-20, but ran out of benefits. I was told to reapply and if you have no new income to report edd would automatically file my extension. So on 05-13-20 I did just that, I applied for new claim but did not have any additional income to report therefore an extension should have been filed. Instead edd opened a new claim and asked me for additional info regarding my income. I sent them a letter advising I had no new income to report and was seeking an extension and not a new claim. They received this info over a month ago and I still have no clue what is going on with my account and I have 7 weeks of payments pending. I have been without income for over a month and cannot get ahold of EDD. I really hope they fix this and know I’m apart of phase 2 because of my old claim dates. I hope my new claim they opened didnt mess up my account and get my extension and pending payments ASAP. I have no clue what to do. I’ve emailed EDD several times to clear things up but no response and I cant get ahold of anyone by phone. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

    1. You. Have. To. Keep. Calling. Hang. Up. Call. Back

      1. We have talk to someone they keep telling us someone will call us back none does. This pass Thursday a girl told us she couldn’t help us it went to here but she doesn’t know how to help us and call again. It has to do with certification but is a email problem also. She also stated it’s better to call the 8-12hr number ya right. My husband has not recieve any checks. It’s been a struggle I’m on SSDI. HELP US!!!@@

        1. Eddie,

          Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze and taking the time to comment on this article.

          Go to the official website of the California State Legislature.

          To find out who your California State Senator and California Assembly Member are, visit the official website of the California State Senate. Under the “Senators” menu option, select “Find My Senator”. The next page displayed will ask for your street address, city, and zip code. Enter the requested information and click on “Locate”.

          The next page will display the names and party affiliations of both your State Senator and Assembly Member.

          The names are links to the legislators’ official websites.

          For each legislator (one after the other), click through to his or her official website. There will be a “Contact me” link somewhere on the website homepage. Click it.

          This should bring up a page of contact information that will include a link to email the legislator, and two physical addresses: one within the legislator’s district, and one in Sacramento. Telephone numbers should also be displayed for both physical addresses.

          Gather information about your EDD problem, compose a message to each legislator, and choose a method of sending the message: email, telephone, snail mail.

          Office staff will likely field your message. Be clear and specific about what your problem is and what you want. Give some way that you may be reached in response.

          This may or may not work for your individual case. However, enough people are already complaining to their legislators that the Sacramento Bee has published a story about it.

          Good luck!

          Stay safe, stay healthy!

          Shelley Henderson
          editor, Orange County Breeze

    2. Call your local district state assmebly office… Example mine is sabrina Cervantes as I am district 60 …they will help u. Explain and sign a doc allowing them to help. Give it a week they will… They did for me

      Good luck

      1. I had the same issue. I tried to file back in march and couldn’t because my previous claim didnt expire until april 25. Tries again to file april 26, twice in may and i could enter my information but couldnt submit. Was finally able to submit on 6/14. Received an email to certify through 6/27 on 6/20. And have just been waiting. Ive called hundreds, no exaggeration, hundreds of times. Spoke to a customer service rep, not to be confused with a claims rep, on 6/28, and she said i would get paid in 24 to 48 hours. Nothing. Dont try emailing, they dont respond. And i found my state senator, contacted his office. They got back to me the next day, took my information and submitted for review on 7/1. Still nothing. Ive already lost my home, my car broke down, and im barely making it… And i see other people who’ve never been in the system getting paid in 7 days. How hard is jt to turn on an account that was already there and that they’ve already approved?

    3. I just need my identity verified. I sent my stuff in May 1 and Another in June. I’ve been unemployed since March. I need my money

    4. Contact your local state assemblyman of your district (look online) and contact them and they will reach out to EDD for you after you sign a doc and state your situation. It’s good to do, so you can move it along.

    5. It is unfortunate for all those UI claims that expired.
      Because if a claim was opened a year ago around this date, then you have to open a new claim that will expire in one year from now.
      All claims are for the duration of a year and even if you start working the claim stays open through out that period.
      Let’s say for example: you establish a claim, certify for two weeks and then start working on the third week. Your claim will remain open through the remainder of the one year claim and if for any reason you become unemployed again through no fault of your own a month or two months before the claim expires, you can reactivate it or reopen it. It may require you to update it with any new pertinent new information.
      Although once it expires in that one or two month and you are caught in between unemployment, you may have to file a new claim. It just works that way.
      Good luck with your claim and stay positive!

  21. I was on unemployment from 9/1/19-1/21/20, when my benefit ran out. I applied for the emergency pandemic extension in mid April by mail since it took EDD a significant amount of time to update their web site. In mid May I received a letter from EDD that my benefit was extended another $3,000 and they were back dating my claim to 3/29/20. I logged on to the portal and I had available weeks to certify for. I certified for all the weeks that were available from 3/29/20-6/6/20. That exahusted my extension benefit. That was over 3 weeks ago, I have not received ANY MONEY at all. My portal says that I have received all benefit due to me, but under my claim history, all of those weeks still say UNPAID. I have emailed them three times, the first being over 10 days ago with no response, I have called them every day from 7:55 am-12:00 pm, over 280 calls each day, I haven’t been able to get through! I am so frustrated, I have tried every avenue that I know of to get this resolved but it is impossible to get through to the EDD.. Today after failing again to get through to the EDD by phone, I couldn’t stop my frustrated tears. My car is about to be repossessed. My only option is to try the phone route for the 4 hours they are open again. They definitely need to answer phones at least till 5 pm. 4 hours is ridiculous!!!

    1. Ma’am please call 833-978-2511. They open from 8: am-8 on. This number is much easier to get through and the people assisting customers are very very helpful. You will NEVER get through calling the other number.

      1. That number does not help either. A rep told us to call other number. I’m so upset. My husband has not got paid at all HELP!!!!!!!!!
        Pending Stauts

        1. EDD reps at the 833- number are not trained. They either hang up on you or forward your concern to someone who will review it (or so they say). So, it’s miss-leading being told reps are available everyday 8-8. At least, this has been my experience going on month two. Sorry :/ the 1800-300 is impossible to get threw on right now.

    2. Try calling on Sunday morning. I tried every day during the week with no response. I woke up early Sunday morning and called and got through within minutes every time I had to call I did it in Sunday and got through..No more calls needed now. Hope this helps

      1. I just finished my 13 week extension. I was independent contracted when all this covid started then got laid off cause of covid. Do qualify for PEuc?

        1. Had the same problems. Try e-mailing karen nolan . She’s the constituent case worker. I refiled several times as well. With the mindset someone’s going to see these. And look into it . It worked. Send them a letter with dates & times & all the attemps you’ve made. I finally said to heck with it. Tried signing up for Pandemic Benefits. I could not get the application. Two days later. I was contacted by EDD. Ui Online. My unemployment payments. Were on the way.

      2. I would like to know if when ever I get through will I still get my back pay, being that I have to talk to someone first..

      3. I just truly want to know if anyone got anything accomplished by calling the 1-833 # … other than having concerns forwarded or being hung-up on. thanks!

  22. Good Morning , I am 82 year old RN who works 2 days a week ! My last day of work was March 11th and I applied to EDD in April so they paid me from the Sunday the week I applied. Which was April 12th. How do I get my money back to March 11th , Thank you for your assistance. Thank you Grandma Arlene

    1. You don’t yiu should of applied in March as soon as you weren’t working they only pay you from the time you apply

    2. So this is how I figured things out. I applied 3/28 due to lost of job *parent community liaison* from school district. But I have to update my state nursing license to return to that type of work which multiple employers have been contacting me for healthcare positions and I got accepted for covid19 response team but waiting for response or interview by everyone.
      Anyways, so after applying to edd I received the award letter and waited patiently for the 2weeks start of claim to say not pending for payment continued to file weekly claims. So I had budgeted with whatever income I had saved already from taxes and stimulus thru April, May. Well at the end of May money started to be really low. So May 28 I went and file pandemic unemployment because I figure out that 60days past without a response. I knew qualified. This time I put the day I stopped working with self employed March 08. Because even though I have lost part time school district job. I lost my self employed job helping community with running errands or healthcare issues going to their home which pandemic stopped me from socializing and the extra money. I knew June would be money pinching if I don’t figure things out before the 1st.
      Well June came and I went about my day. Paid rent on the 1st. Then on the 5th I popped up out my sleep stressing about how I was going to pay insurance when my truck alternator just went out. And Idky i logged in my edd to see if i was to file weekly claim form and seen that I was paid. I flipped out because It paid from all the weeks I was waiting 03/28 initial application. But this time went further because of self employment and paid starting back to 03/08 all payments on June 3rd but in 5 diff Payments. Luckily it deposited on the edd card I received 2yrs ago after I lost my last health care job in 2018. And I seen the card and put it in my closet storage box back in January when I was pre-spring cleaning and ran to get it and activate. So my advice is everytime governor Newsom makes a announcement on the news and states they started a job program or new website. Log in and create a account. I figured the more you associate yourself with the state programs then it will record your activity which is state connected and possibly trigger edd that you are looking for work and waiting patiently for your claim Payment or and future employment soon. EDD seems to now respond faster paying out when I have done certain things nobody told me to do but kinda figured it out on my own just reading thru state orders and other information on ca.gov I PRAY THAT MY INFORMATION WILL HELP ANYONE OF YOU WAITING AS WELL.

    3. How long does it take to receive the edd card?

  23. I think there is a flaw in the system as I received an email asking me to certify retroactively for specific weeks, but I never stopped certifying so they already have what they are asking for from me. 🙁 There seems to be no way to reach them as I emailed 3 weeks ago about my benefits nearing the end to understand how to get an extension, and never can get through on the phone, very frustrating.

    1. Go to the “as a question” I think it says “ask EDD”
      Put your comment there and they usually respond within 72 hrs and stays in your case file that you contacted

      1. Ask edd i need help with my card and also my profile help please..

    2. I’ve had the issue too. They usually take a month to respond but they will.

    3. A flaw in the system???!!! Are you f’in kidding??! The flaw is called a pandemic you idiot! Here’s a quote on the EDD website. After you have someone read.it to you, go to the end of the line. You’re not all that special princess!

      “Employment Development Department (EDD) has processed a total of more than seven million claims in just a few months, almost doubling the claim total over the worst full year of the Great Recession (3.8 million claims in 2010).”

      1. Dear Princess Hate,

        I will issue one caution about abusive language. Keep things polite, or your future comments will not be approved for publication. That includes “Spell check is just a click away”.

        Shelley Henderson
        editor, Orange County Breeze

  24. I open my claim on june
    Amd since then i haveit reacive no forms or nothing

    1. See The princess page above ☝️☝️

      1. You sound nice. J/K. You actually sound like a very unhappy person.

      2. Shelly the commenter appears to use English as a second language. No need to be snarky. How old are you?

        1. Jeanne,

          Thank you, again, for reading Orange County Breeze and for taking the time to comment on this article.

          In a response to another comment left by the same person, I referred to “Spell check is just a click away” — which is not a comment that I wrote.

          Again, stay safe and stay healthy!

          Shelley Henderson
          editor, Orange County Breeze

  25. This all sounds great and wonderful to the public not affected. Those of us dealing with EDD through this pandemic, know a difference t story. Claim opened 3/22, still waiting for state and Cares Acts fun to be paid!
    This pandemic has shown how antique and overwhelmed the system and staff are still EDD!!!

    1. I am reading all these comments and I thought I’d chime in. I applied in October of 2019….didnt receive anything until Feb 2020. It was 18 wks of claim forms. Finally got half if those 18 weeks in March. Started working then covid hit. Lost my job March 13th. Reapplied and received 2 checks. Then all of a sudden I was being disqualified for false statements. WHAT?!?! 9 weeks with no money and calling every single day 10 to 15 times a day. Finally reached somebody in may. They started pandemic payments but wouldn’t back pay any of it. The system is screwed up. Get a hold of josh hoarders office and get an advocate for yourself. They seem to have an inside line to add and can help speed up the process and argue your case for you. I’m doing it now. It takes a few days to get things started but I hear it’s the only way that you have a chance. Good luck to all who entered here and God bless.

    2. I also thought I would chime in with my personal nightmare with EDD. I have also been waiting since 3/22 and have been through the worst experience. First it was my identity, which was finally approved in June- took 3 months- now I am WAITING for a specialist to call me back, to add my wages into my “approved and active” account. This is a joke, because I haven’t gotten an actual call back from a specialist since May and I continue to speak to tech reps (the 833 number) who add notes to my account and try to put me on high priority. Nothing happens. Tomorrow I will be resuming my calling EDD regular customer service number along with the other millions that are calling and hope for a connection. I have no money, no resources, and I am disgusted by the fact that I can’t get ahold of someone at EDD that can help me get my money. How is this not the highest PRIORITY? As everyone is drowning in their own homes (if they still have them.) I continue the battle everyday for the money I am OWED.

      1. Hey my name varinder malik i am working 711 store i am seek in store june 28 2020 i am no work i go covid test and i am waiting my report can you help me any benifet to me

      2. I was approved for my benefits and received under my last unemployment claim in 2018. My benefits have since expired and now they are telling me my benefits are exhausted and I have to wait until my benefit year ends to reapply. I thought we were eligible for benefits until the end of July? So now I’ve been calling EDD EVERY day and I cannot get anyone on the phone. Please help!

    3. Stopped working in Aug 2019. Didnt apply because I thought I was not eligible because they medically retired me. Its half of what I was making & its not enough. I was told to apply so I did. Answered all the questions but it seems they will only pay for the last two weeks, which is when I applied. What’s up with that?

  26. I had been out of work for several months but didn’t apply because I work in the film industry and new jobs usually turn up sooner or later. Then this Corona hit so I applied and was approved right away and and got the $600 federal as well right off the bat. The process has been flawless for me but maybe I was just lucky.

    1. Same. Was already on my second term of collecting unemployment since 2018. My extra $600 was added with no issue, and they applied me for the extra 13 weeks automatically.

  27. I got my card about 3 weeks after filing. I still have friends who are waiting 3 month’s later, or have been denied. What is wrong with Newsome? This should be top priority; above his daily video.The guy and Sacramento are a joke. He wants you poor and mad because he wants to get his enemy Trump out of office. News flash Newsome! Trump isn’t gonna win California.

    1. I have been waiting since March 1.
      My rent is two months behind..

      1. Be nice if you guys paid me my cert that you have been holding hostage for going on 8 weeks..good thing I’m not starving to death.. EDD you really need to get your act straight…Here I sit not being able to talk to anyone and have yet to have had one of my numerous emails answered..pending for 8 weeks what a joke..

        1. You can select the forgot password and they will send a link that will allow you to change your password

      2. The EDD is a joke! I was working ans got laid off. I had to prove to the EDD I used to work. I had to submit my paystubs and submitted the DUA 1974. ( DISASTER UNEMPLOYMENT ACT OF 1974 WITH MY APPEALS LETTER TO THE EDD TO PROVE THEM WRONG! )

      3. Slow on the card, but always reachable for phone assistance.
        EDD came through for me beyond my expectations. Thank you EDD. You kept me and my little dog off the streets.

      4. It’s easy when you open an account online. Use the mobile app.

      5. I was waiting since March all the up till the end of June. No letters, no answering my e mails, nothing! I couldn’t even get through for the first 60 days on the phone. Then I found a trick on how to get through. I guess when a claims person I was on the phone with asked me if I lived in a certain town in OC known to be a wealthy area, then stated how I should be ok because of where I live, I got pissed. As I had no money for almost 16 weeks and this lady had the nerve to hang up in my face after me waiting on hold for 2 hrs.

        Here’s what I did next;

        I contacted the CA Labor commission, my local assemblyman and ripped everyone new asses. By the time I was done I had a direct line to the Labor commission as she was pulling string s for me on the inside and literally calling me daily to find out the progress if I had heard anything. After making all that noise it wasn’t 2 weeks before I seen all my money. Don’t give up hope.

    2. It’s a democratic state Trump didn’t win last time

  28. I applied back in March and they said that I was not eligible. Then the beginning of June I got and email saying that I was eligible and withing a week I got my card and 2 weeks payments. Now they say 5hat I have to reopen my claim because I didn’t certify benefits when they said I wasn’t eligible. I have tried to reopen my claim for the last 5 weeks. Every time I do, I get a response that they have received my request buy nothing happens. Then the next week, I get a message that I have to reopen my claim again. Can’t get through to their customer service even with the expanded hours. This really sucks.

    1. how about writing them a letter to the address on those letters. and send them a copy of the documents you got.

      1. Thats what I ended up doing, mailed my letter certified to the EDD on 6/19/2020. As of today July 6th My letter is still in transit due to Covid reasons by the postal service. I tell ya, if it isnt one thing its another…

  29. I applied for unemployment in may but lost my job March 28. Does anyone know how to get your claim backdated? Thank you

    1. When you fill out the paperwork, it asks you the date you started not working. When you get your first check it should have all the backdated money in it as long as you certified on their website the dates you weren’t working, after you’ve been approved.

      1. I did that and I didn’t get any pay for prior weeks.

    2. yes you ned to apply for pandemic unemployment. There it will ask the last day you worked & that will be The day your claim begins. Go to edd ui online

      1. I got 2 letters in one day saying I don’t qualify for the pandemic but my other letter says notice of award?

        1. Same i file my claim in march i was denied because i quit my job because i found a nursing job..Then covid struck i was unable to finish my recertification through Public Heath Dep. Last month in may i started reviving emails from edd but didnt open them until last moth when i got at TEXT MESSAGES saying i had a check on its way i waited got nothing for over a week the i got a card but no money. I figured out how to register online i did that it said to certify i did that to i started getting money right away over 4000 dollars in 4 days im afraid to use it in fear i wasn’t owed it. But times are tough and still Public Health Dep. Has no classes for me so i can’t start my job at the hospital yet and no one is hiring right now.. What should i do?? Was i owed this money or not because i have mouths to feed ..

  30. I reapplied for benefits we shall see. Ive had my card for years. I filed for a new one got it quickly. My new job doesnt pay anything in. So Ive been denied from day 1
    I know others who live at the river bottoms who lie and recieved 10000.00 in back pay
    Ive worked full time for the last 30 years. My hubbys disabled. I work for him through Ihss. I ended up with a breast Ca. Diagnosis. I applied for sdi, nothing. I then applied for ui nothing. I then applied for Peua hopefully something.

  31. They are back paying everyone from february. I had to certify to, only to be turned down

    1. I don’t get this, some people no issue with getting back pay, others can’t get it. Even the retro pay link in this article it isn’t showing my daughter is owed and she is… I don’t get it at all! And they don’t reply to emails or phones so what are we supposed to do

  32. I applied on May 9th completed where ask for wage earnings next page said due to high volume the rest would be completed for me and I would revive my confirmation number by mail never did was told no such page exist no record of my applying has anyone else experience this

    1. Yes I got a number in the mail and I went online to retrieve my info. It told me I have to apply before I can go any further. I’ve applied several times, still zero balance
      Its a mess.

      1. I applied 6/14
        I got my my number, a week later got letter say I would
        Get a call 7/3 between 1:00
        Pm and 3:pm pacific time!
        Never got the call, still waiting!!

      2. I am experiencing the same. Never can get anyone on the phone to help me resolve

  33. And I thought my case was “special…
    My seasonal job was canceled in March. I immediately started calling…to no avail. For five weeks I called, no one answered, then finally, I got “Bob”, explained my situation was told someone would call back. Five weeks later, after Nick,,Todd, Will and Kalli…no one has called me back. As it would happen finally I got through and was able to complete the process. Here is the problem…I was only certified for the last two weeks of June!
    Why? No explanation ! HELP!!

    1. What number did you finally get through to?!

      1. I called the Technical Service Line open M-F 8-8. (833) 978-2511. I started at 8 and at 10:30 I made it through and then waited another hour and ten minutes for an employee to become available. 5 minutes later I had my account number and could actually access and certify all 10 weeks worth of back dates that were just sitting there waiting for me.

    2. If you lie… You will have to pay it back… with penalty!

  34. I’ve been paid for 11 weeks but have not received my card and then I have two weeks that says disqualification am I still receiving my unemployment benefits or is that going to hold me up

    1. If you have ever recoeved unemployment in the past, edd will not order you another card. You must call the bank and order it yourself. I hope this helps you.

  35. Miss.Leon once this covid started i applied and received 1 check, mailed papers back 3 times faxed 3 times called 784 times within 2 days and still nothing. Tried to open my edd again and it says that that my email is already being used, tried to manage and reopen my acct and my information don’t match there’s ?? What’s next ? Thank you R.Leon

    1. You have to open UI online account and not do nothing by mail. Certify for your weeks online through your account.

      1. Initially I was disallowed unemployment because of overpayment penalties by EDD. On 4/28, through the PUA I would be eligible for UI benefits. I have received NOTHING from EDD. I have certified every week since 3/21/2020. It is impossible to reach EDD by phone and they do not respond to any claim questions on their site. My status has been “PENDING” every week since 4/28/2020.

      2. Wanna know a quick hack to immediately get your EDD client number after you finish the online application???

        **well…after you register and apply for Unemployment, you go back to the Benefits Online log-in portal. This time you log-in with your email address and newly created password. You will come to a screen with buttons for UI online, UI online mobile and if you scroll down….SDI Online. If you access the SDI Online button, you will go through a brief registration process to give you access to SDI web portal for applying for State Disability. At the end of the process, they give you your EDD client number immediately! (UI applicants wait at least 5 days for this number to be MAILED to them). Once you have the number, log out of the SDI online everything and never access it again (unless you have to apply for state disability). All you have done is preregister for to access the web portal for people who want to apply. You haven’t even been directed to hit a button to apply for SDI benefits yet, so doing the pregistration isn’t clogging their computers with unwanted applications, nor are you having them open a case for you erroneously. It is just a quick and problem-free way to bypass the normal 5-day wait for your client number and it allows you to access your newly opened UI case online and certify for benefits almost immediately.

        1. That’s a great tip Maru! I waited 4 weeks for my EDD number to finally arrive in the mail. :/

  36. For last 3 payments, my case gas been stuck in pending. I received a email stating i would recieve a paper asking for me to verify identity. But i have never received that form, and my payments are stuck in pending. Dont know what to do. Send several emails and haven’t gotten any response.

    1. Still waiting on my identity to be verified its been 11 weeks i sent the documents in 10 times dont know what else to do


    1. I had the same issue, apparently mine was processed but my letter with my EDD number was lost in the mail. So I finally got a hold of a customer service member to give me the number so I can register online and manage my claim.

  38. I still as of today 07/06/2020 have not received any payments at all. I filled back in March. I have done all paperwork and necessary verification and certification. Still nothing. I have even reached out to my assemblyman’s office in the county that I’m in and still they are having trouble getting a hold of EDD as well and not getting any answers either. I have been without income since March and I’m a single parent I have barely gotten by and have used all my savings and it now needing this to take effect before I lose everything.

    1. Props to the system. My neighbors son, whos an ex con and never worked a day in his life, just got all the retro active checks with the additional 600 pua add on. So he was saying it was around 8600 or something like that. Thanks California for taking care of the people who matter most instead of the actual people that put into the system. I’ll just shut up before I say what you all know I’m about to say.

      1. OMG! that is funny. Most likely you’re neighbor is lying. Unless you have access to the accounts and verified this to be true don’t believe it. Some people think it’s funny to make those kind of jokes.

        1. This is true I know people who got big money amounts and who have not worked in 6 yrs. EDD paid them $9000 to one person, $8500 to this other person. I saw the checks in person and drove one to the bank to cash check. Only in America! the lazy get paid while the working get screwed over.

          1. They don’t pay by check, ever. They pay by debit card. You are making up stories.

      2. Right! I have 2 friends who’ve received $10k and $12k within a week of applying… Neither of them have had real jobs in years. Ive never been unemployed this long and cant get a freakin dime, even after submitting my complaints to my senator and having their office inquire about ny claim. Its ridiculous!

    2. I’m in the EXACT same situation. Filed March 23. Single mom. This is BULLSHIT. Been trying to get through for months. I hope you get your money soon

      1. Most of the problems people are having are because of WHEN they made their claims. The system was backlogged from the overwhelming number of claims and there were adjustments made to the system to alleviate some of the issues by processing everything online through the UI_online portal. This includes certifying for benefits online as well, and is probably going faster for those who have NOT previously filed a claim because of the way the system was updated to handle the whole thing.

        We got frustrated trying to do the initial claim via mail back in March, and never mailed it in because of some confusion about how to answer the questions which are not tailored to the PUA bit. From what I was reading it didn’t seem to indicate that we would even qualify based on our self-employment status and the paperwork was very confusing despite how many different resources I consulted to try and make sense of it.

        Then later at the end of June, after some adjustments had been made to the system specifically to help those of us who were gig workers and freelancers with that PUA, one of our friends helped walk us through the claim process on the online portal which was much different experience. It was a bit tedious and still not entirely clear, but the “?” button help on certain items was more helpful with the way to answer the questions specific to the PUA for self employed rather than regular claims. We followed all the recommendations to do it all electronically without having to deal with live persons, so I think that may be why the claims coming in later were able to process more quickly and efficiently than those which filed as early as March or April. Once the process had begun for those folks, there was no way to re-apply with the newer system because they already had been processing and could not be transferred.

        I do think that now there IS a way to transfer previous or open claims to the UI Online portal, but you would have to have some account numbers already to use the portal. New claims filed are getting back pay to the date of when they were unable to work thanks to the disaster, at least, and BofA is sending out the new EDD debit cards next business day after payment is approved. It took about a week, maybe 10 days to process the newer claims made after they fixed the process to allow for more of the self-employed/gig workers to qualify.

        I don’t think we would have done it right without having someone who had already been successful in completing the process to walk us through it, though. There is just a lot of stuff that isn’t really specifically clear as to what we are expected to do and you have to answer all the questions very carefully because otherwise it could result in not being approved. I urge people to review their claims before submitting them and it is definitely more expedient to file online and do it all electronically vs on the phone or through the mail.

        Apparently, the second half of the registration process is done automatically rather than having to sign up for the benefits online part after getting a customer account number. If you do it all via the portal from the beginning, it will register the new account for you automatically within a day or so. And check your phones and email for communications that may have gotten sent to SPAM folders. I got most of the pertinent info regarding the approval sent via TEXT MESSAGE rather than email.

        But it is very detail oriented, so make sure you have all the proper boxes checked or it won’t be cooperative. I’m lucky that we failed to complete it the first time, because I had burned through the remainder of the savings altogether when we tried again, and it went much smoother the second time via the Online tool. It sucks that so many people have been trapped in the limbo of the process if they filed sooner rather than later.

        Try googling some of the PUA specific help for more info on how or why some of the claims are beleaguered by delays and it may help. A lot of the most helpful information I found was through people who have been struggling with this and have been good enough to share what they learned from the experience they had to help others avoid some of the same problems. People on personal blogs and youtube channels have been a tremendous help.

  39. So I received all of the weeks to complete the certification for the back weekly pay.and the letter in the mail about the peuc extension.all I have been wondering is how long will it take for them to send my debit edd card?

    1. Bank of America is usually very quick in sending the card i got mine in 72 hours.

      1. Filed and awarded on 5/17/2020. Havent seen a cent deposited yet, sent complaint form 2 weeks ago. No response. Weeks of calling. No response. Today is 7/06/2020. They are out of money. Unreal…

        1. They are not out of money!!!

    2. The stated info on the website and everywhere I have looked says BofA mails out the new cards (if you haven’t ever had an EDD claim before) the next business day after the first payment is approved. It should arrive fairly quickly, and it may help to register with the USPS for their informed delivery service which shows you scans of what mail you are going to receive so you know if it goes missing. Once you get the card, you have to activate it before you can access your funds, and you can set it up to transfer them to an existing bank account if you want, but that may take a few business days to complete.

      We had started the process and submitted online claim on Jun 26, and got the card in the mail on the evening of July 3. It may also have to do with how early in the week you certified for the benefits how quickly it processes, being dependent on the next business day to mail it out. It seems to be pretty quick, though i imagine it is partly dependent on whatever the situation is at the local post office how quickly it ends up in your hands.

  40. Hello my question is , did my UI BENEFITS begin on the day I was unemployed – April 6 ? Or the day I filed? For my benefits April 19? Thank you

    1. The benefits start the first Sunday following. So let’s say you were laid off on a Friday and your benefits start on the next Sunday.

      1. I feel so sorry for the unemployed of California that have to deal with EDD.
        The Governor needs to react about the poor communication and lack of support. This is going to cause more homeless in California. Its a shame that an employee has paid into this system for so many years and get their benefits at a time when it’s really needed.

      2. I received a letter of notice of epidemic unemployment assistant a word with the maximum benefit amount and weekly benefit amount then I got another letter that says I do not qualify so I don’t understand I just got it on the 3rd so when will I get my my card

  41. I worked full time until the Covid closure.
    I filed my initial EDD claim In March and provided them an additional ID verification in April at their request.
    My employer showed me the wage information they submitted on my behalf.
    My claim was denied with no reason given and not one communication from them has a claim # or reference number of any kind.
    If I try to access the my claim online it keeps asking for the claim # I never got and it won’t allow me to go further.
    If I try to refile it says a claim has already been filed.
    I have tried to call hundreds of times.
    I contacted my state representative’s office but even they have heard nothing from an inquiry they made on my behalf.
    I understand they are inundated but this is unacceptable and way past ridiculous.
    What is one to do??

    1. Check for sn email from Edd, check your spam folder you should have gotten an email with your #. If you didnt i say you should try getting ahold of a live person try until you get through, the will give you your claim number provided you give them the last 4 of social

    2. I filed on march 18 have recieved nothing, i have called and emailed emailed again nothing. Got a text from edd they were procrssing my cliam then todau i recieved a notice saying i just applied on 6 28 this is ridiculous

  42. YES, you can! Just be sure to report any income made weekly when you certify for benefits. The amount you made that week will be deducted from UI benefits that week and you will be paid the difference. You never want to turn down work and this shows UI that you are doing your part to get back to normal income. If you made more than your benefit amount that week, you will be paid $0 for that week but will still qualify for the next week if you made less than the benefit amount. If you are back to a normal schedule, certify as “back to work.” Your benefits would stop at that point but your case remains open and you can restart benefits should you backtrack and lose hours within that year that the case is open for.

  43. I still have not received my benefits yet. I wrote many letters to them. It seems they are still calculating my revised benefits amount. Kindly advise me who should I contact.

  44. I received an email from EDD requesting retroactive certification for weeks in February which is a timeframe prior to my initial application and effective unemployed date of April 6.

    I did not receive payment(s) prior to April. Should I ignore the email?

    1. Nicole,

      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and for taking the time to comment on this article.

      Never simply ignore communication from a government entity, but take care that the email is not a scam. To me, it has an off smell.

      Make contact with EDD directly — a phone call without using any phone number in the email, a letter using a previously-known snail mail address, or visiting the official webpage without clicking on any link in that email — to inquire about what the email says.

      If it’s a scam, EDD needs to know about it. It it’s not a scam, you may benefit.

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      Stay safe, stay healthy!

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

      1. The Retroactive Certification is correct if you go to EDD newsroom and look for the last news release (last Thursday) and there is a section talking about this and a link to take you to that page, I has 6 weeks to recertify from march and part of april, they did it for you originally to speed things but you still have to do it.

    2. That is the period where your weeks in question MIGHT fall. The ACTUAL weeks that apply to you will appear in the next screen you see after clicking the box for the application.

  45. I received a letter in the mail saying i qualified for PEUC and I tried to certify for benefits but the system shut me out. I have tried to contact EDD with hundreds of phone calls but no response. I wouldn’t be able to talk to customer service if my life depended on it. What a joke of an unemployment agency! A complete waste of time. Now me and my family really need that additional unemployment check and nothing, absolutely nothing.

    1. Mr. Sorensen,

      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and for taking the time to comment on this article.

      I sincerely sympathize with your situation but cannot offer any magical solution. California EDD is the pipeline for PEUC, and you will have to go through them.

      If you are short on cash for groceries, look for a locally-run food bank. There are many, and they have re-stocked since March.

      I cannot recommend taking advantage of rent relief, because of the way the State structured the program. Too short term.

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      Stay safe, stay healthy!

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

      1. I’m in Riverside county, but my issues are the same. I’ve applied weeks ago and UI online says I need an account number and of course I have not received one by any means beit us mail, emails etc. So, I’m stuck and broke and about to be homeless. I also worked as a caregiver for riv.county IHSS, but idk if the Union can help me.
        Does anyone else know?

      2. I keep reading about all the immediate hires EDD needs. I have applied on CalCareers and I receive no response. I know I am qualified for the position and have several years experience. I want to work and obviously EDD needs help. I’m at a loss here. in addition I read so many bad posts regarding payments, etc. My goodness they are working to the best of their ability under the current circumstances. I think they should all be treated like store employees; working the front lines.

    2. The system doesn’t give you a whole lot of time to enter info before kicking you out. You need to save your application information as you go and continue filling out the paperwork at a reasonable pace. If you are not actively filling in info, for instance as you stop to gather information, you may be kicked out.. if kicked out, sign back in and the application will continue from the point it was saved. Keep doing this until it is completely filled out and submitted. Best to gather information first.

    3. I applied for pandemic unemloym. Benifits and on there web site at my inbox it said i had weeks i could certify for ,when i did the vary first question right when i answerd it right away i new i gave the wrong answer so i corrected it and finished THE
      Rest of the page going to submit it a red. X. Appeard next to question # 1 and it
      Wont let me continue. I have tried everything i could think of and nothing seems to work.

  46. I have a part time job and have been collecting UI, but one week I might work and the next one or two weeks I could be off. Can I still collect UI.

    1. Mr. Champlin,

      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and for taking the time to comment on this article.

      Your situation is well beyond my ability to advise beyond recommending that you ask your question directly to EDD.

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      Stay safe, stay healthy!

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

    2. The system is a joke….can never get through on the 800 number. Applied for PUA on May 3 and recieved letter saying I qualified, certified 3 times was paid and when I asked to have my claim backdated all of a sudden I didn’t qualify anymore and I owe them now. They sent me quarters showing income from 2013!! Called the 833 number 3 times and nobody can tell me anything!!! Ugh so annoying and irritating. I just want answers from somebody that knows what they are doing.

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