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New charter school launches campus makeover fundraising drive

Remember that once-popular show ‘Extreme Home Makeover?” Well, this project is just that – except for an entire SCHOOL!

OCCA is located on the campus of an abandoned private school in Orange that was established in the 1950s. This beautiful mid-century modern campus has been neglected in recent years. It consists of 8 buildings surrounding a large, unkept garden and pond. With a total of 20 classrooms and common spaces for a library, computer lab, art studio, and performing arts center, the campus is a perfect fit for OCCA’s needs – but it does need quite a bit of work.

So, we are launching this “Open This School!” Fundraising Campaign to completely restore the campus to its glory and be a state-of-the-art facility suited for our student learners. A core group of dedicated volunteers has been working nonstop since the beginning of the year to ready the campus for the fall, but we need community support through the end of the year to ensure our wish-list of projects can be completed.

Can you join us today by making a donation of $25, $50, $100 or more?

Consider these options as well—

  • Adopt a Classroom — We have 12 classrooms that need to be refurbished & equipped for students, so we need each classroom to be adopted. Overall, our goal for classroom restoration is $333,000, or $27,255 per classroom.
  • Adopt a Learning Space – We have 8 common areas that need to be updated and equipped, from Performing Arts auditorium, to playgrounds/lunch area, science & art labs, the library, and central garden & pond. Estimated cost is $96,000 for these spaces combined.

Whether you are an OCCA parent, a champion of school choice, or just someone who cares about the importance of rooting the next generation of children in civic virtue and moral character, you can make a difference today.

Donate online HERE to OPEN THIS SCHOOL! And invite others to JOIN THE CAMPAIGN.

The article above was released by the Board of Directors of Orange County Classical Academy. Donations are needed even more because the new California State Budget punishes growing charter school by basing public school funding on 2019-2020 school year attendance.

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  1. Maybe this charter school should not be paying their headmaster and other school employees exorbitant salaries, so the money can be used to create the welcoming environment they want. How dare this school ask the people of Orange to donate to this ccharter school, when the community didn’t want them here to begin with
    They should spend more time allocating the money they have, to areas that will directly impact students, rather then spending it on high end salaries of administration for the school.

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