featured graphic for Orange County Health Care Agency during COVID-19

Several business sectors close in Orange County due to COVID-19

Effective immediately by order of the State, the following sectors will be closed in Orange County:

  • Indoor Dine-in Restaurants
  • Indoor Wineries and Tasting Rooms
  • Indoor Family Entertainment Centers
  • Indoor Movie Theaters
  • Indoor Zoos and Museums
  • Indoor Cardrooms
  • Indoor and Outdoor Bars

These sectors may modify operations to provide services outside or by pick-up with the exception of all brewpubs, breweries, bars, and pubs in Orange County which must close immediately, both indoor and outdoor. These sector closures apply for a minimum of three weeks and are subject to an extension by the State based on epidemiologic indicators.

This article was released by the Orange County Health Care Agency.


  1. We Americans have to stop acting like spoiled brats. This pandemic does not have to be as bad as it is in our country. Wear a mask whenever you go out of your house and stay home as much as possible. We don’t have to go to bars, beaches, or any or participate in other activities that everyone is crying about. Let’s be patient, fight our urges, and wait this sucker out. Things will eventually get back to normal. Stay safe

  2. Here’s a message from Germany: wear a mask so you can open and save all of these businesses, while there’s still a glimpse of chance. Masks work. You do not have any other solution that will save the economy and people’s lives… the masks are annoying, but they work!

  3. This is so stupid..follow the mask rules and enjoy eating out…go for walks..go to the beach. The problem is large groups of protesters and rioters. Why is Wal-Mart and costco open????

  4. Where are gyms still open most don’t require masks

  5. At first I thought I was paranoid when I started thinking that the Demokrits were deliberately trying to destroy businesses, but now it appears that I am right! Can you imagine anything more disgusting!

    1. Republicans are proud of their county. Will do anything for their country. Live in the bunkers and fight in the hills.

      But will they wear a mask to save America?


  6. Sure…now that the horse has left the corral, the gates are closed!

  7. I ate at a buffet place in Buena Park on June 28. Are they closed now too?

    1. David,

      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze and for taking the time to comment on this article.

      Since you did not provide the name of the buffet restaurant in Buena Park, we cannot confirm or deny whether the restaurant is open, open for dining outside (like on a patio), open for take-out only, or closed completely.

      However, unless the restaurant is defying the County guidance (based on State guidance), it should be closed for dining in.

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      Stay safe, stay healthy!

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

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