Grateful Hearts needs help after catalytic converters stolen from their trucks

Grateful Hearts has issued an urgent need for help after being the victim of theft. On July 7, their only operational grocery trucks had three catalytic converters stolen from them, rendering them non-operational.

Surveillance videos have been viewed by the police, but nothing too useful has been found to help in the investigation up to this point.

This tragic occurrence threatens the entire mission of Grateful Hearts.

One converter has been discontinued due to the age of the truck and will be difficult (and extremely expensive) if they are able to replace it. The other two converters will cost well over $6,000 for the parts alone.

Unfortunately, Grateful Hearts does not currently have the finances to order these parts, or even to rent trucks at this point, yet they are vital to theier food distribution program. Without the trucks, Grateful Hearts cannot continue to help thousands of individuals and families in need!

Please help get Grateful Hearts up and running again!

The team has been working extremely hard day in and day out to help our soldiers, veterans, mental health agencies, seniors, children, individuals and families who are struggling in our community and surrounding communities (as well as abroad) for over 21 years now. But they need your help to continue!

How you can help

If you are a person of prayer, please pray for them! Several of the Grateful Hearts team members have been severely affected by COVID-19, and others are staying home due to the risks involved in serving the public. Others are self -quarantining. We ask that you pray for the overall health and protection of Grateful Hearts; both their property and their team members, who continue to put their health at risk in order to serve others.

Grateful Hearts remain short staffed while their workload has more than doubled, so please consider volunteering. To volunteer, call 562-735-0733.

Additionally, Grateful Hearts has been unable to open their retail store due to COVID-19. The store is a main revenue stream for their programs. This has left Grateful Hearts with both storage and financial challenges, and they need help cleaning and organizing our warehouse.

Lastly, please donate! Grateful Hearts is an independent 501(c)3 welfare corporation that relies heavily on the donations of corporations, organizations and individuals, and they have never needed your help more than we do today!

This article was based on information released by Grateful Hearts.

Editor’s Note: Monetary donations can be made to Grateful Hearts through their website.

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  1. I had the catalytic converter removed from my rv a couple of days before you had yours taken from the trucks. My vehicle also had the part that was obsolete. I can tell you exactly how to find out which catalytic converter you can use on the vehicle that had the obsolete part. Email me and i can tell you the process.

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