Senator Feinstein endorses Josh Newman

Continuing to expand his roster of support in his rematch campaign for California’s 29th State Senate District, Josh Newman secured an influential endorsement from U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.

In a statement released announcing her endorsement, Senator Feinstein remarked:

“Josh Newman is the clear choice for the 29th State Senate District. He has proven to be an effective leader who is dedicated to the success of his community, eager to bring innovative solutions to the legislature and ready to tackle California’s biggest challenges. Josh has the vision and commitment to achieve lasting progress for people in his district, and throughout California.”

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This article was released by Josh Newman for Senate 2020.


  1. PLEASE do not vote for Josh Newman. He never met a tax increase he didn’t vote for. He is a tax & spend liberal who votes in lockstep with every ill conceived idea the Democrats come up with. He is part of the problem. We desperately need to get rid of the Democrat super majority. Our gas taxes are going up every single stinking year because of Josh Newman’s vote. In perpetuity. Let that sink in.

  2. Hey 29 District. Let’s not be stupid and bring back Newman. There was a reason we recalled him! Did you like that your GAS TAXES WENT UP
    AGAIN ON JULY 1?!?? You can thank Josh Newman for that.

    Do NOT vote for RECALLED JOSH NEWMAN!!!!!!

  3. Josh Newman is the clear choice for the 29th State Senate District if you want your taxes to keep going up.

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