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US Supreme Court issues final decisions for 2019-2020 term

This morning, the US Supreme Court issued the final four rulings for its current term:

  • Sharp v. Murphy (17-1107) (Per Curiam) (pdf)
    The judgment of the Tenth Circuit is affirmed for the reasons stated in McGirt v. Oklahoma, 591 U. S. ___.
  • McGirt v. Oklahoma (18-9526) (pdf)
    Land in Northeastern Oklahoma reserved for the Creek Nation since the 19th century remains “Indian country” for purposes of the Major Crimes Act, which places certain crimes under federal jurisdiction if they were committed by “[a]ny Indian” within “the Indian country.” 18 U. S. C. §1153(a).
  • Trump v. Mazars USA, LLP (19-715) (pdf)
    The courts below did not take adequate account of the significant separation of powers concerns implicated by congressional subpoenas for the President’s information.
  • Trump v. Vance (19-635) (pdf)
    Article II and the Supremacy Clause do not categorically preclude, or require a heightened standard for, the issuance of a state criminal subpoena to a sitting President.

So: the first two cases hold Congress to its word in the treaty with the Creek Nation. The second two cases basically say that a sitting President doesn’t get special treatment but neither does it order President Trump to turn over documents to Congress or the State of New York. The cases are remanded to the lower courts with instructions.