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Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva releases statement on Orange County schools reopening in the Fall

Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D – Fullerton) released the following statement on Orange County schools reopening in the Fall:

As a former teacher, I am concerned with the guidelines put forth by the Orange County Board of Education to reopen schools in the fall without implementing safety precautions.

COVID-19 cases continue to rise throughout California and with the Governor’s recent announcement to pull back on the State’s reopening, it is imperative for schools to follow state guidelines for reopening in the Fall.

The health and safety of students, teachers, school staff and their families should be a priority. Students and teachers deserve to learn in an environment that is safe for everyone. Schools should continue to offer distance learning or follow state guidelines if they are planning to offer in-person learning.

While the pandemic and distance learning has brought many challenges for teachers and families, it is important to adopt measures that keep everyone safe before reopening.

For more information on the California Department of Education’s reopening guidelines, please visit: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ls/he/hn/strongertogether.asp

This article was released by the Office of Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva.


  1. Children need to go back to school. If the teachers are refusing to go back, the families should be able to take that education money & send their kids to either charter schools or private schools.
    And when is the media going to admit that for the most part the spike in Covid positive numbers can be directly attributed to the protesting, rioting and looting that began around Memorial Day weekend?

  2. NBC NEWS (which leans liberal) interviewed five pediatricians about whether children should go back to school. This is their news report:

    TORRES: NBC News reached out to five top pediatricians across the country, a random sampling of doctors to find out how just how dangerous the coronavirus is for kids. Our experts agree, most children don’t get as sick as adults and that serious complications are rare. The five doctors we spoke to agreed the benefits of being in the classroom far outweigh the risk of disease, but the key is to reopen safely. (on camera) “Would you let your kids go back to school?”

    DR. SHEILA PATEL: (webcam) “I will. My kids are looking forward to it.”

    DR. WILLIAM RASZKA: (webcam) “Yes, period, absolutely.”

    DR. JENNIFER LIGHTER: (webcam) “Absolutely, as much as I can.”

    TORRES: (webcam) “Without hesitation?”

    LIGHTER: “Without a hesitation, yes.”

    DR. BUDDY CREECH: (webcam) “I have no concerns about sending my child to school in the fall.”

    DR. YVONNE MALDONADO: (webcam) “I would let my kids go back to school.”

  3. Agreed we manage over 90 public school sites in CA some are open for students to come onsite and some still provide distant learning
    http://www.learn4life.org year round K-12
    The goal must be to maintain safety and health for our students and educators while educating our students

  4. Let’s keep the kids out of school forever. Let them learn just enough at home to get a minimum wage job.
    That would solve the problem of their getting sick – ever!!! Of course, let’s make sure teacher union members get their full paycheck with all benefits even if they’re not working. Ignorance for Orange County students while teachers get paid. That sounds like a great slogan for Sharon Quirk Silva.

  5. I AGREE. Health and safety is #1. Let’s keep our students, staff and community members safe and during these unprecedented times. Let’s reopen school by re-implementing distance learning until it is safe. Let’s take these challenging times as an opportunity to improve our distance learning practices and to heal ourselves and so our businesses can also reopen as well.

    Let’s turn our Covid numbers downward.

    We ALL (100% of us) need to wear masks, social distance, quarantine and practice handwashing so we can beat the virus. If we all embrace these best heath practices, our schools and business can reopen sooner than later. Again. Remember…to achieve this goal, it takes each one of us.

    A 42 year retired educator.

  6. It is so absurd that anyone would question the need for face coverings and social distancing. Even if not proven, these methods stem from basic common sense and concern for everyone. Not to adhere to these 2 simple guidelines should be punishable by law.

    1. It’s not just about the kids’ safety, it’s about reinforcing guidelines that apply to those at risk. Without consistency, kids will get confused and run right into grandma/grandpapa’s arms or others that are at risk. OC Board decision is short-cited with no thought to child-youth behavior patterns. Besides the actual data shows kids at 6-8% risk of developing clinically significanf COV19-related complications.

  7. each of the OC board members exposed to personal civil & criminal liability for dereliction of duty, fraud & intentional tort battery claims for knowingly compromising the safety & welfare of children, parents and teaching facility personnel.

  8. I’m so glad to have Sharon looking out for her family and friends I. Orange County. I’ve been concerned about the safety of my children returning to school too soon. This is from a Family her family grew up with.

  9. As a parent I don’t feel comfortable at all sending my kids to schools. The Schools shouldn’t open at all until virus is complete under control or gone forever.

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