Harley Rouda

Rep. Rouda leads Orange County Congressional delegation letter to OC Board of Supervisors questioning use of federal COVID-19 funds

Representative Harley Rouda (CA-48), along with Reps. Cisneros (CA-39), Correa (CA-46), Levin (CA-49), Lowenthal (CA-47), Porter (CA-45), and Sánchez (CA-38), sent a letter to the Orange County Board of Supervisors expressing strong concerns regarding the County’s use of federal funding to prevent, test, trace, treat, and limit COVID-19 in their communities.

“We helped pass the bipartisan CARES Act, which provided $554 million to the County to cover expenses necessary to prevent, test, and treat COVID-19 infections. We voted for The Heroes Act, which would provide an estimated $3.8 billion to local governments in Orange County — including $1.8 billion to the County itself. We write today to ask how those dollars are being used to protect the lives and livelihoods of Orange County working families and small businesses,” wrote the Representatives.

The Representatives addressed recent testing errors and increasing COVID-19 cases writing, “Spiking infection, ICU occupancy, and mortality rates are gravely concerning — especially after recent developments that the County’s Health Care Agency incorrectly added 30,000 serology tests to the diagnostic test counts over several weeks. The erroneous inflation of COVID-19 testing data, top public health officials’ resignations, and pervasive difficulty accessing tests have raised serious questions.”

This article was released by the Office of Congressman Harley Rouda.

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  1. The CDC has now stated that if we all wear masks we can significantly reduce Covid -19 on a national level. Take all necessary steps to make this a federal mandate- that everyone must wear a mask in public. Your life and my life depend on it. Thank you Madelyn

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