California High-Speed Rail Authority releases video promoting project, jobs creation

Work is booming on more than 32 active construction sites across the Central Valley. As we move forward building the nation’s first high-speed rail system, we are proud to announce that more than 4,000 construction jobs have been created, with more than 73% of the workers dispatched to our various construction sites reported living in the Central Valley.

We expect to keep the momentum this summer by completing and opening several overcrossings along Construction Package 1 and 2-3. Watch our latest Construction Update video to see the work in action and to get the latest on construction anytime, visit

This article was released by the California High-Speed Rail Authority.


  1. “At $77 billion dollars, construction of a high speed rail system from San Francisco to Los Angeles and Anaheim is certainly an expensive project. But it will cost a fraction of what the state would have to spend to achieve the same level of mobility for a population expected to reach 50 million people by the year 2030. To move an equivalent number of people would cost $170 billion in new freeways and airport runway expansions in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, assuming those projects would have both the necessary public support and environmental clearance. And while others have said we should wait for newer technology, high speed rail is a safe, reliable and cost effective system of transportation, proven around the world.” –San Francisco Examiner

  2. Since day one with gov moonbeam bloviation, you immediately knew failure would be the only outcome!

    True to form, HSR is at over 35% cost increases; for example, the 1st 29-miles doubled in price due to the failer of the authority providing only 3% of design, leaving the door open for issues, that came in buckets along with clever contract misuse—the original bid 980 million taxpayer dollars. Today’s cost is passing through 800 million additional taxpayer dollars through the change order environment.

    Currently, no track, no train-sets, no stations, no electricity (however, it is not required as it is now going to be plain rail per COO Joe Hedges, 4/30/19 interview with Steven Stock, NBC 4 SFO), in actual fact the choo-choo train will never exceed 125 Mph!

    Therefore, bait and switch along with massive obfuscations by the authority and political types hyping this project as nirvana does not hold water.

  3. This is perhaps one of the BIGGEST boondoggles in recent California history. What is Gavin Newsom thinking by keeping this stupid train thing going? Our local assembly officials should be up in arms about this but I haven’t heard a peep from Sharon Quirk-Silva opposing it. Good reason to vote her out of office. Our recalled tax & spend Josh Newman had no problem with the train to nowhere either & is trying as hard as he can to regain his State Senate seat after his blistering defeat. The only way to get rid of the train to nowhere is to vote against all California Democrats.

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