featured graphic for the City of Huntington Beach during COVID-19, City seal courtesy of Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach to institute modified City operations effective July 20 due to COVID-19

On Monday, July 20, the City will institute modified operations as a proactive health and safety measure in response to the current spike in COVID-19 cases throughout Orange County. Under this modified operating plan, the City will continue providing all current services (including Police, Fire, development, and utility operations), but will close public access to City Hall, the Police Department, and most other facilities to limit the interactions that can spread COVID-19. Of note, all departmental operations will remain fully staffed, and the City will improve and expand the use of digital and telephone services to meet the community’s needs remotely.

Additionally, the City will still offer quality of life services in limited, socially-distanced fashion. Curbside book pickup and drop-off at Central Library, recreational programs, and the Junior Lifeguard program will continue to be maintained. The public will also be able to purchase beach parking passes in-person at 103 Pacific Coast Highway. Furthermore, the City Council and the Planning Commission will continue to meet with enhanced safety protocols, and select committee and commission meetings will start discussions again, largely via digital mediums.

As the City moves into a modified operational structure, work has been engaged to improve our digital plan check and inspection processes, which can be accessed by the public via the Community Development Department’s webpage.

These modified operations will continue until further notice, and enhanced signage with this information will be posted at all major facilities. We ask for your patience during these temporary modifications, as our response to the COVID-19 pandemic adapts to the various restrictions instituted by the State and County. The County has reported 27,904 cumulative COVID-19 cases to date, which include 466 deaths. As cases rapidly increase, the City encourages all residents and visitors to diligently practice social distancing and use face coverings to prevent infections. Your actions will save lives.

The City remains committed to providing the community with timely updates on www.HBready.com. For questions about City services and policies during this time, please contact our Call Center at (714) 536-5511.

This article was released by the City of Huntington Beach.


  1. Wearing a mask is scientifically proven to reduce the spread of germs. You are right: wearing a mask is not a cure. I never said it was. It is prevention and flattens the curve so less people and businesses are affected. We are experiencing a pandemic. This is not seasonal influenza. The stats you quoted absolutely do not apply. Laughing (your lol) at people dying is abhorrent. One not doing their part negatively affects the economy and lives..

    Btw, I do not watch CNN. It does not even air in my home. I do not read The Washington Post either. Having a sense of responsibility and community does not equate to communism. I personally like having freedom. It is because of selfish and/or ignorant people that my & others’ freedom is restricted. I am nearly a 30-year resident of HB & pay property taxes which cover resources that I & others can’t partake in because of the ignorant & selfish. Our freedom is restricted by those who who don’t participate in prevention.

    1. Totally and completely true, because the Orange County Board of Superviors rolled back the mask required protocal, people are not doing their part with impunity. No one wants their people dying from this thing…I have had two already in my little world. Preventable sadness.

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    Keep that in mind while composing your comments.

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  3. Can you please site the law that said everyone needs to ware a mask ? If you ware a mask that is you making a choice. All American’s have a choice let me ask you if you wear a mask do you feel safe. The mask most people wear are not safe they are about as good as a dust mask . I think the N 95 could do it. But when people wear it or any other mask they keep putting there hands. all over their face. You all should ware a mask. Don’t let it get to you . I know you wear it to protect your self. if you wear it you are safe so why is it you want to tell others they must do it. And as long as you and others wear them I will be safe right. Are you going to bitch that people should not drink, smoke, or pray. You just don’t have that right . You can always try to change the law or move some where like China.

    1. agreed 100%

    2. @Brunetti. The fact that your statement has numerous spelling and grammatical errors is indicative of your level of education, or lack thereof. Accordingly, it is not surprising that you cannot grasp the concept that virtually everyone wearing a mask reduces the SPREAD of the virus.

      The sooner most everyone wears a mask & physically distances from their non-household members, the sooner this pandemic will end!! It is not a matter of just protecting yourself, but also other humans, as you (or anyone) can be asymptomatic & still transmit the virus. Asymptomatic means you are a carrier of the virus, but don’t have any symptoms. .

      If someone wants to drink &/or smoke, that is certainly fine as long as it doesn’t adversely affect someone else. That is why decent humans will wear a mask. We don’t want to adversely affect someone else, as we do not know if we are asymptomatic. Everyday.

      As far as prayer goes, I do and will pray. I will add you to my prayers. I will pray that you can finally digest the concept of participating in prevention.

      1. I understand why or how you could think that masks work at slowing the spread, and maybe they do. However, thinking that wearing them will end this pandemic “sooner” is completely false.

        The pandemic will not end because we isolated, much less because we wore paper masks. This isn’t Wuhan, China or some little communist city (despite how badly you probably want it to be) or a population that can be controlled like that. We are Americans, and unless the death rate actually warranted a pandemic level response … (i.e. something at least over .1% lol) … Americans are not sitting inside for months. Not going to happen for something that may not even be more deadly than the common flu when all is said and done. Sorry.

        Therefore, the only chance we have at ending the pandemic “sooner” is a cure/vaccine/treatment (most likely a combination of all three) and/or herd immunity.

        Wearing a mask will not make a cure/vaccine/treatment come out any faster (if you think it is a cure please don’t even respond), and if it actually does somewhat slow down the spread it will also slow down potential herd immunity… In other words, wearing a mask will either have no effect on whether the pandemic ends “sooner” or it will increase the length of time by delaying herd immunity.

        I don’t know whether it’s funny or scary that you would criticize another person’s education level and then give an obviously wrong “opinion” about the effects of masks on the length of the pandemic. However, the stench of CNN left-wing talking points instead of using your head and actual logic to realize why you’re wrong is a much bigger problem than the commenter you criticized.

        Good luck out there, you’re going to need it.

        1. Amen!! Agree 100%

        2. How does wearing a mask equate to communism? How is your “opinion” any less wrong than Fallon’s? I’ll go with the scientific community, multiple health agencies and local, state and federal recommendations and do the simple thing of wearing a mask for the benefit of others.

          Can you all tell me just one thing, what is the big deal about wearing a mask, why are those of you so hardcore against wearing a mask?

        3. The OC death rate is 1.6%, which is greater than .01%. The US death rate is currently 3.6% and higher in some cities closer to 5% (1 in 20 that catches it). The total deaths from COVID-19 of 141,426 is more that all wars combined except for WW1 and 2. And these deaths have occurred in a matter of approximately 16 weeks. If someones smoking or drinking killed 1 or 2 people of every 100 they just stopped and stood around in a bar or at a restaurant for 15 minutes would it matter to you then? The common flu does not overrun hospital ERs, kill 20-30% in a nursing home in 3 weeks nor cause hospitals to make decisions on who gets the drugs that can save them while not being able to give it to others. No one is saying stay home. But if wearing a small piece of cloth over your face to help as a community to protect others when you cannot socially distance that is sad and selfish and a poor comment on the state of humanity.

  4. its all bs….stupid govt and officials think it tn the extreme and it pisses me off that they r treatin this like a lousy family member..wat mite be right and safe is really takin away and labelin..making ur life complicated..and that mental psyco bable bs can kiss my behind…tats exact truth

  5. H.B. the worst city in O.C.for not wearing masks!!

    1. Can we just quarantine the whole city of HB from the rest of OC, like damn if they don’t wanna wear masks then so be it. Natural selection will take care of them. And their stupidity won’t be passed down to the rest of their generation.

  6. I agree mandated mask use while in public places where people are too close to each other is essential to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

    1. Anti-maskers are why this Pandemic will drag on and on.

  7. how come the city does this but during the same week landlords want to do smoke detector tests with more that one person entering every bedroom in the apartment?

  8. Huntington Beach is not doing enough! The leaders must put their foot down hard and stop letting spoiled, selfish, petulant children run the show! Make wearing masks mandatory! Hold those who don’t wear one accountable! Fine them! Hit them where it hurts…hard!

      1. I am a physician and graduated medical school in 1990 from NY. I have lived in HB for almost 20 years. I have worked around the US in ER, medical clinic, surgery dept and UC and have seen many diseases including mers SARS h1n1 and a variety of viruses. Never have I seen such fear mongering with any of those diseases as with coronavirus. If you think a mask is going to protect you then wear one but don’t force others to do so. I caught coronavirus at the hospital during intubating elderly facility pts with serious underlying illnesses. I am 59 but in good health and my experience with coronavirus was mild fever and malaise for few days. I still was able to jog on my threadmill daily but lower mileage. In my opinion coronavirus is not as deadly to healthy with no underlying illnesses. Healthy people should not be punished for being healthy. We already know the target population of this virus. Protect them. They should stay home and be cared for either by caring relatives or caring health care workers. Business and life should not be brought to a halt because a small percentage of the US population will die. More people will suffer with continued stay at home orders and business closures. How many domestic violence or child abuse or suicides have gone unreported. How much mental damages are being inflicted on children because of wearing mask and fear mongering. Life is full of risk. You cannot prevent death from happening. Death is part of life.

        1. Wow. A physician who thinks that wearing a face covering is to protect the wearer. You missed even the most basic concept of the fact it is to protect others from asymptomatic and presymptomatic carriers. Kudos for your mild case. Lucky you. I work in a hospital also and it is not just the elderly there. There are younger folks. Ask the 20 something healthy young woman who had to undergo a double lung transplant. Cytokines storms are killing the young. They are the young and healthy. In this case science shows wearing face coverings can prevent deaths due to reduced spread. The kids I see love putting the masks on. It is like a costume to them. There is no mental damage. Again kudos you got a mild case. That is no reason to say as a physician that death happens … oh well. I guess you also tell your patients with contagious diseases such as measles, etc to just go out and spend time with others and let the dead fall where they may. Heck it is just culling the herd. While your mild case is nice, 20% are not. While your mild case is nice, others have long term damage. While your mild case is nice, let the asymptomatic individuals pass it on. While your mild case is nice, it is no reason to to promote avoiding such a simple measure to prevent the spread of COVID … a face covering when you cannot socially distance. Next time you enter an operating room, take off your surgical mask. Why not? You sneeze, who cares …chance are they wont die from infection. Take off those surgical gloves. Chance are the dirt under your nails wont infect the surgical site. Why wear those in the OR? Because you reduce the chances it wont happen.

      1. Don’t make stupid comments your just making things worse

        1. Thank you Dr., thank you for your feedback..I agree with you and I do wear a mask to protect my 88 year old mom (when I visit), my family and myself……it is my choice! I don’t see why people make such a big deal about wearing a mask to go inside public places since it’s just for a while……..

          1. Lidia, please let me know if I’m understanding you correctly: you wear a mask to protect your 88 year old mom, family and yourself, but not the public?

  9. The City of HB will close down small business but still allow large gatherings downtown with no masks or social distancing! I understand the right to free speech but when the city will not help disperse the crowds I am disappointed. As a tax paying citizen of HB, I deserve the right to be protected. To protect all citizens, the city needs to “help” those people who are choosing not to mask up and help flatten the curve. Why is this so hard for people to get?

    1. HB will lose a lot of business the longer the permit fools to pretend they are all of a sudden experts. These same people fought seatbelt laws. Now they fight to preserve the pandemic.

  10. smart. It’s about time. Need to make masks mandatory.

    1. There is so much factual information out there that if people would just stand back and look at facts possibly a common sense reaction would happen , rather than a reaction based on fear and emotion . The mask is not going to keep you from getting the virus . The virus is so much smaller than the pores in the cloth mask that if it’s so deadly and so easy to get , your mask is pointless . Maybe if n95 was required and properly fitted to your face , it does a much better job. However we aren’t required to wear a N95 mask . Hmmm. No , just told to cover our face . Secondly, if this virus was so deadly and easy to get , why aren’t the homeless dying in mass numbers ? And we know they aren’t social distancing or wearing masks. . We do have the largest homeless population in the country. If masks are so effective why are we releasing prisoners from jail? Why not just give them a mask? Interesting right? And 3 rd it’s now coming to light the number of deaths and the people testing positive are Skewed . False positives ; thousands now coming forward and reeling back the numbers in various states . And we also know the CDC made Drs and nurses record CV 19 on death certificates, even when the patient had underline health issues and came in because of those underlined health issues. It’s a fact your chances of surviving CV should you get it , assuming you are a decently healthy person, is approximately 99.95% SURVIVAL!! And let’s not forget about HCQ . Japan told us in March it is effective in combating the virus . But NO, our group of gov Drs told us it would killl us . They since have retracted that statement and said they were wrong . Hmmm. I wonder how many people could have lived that died just if they had been given the HCQ? In summation, we are being lied to on all levels and causing all kinds of fear and dividing us further as Americans. We should be looking at the underlined , behind the scenes and what really is going on , rather than being consumed with the distraction of the mask. There’s a much bigger problem our nation faces and it’s not this virus .

      1. Thank you! You’re absolutely right! But it’s only few of us, most people listen to the fake news and get so scare. Praying for everybody. Peace be with you!

      2. Right on! Well said!

      3. I totally agree and sent similar message to the governor. I work at a hospital in downtown los Angeles near a homeless encampment. Hardly any homeless wear mask. They do not practice social distancing. They have poor hygiene. They live in tents or sleep on the sidewalk. Yet they are thriving in mass numbers. If they were dying in large numbers it would be in the news all day long. But it’s not. Reopen the economy and protect the vulnerable and let the rest of the healthy people go on with their lives. Stop the fear mongering or mask mandates.

        1. Would you enter an OP and work on a patient without gloves, gown or mask? Why not? Odd are they wont die from you doing that. They are young and healthy. OH wait! You do it because it reduces the chance that something bad will happen. Just a chance…a chance and yet you do that. Think about it.

      4. Agree 100. Most people are believing the media’s bs. Just wash hands & not touch face, as with any other virus. People are so quick to believe this bs…so sad. They are showing they want the govt to control their lives.

  11. There are too many non-mask wearers in downtown HB and by the pier. If we want to get a control on the virus and strengthen business in that area, warnings, citations, or even the use of mask ambassadors need to be utilized. It’s pathetic and embarrassing to reside in a place where civic responsibility is so weak.

    1. Carol – Well stated. I completely agree. I live in HB & can’t even enjoy it now. Why? All the selfish ignoramuses who refuse to wear a mask & physically distance. They cry about their “rights.” What about mine?

  12. End the PLANNEDemic.

  13. I’m concerned that the use of mask is not enforced in Huntington Beach. The word encouraged is not enough. The virus will not stop unless mandated. Yes, we all deserve freedom but not the freedom to harm others. Oh and I’m not a Democrat.

    1. Then move.

    2. Why are we making this about politics and our rights…this is about the science and people’s health.

      1. Exactly… we are being lied to . I just laid out the facts . And sadly it is political because they are using the virus as a tool . Figures don’t lie , but liars figure !! Tons of factual information that people are choosing to ignore because they are caught up in their fear and emotions . In which , by the way is expected by you and others to go with the rules making you think you are saving lives . Again, 99.95% survival rate . Look the stats up on the seasonal flu .

        1. Thank you! You’re absolutely right! Praying for my country!

  14. Gyms??

  15. Will beach public restrooms be open?

    1. City/government should provide “high risk individuals” with N95 masks for the duration of the pandemic. If other protocols are followed, ie hand washing etc, then DEATH rate would be reduced significantly! Thus the remaining population can live their lives “normally,” without the fear of infecting the most vulnerable causing their deaths.

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