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Letter to the Editor: Toll road decisions

First of all, I want to congratulate our county Grand Jury on its findings about the TCA and its role in our county’s transportation future. Their view that the TCA should fulfill its promise of paying off the toll road bonds and then dissolving is spot on. We have two other transportation agencies, OCTA and CalTrans that are fully capable of handling the transportation concerns in the county. The TCA has wanted to expand its transportation role and renege on the original purpose of the agency which would add yet another entity into the transportation mix and provide lucrative work for its senior management. This can be proven by the fact that they found it necessary to hire a public relations firm to impress the public of its importance in south county affairs.

The TCA is now frantically trying to justify and/or explain why the Grand Jury’s findings are either wrong or misleading. This is an agency that has tried to bully its way into the infrastructure concerns of south Orange County. We have too many other issues and do not need to be distracted by the TCA continuing to pressure the public for additional projects. It is an added expense for new homebuilding and interest on the bonds grows daily. The TCA’s only purpose now should be the repaying of its bonds and gracefully exiting, as promised.

Senate Bill 1373 (Senator Patricia Bates) passed and now goes to the assembly and finally to Governor Newsom. It is imperative that both approve this bill and rely on CalTrans and the OCTA for our transportation decisions.

Diana Doalson
San Clemente

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  1. Thoroughly agree. TCA needs to shut down and have actions that really support transportation take over.

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