featured graphic for news from the City of Seal Beach during COVID-19. City seal courtesy of Seal Beach

Seal Beach Temporary Outdoor Dining Program and Business Activities

In an effort to assist our local Seal Beach businesses with the challenges and concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent State of California’s mandatory closure of indoor dining and other business sectors, the City Council approved an opportunity for restaurants and other business sectors impacted by the mandate to temporarily provide dining and operations outdoors.

Outside business opportunities will include the temporary expansion of outdoor dining at restaurants throughout the community, the use of dining parklets in association with restaurants on the Main Street business corridor, and the ability for businesses to provide merchandise displays, activities and services outdoors. With proper precautions, outdoor locations carry less risk of transmission of the coronavirus than indoor locations, making outdoor dining a safer option for the gradual resumption of restaurant services.

Without these measures, most restaurants would see their capacity drop to a point where it would be difficult, if not impossible, to make a profit, making re-opening moot. Moving tables and chairs to the sidewalks, parking lots or other outdoor locations could help these establishments re-open with close to as many tables as before the pandemic, so they can begin to rebuild their businesses.

“Our local restaurants and businesses need our assistance during this time and the City is doing all we can to ensure our local economy can effectively recover from the coronavirus impacts. This temporary measure balances a variety of safety and economic interests while adding an enhanced experience for our community and visitors,” said Mayor Schelly Sustarsic.

For more information on our Temporary Outdoor Dining Program or to download a Temporary Dining Permit Application, please visit our Business and Employee Resources tab on the City’s website at www.sealbeachca.gov or submit your inquiries to Community Development Director Les Johnson at [email protected].

This article was released by the City of Seal Beach.