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OCTax CEO to discuss Proposition 15 “Split Roll” initiative in Tax Talk

We’ve saved the best for last! This Monday, we will be hosting our final Tax Talk with OCTax CEO & President Carolyn Cavecche to discuss the upcoming November Prop 15 “Split Roll” initiative and how we can protect Prop 13.

Proposition 15 will cause fewer jobs while reducing wages, raise prices for goods and services, magnify the housing crisis, increase the cost to do business in California, and will leave homeowners vulnerable to the complete elimination of Proposition 13 protections. Proposition 15 will be a $10-$12 BILLION tax increase on every Californian at a time we cannot afford it.

This is an online free event and you do not need to register to watch the program. If you would like to RSVP, or register, to receive updates you can do so through either our Facebook event page or through our website. We will then send you a notification when the event is Live on Monday, August 3, at 11 a.m.

The event will be streamlined on Facebook and YouTube.

This article was released by Orange County Taxpayers Association.