Seal Beach Republican Women Federated say Back the Blue

It was another beautiful Saturday in Seal Beach with much to do on picturesque Main Street or the sandy beach besides the historic pier. However, for Seal Beach Republican Women Federated it was another Saturday to stand in the hot sun near the pier’s entrance and vigorously support the men and women in law enforcement. Waving patriotic signs and dressed in red, white and blue, their regular rallies give voice to many Americans who are appalled by the violence taking place throughout the country against basic American values that includes respect for the police.

“We’re all for respectful dialogue and peaceful protests, but violent riots that destroy cities, topple statues of our esteemed American presidents and injure or kill police officers goes against what most Americans believe in,” said Seal Beach Republican President Bibi Mesmer. “Our regular pro-police rallies at the pier has resulted in Democrats registering as Republicans because they are embarrassed about the anti-police rioting that is taking place in Democrat-led cities.”

On Saturday, August 1, Orange County Supervisor and U.S. Congress candidate Michelle Steel (48th District) joined members at the pier to show support for law enforcement.

According to Mesmer, Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioting and violence against heroic men and women in law enforcement along with the defund the police movement have helped the club grow during this pandemic year. “Membership has mushroomed as more women and men of the so-called ‘Silent Majority’ want to be actively involved,” Mesmer said adding, “Whether you’re a Democrat who feels like your party has abandoned you or a Republican who wants to get more involved, Seal Beach Republican Women Federated welcomes you!”

For more information about the club contact Bibi Mesmer at 562-716-9922.

This article was released by the Seal Beach Republican Women Federated.


  1. Please send me info on how to join your group. Thank you

    1. Hello Eva,

      Please call President Bibi Mesmer
      at 562-716-9922.

      Thank you.

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