Diedre Nguyen wins fundraising period

Cancer scientist and Garden Grove City Councilmember Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen reports having outraised her opponent, career politician Janet Nguyen, during the latest filing period and ended up with slightly more cash on hand.

“I am honored to have the support and confidence of parents, teachers, nurses, seniors, small businesses, and essential workers in our community,” said Diedre. “With hundreds of unique donors who’ve given to our campaign, we are seeing that community based, people-powered politics works. And we’re just getting started.”

Diedre, despite being pressed into duty on the COVID-19 frontlines at the lab where she works, raised over $168,906 between February 15th and June 30th, which is the latest campaign finance period and ended up with $116,997 on hand. Former political staffer, county supervisor, and state senator Janet Nguyen, the Republican nominee in the race, managed only $154,499 in total contributions for the same period with $116,332 remaining in the bank.

“After losing to Tom Umberg in 2018, this report tells me Janet Nguyen doesn’t inspire confidence in political insiders that she can mount a successful comeback,” said Matt Reilly, consultant for Diedre’s campaign. “Truth is, I think they’re right. Diedre is a strong candidate with a great story, established local base of support, and the wind at her back with a shifting electorate turning more Democratic every single day.”

Diedre is a laboratory cancer scientist, Garden Grove City Councilmember, youth mentor, community organizer, 2ndDegree Hapkido blackbelt, wife and mother of three active sons.

For more information visit diedrenguyen.com

This article was released by Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen for Assembly 2020.

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  1. So your your expertise is a laboratory cancer scientist, questionable Garden Grove City Councilmember, youth mentor, and a so called community organizer and, a liberal Democrat. Community Organizers are familiar occupations these days, a creation of the 1960’s and fearlessly supported by academia. What do you
    know about this country, the founders and the people who’ve made this country and
    your sincerity to represent all the citizens of Garden Grove and not just one demographic in your “organizing focus.”
    Tell me, where do you stand? Do you agree with the Republican platform or are you a liberal Democrat who, you know, is all in with crashing the economy and defunding the police? I’ve many questions for anyone who wants donations and my vote. I’m very serious when it comes to my beloved country. Looking for your response.


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