A COVID-19 cartoon by Dave Whamond courtesy of CagleCartoons.com.

Masked anxiety: how do you know whether masks are effective at stopping the spread of coronavirus?

Got masked anxiety?

Who can you ask whether face masks are actually effective at stopping the spread of coronavirus?

You could do worse than asking YouTuber Uncle Rob… who set up an experiment in his backyard to test how well a face mask prevents aerosol droplets from spraying all over your closest friends and nearby acquaintances:

Now, there are all sorts of things left out in Uncle Rob’s backyard experient… like whether that test liquid produces aerosols larger or smaller than those produced when you cough or sneeze or talk or sing. Also, the air is calm — no wind. A formal scientific study would nail details like that down.

But as an eyebrow-raising straight-up demonstration of the effectiveness of face masks, Uncle Rob’s video is pretty darned easy to understand.

Also, Uncle Rob touches not at all on hand-washing. Wash your hands!

The cartoon used in the featured illustration above the article’s title is by Dave Whamond.