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Grampaw Pettibone Squadron presents Helicopters in Desert Warfare with Marc Liebman

Association of Naval Aviation Grampaw Pettibone Squadron in collaboration with Two Block Fox Squadron presents Helicopters in Desert Warfare featuring Marc Liebman, Captain, USN (ret).

From Southeast Asia to the Persian Gulf; from Combat Search and Rescue to SPECOPS, this seasoned veteran and combat leader has seen it all. Marc Liebman, Captain, USN (ret), designated naval aviator in 1969, has built an illustrious career as a helicopter pilot and as a commander of helicopter forces. He has agreed to share some of his many unique and often dangerous exploits and experiences with us using the SH-60B as a mini AWACs in cooperation with the Royal Navy to neutralize Iraqi gunboats and prevent infiltration of Iraqi commandos into Saudi Arabia.

This program will be held on Zoom on August 13, 2020 starting at 12 noon.

Questions may be directed to Tim Brown by phone at 562-547-0780 or via email at [email protected].

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