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Michelle Steel criticizes Harley Rouda for politicizing pandemic

Orange County is waking up to a Congressman who refuses to do his job and support a bipartisan COVID relief package, but instead spent the night on Twitter skirting his responsibilities and attacking the local leaders working together to manage the devastating COVID-19 crisis.

Accomplishing what many thought impossible, Congressman Harley Rouda sunk to a new low on social media by posting a sickening tweet using the death of 32 Orange County residents as a political weapon against Michelle Steel.

In the sickening tweet, Rouda used an L.A. Times story on the deaths of 32 Orange County residents from COVID-19 to blame Michelle Steel for those deaths claiming, “@MichelleSteelCA has failed to protect us.”

“In his desperate quest to be re-elected, Congressman Rouda has sunk to a new low by using the deaths of 32 innocent Orange County residents as a political weapon,” Michelle Steel said. “It’s sickening and it’s wrong – he should be ashamed of himself.”

As Steel along with numerous county workers and other professionals have worked to help families, businesses and workers battle the pandemic, Rouda has consistently sought to undermine and gum up their work all for a political edge.

Rouda’s tweet today is particularly ironic given he was sued and lost for firing a woman with cancer because he didn’t want to pay for her health care.

“Usually a congressman would seek to help their local officials, particularly during a pandemic, not weaponize it for their own political gain as Congressman Rouda has consistently done – it’s unfortunate and our citizens deserve better.” Steel said.

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.


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  6. Rouda attended a Frat Party that mocked Vietnamese people. If your Vietnamese vote for another sister because this guy is a fake. Vote Michelle Steel not racist Rouda.

  7. Harley Rouda wanted to represent all the people in his district. He only represented those who are like Nancy Pelosi and the AOC AND SQUAD. These so-called moderate Democrats are losing to the Socialists in their own Democratic Primaries. The Communists are taking over the Democratic Party and these so-called Democratic moderates can’t stop them so they are joining them. Vote for Michelle Steel if you want USA and Constitution and Way of Life to be the same. If you want to live like China under CCP rule than vote for Harley Rouda. He already caved into the Socialist Left in his own Democratic Party.

  8. Agreed with Robin. Vote for Michelle Steel because Rouda voted impeach Trump on a bogus Russian Collusion chase that is going to end up indicting some of the weaponize federal agencies leaders Democratic Comey, Clapper, Brennen, Yates, etc…….. because the Democratic Party used the FBI, CIA, Dept. Of Justice to try to take down Trump. These guys and gals might be going to jail for a long time when the indictments come down. What a waste of 3 years instead of getting some real legislation done for the people of the United States and Orange County. I know Trump got some things done — what has Rouda done ??? What has Joe Biden done in 41, 42, …. 47 years for white, blacks, hispanics, asians, anyone………. … Can anyone name one thing these people have done that has really helped anyone?? God Bless America.

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