featured graphic for VA Long Beach Healthcare System during COVID-19

US Department of Veterans Affairs: COVID-19 restrictions should not restrict access to VA care

VA Long Beach Healthcare System continues to create innovative ways to help Veterans access care. Now, with the use of any smart device such as a tablet, mobile phone or laptop, Veterans can use telehealth via VA Video Connect (VVC) to video chat with their health care provider to receive care from the safety of their own home. VVC is available for primary care, mental health care and many specialty clinics where an in-person interaction isn’t necessary. We can also arrange for many medications to be shipped directly to the Veterans home.

While it can be very challenging to address access to health care during COVID-19, VA Long Beach is committed to providing the best care possible while limiting the risk of COVID exposure. The continued spread of the novel corona virus has created opportunities for alternative deliveries of care with telehealth services leading the way.

Currently, telehealth is available for the following services: Primary Care, Mental Health, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Low Vision Care, Palliative Care, Spinal Cord Injury, Sleep Medicine, Polytrauma, Home Based Primary Care, Neurology, Occupational Therapy, Blind Rehabilitation, Urology, Kinesiotherapy and Dermatology.

Veterans can also use VA’s “MyHealtheVet” on-line platform which provides 24/7 access to their medical records, appointments, and pharmacy refills. Additionally, they can send non-emergent, secure messages to their care team for any questions or concerns, while never stepping into the facility, driving in traffic, or struggling to find parking.

“We are very excited to provide our Veterans access to care in ways that don’t detract from their daily lives. Using readily available technology that many of us carry in our pockets is a significant step forward to meeting our mission of providing the best care possible for the men and woman that served our Country” said medical center Director, Walt Dannenberg.

While we are still providing care to those Veterans that need a face to face encounter, they are limited to those with a higher risk if services are postponed. VA Long Beach Healthcare System makes the health and safety of each veteran and our staff a top priority and utilization of online platforms for care can drastically decrease the number of patients in the hospital, which can inturn slow the spread of COVID-19. Interview’s/Demos with Subject Matter experts including Veterans are available

The article above was released by the VA Long Beach Healthcare System.