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Young Kim polls even with Gil Gisneros in close CA-39 Congressional race

In a poll conducted by top national research firm, Public Opinions Strategies on behalf of Young Kim for Congress and the National Republican Congressional Committee, Former Assemblywoman Young Kim is in a virtual tie with incumbent freshman Democrat Congressman Gil Cisneros. The survey showed likely voters were evenly split on the initial ballot with Young Kim receiving 45% to Cisneros’ 47% with 8% remaining undecided. The results put the race for the 39th District squarely within the polls ±4.9% margin of error.

While the head to head match up remains a statistical tie and both candidates hold near universal name identification, Young Kim holds a significant advantage in how voters view her candidacy. Cisneros is struggling to keep his image above water with 35% of those polled viewing him favorably and 31% unfavorably (+4). Kim enjoys a nearly 2:1 favorability rating with 41% favorable and 23% unfavorable (+18).

Sam Oh, General Consultant for Young Kim for Congress, pointed to Cisneros’ record as a vulnerability with voters.

“Gil Cisneros has shown no leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, instead marching in lockstep with his party, regularly breaking his promises to voters, and his record clearly shows he is nothing but a hyperpartisan voice in Washington. This poll clearly shows voters in the 39th district are fed up. Young Kim has proven she is the common sense leader they can trust to get results for those Gil has left behind.”

Young Kim also holds a distinct advantage in fundraising as the election reaches its final stretch. The Hill, who reported on the polls release, noted that the tight race is being closely watched by party committees on both sides and while the competing campaigns have comparable cash on hand, Kim’s campaign nearly doubled Cisneros in 2nd quarter fundraising.

Read the complete polling memo here (pdf).

The article above was released by Young Kim for Congress.


  1. #walkaway from the Democratic Party — I did and I am glad I did. I haven’t felt this free in a long time. There is no dialogue in the Democratic Party just alot of toxicity. Your not allowed to ask questions or you are shut down and ridiculed. These guys keep saying Trump is a Homophobe, Xenophobe, Racist —- Really???? I researched it and it is the opposite. Trump supported the Rainbow Coalition Jesse Jackson. Trump was dating a black model at the time and Jesse Jackson gave Trump a award for his works in the black community. Do your research and you will find out that the Democrats are the founders of the KKK, Planned Parenthood, Jim Crow Laws, etc……… The Democrats want to keep blacks in chains for their votes every 2 and 4 years. I got the hell off the Democratic Plantation and never looking back.

  2. This November, I’ll be voting Biden/Cisneros.

  3. The only reason Young Kim did not beat Cisneos last time around was voter harvesting – which is illegal in most states. She was ahead by quite a bit on election night and days later hundreds of ballots showed up. The Democrats will do anything to win.

    1. I don’t know about that. I always vote absentee ballot bc I don’t want to take the risk that I’ll get held up at work and miss the poll. I wanted to vote for Kim, for my own self interest, but last cycle I felt it was important to put morals above my financial interest and vote blue so the “blue wave” would signal to Trump that his rhetoric and “policy” of separating children from their parents and putting them in cages is unacceptable. It didn’t work. I’ll vote for Kim and Biden in November.

      1. Now let me see. You wanted to hold Trump accountable for “Kids in Cages.” If you are true to that same reasoning, you are voting for Trump because it was Obama (and thus Biden) who built those cages, not President Trump. Fact Check that one before you vote.

  4. The Socialists on the Left are running the Democratic party! THEY are the rioters and looters! We need to elect Young Kim and bring back decent, family American values! Everything the Socialist Dems and Gil Cisneros touch turns to cr*p!

    I’m a Hispanic and I did NOT Vote for Cisneros last time. Vote for Republican Young Kim and help save our country!!

  5. If you like what is happening in Democrat-led cities such as Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, keep voting for Democrats like Gil Cisneros. If you want the United Stated to become a cesspool similar to Venezuela, vote for Democrats like Gil Cisneros.

    If you believe in the U.S. Constitution, VOTE REPUBLICAN! Vote for Young Kim!

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