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Letter to the Editor: Harley Rouda’s big money backers

Harley Rouda likes to play himself as the people’s candidate backed by small donations from loyal constituents. On his Facebook and Twitter accounts, he accuses his opponent Michelle Steel of being beholden to big money.

However, history and even the current numbers paint a different picture. Back in 2018, the 48th district became the most expensive congressional race in history, due in large part to the Rouda campaign receiving a $4,000,000 donation from Michael Bloomberg. Back in January of this year, Rouda returned the favor by endorsing Mike Bloomberg for president.

Furthermore, the current donation numbers indicate that 8.89% of Rouda’s fundraising originates from small-dollar donations while 10.99% of Michelle’s donations are from small-dollar donors. That means Michelle has 1.2 times more grassroots donations than Harley Rouda.

If Rouda wins re-election, it will be important to see how he votes on matters involving UC Irvine, the Walt Disney Company, and Newkirk Enterprises. Each organization donated $20,000 to his re-election campaign. If four million buys an endorsement, I’m sure those donations buy at least a vote or two.

Samuel Braun
Fountain Valley


  1. Rouda is a part of the going extinct moderate democrat party. The socialist communist’s like AOC, Illan Omar, Sanders, Harris own the Democratic Party now. The District 1 Black Caucus Representative of the United States member from St. Louis just lost in his Primary to a Socialist Communist. His dad was the founder of the Black Caucus in the 1960’s. Between his dad and himself they had 50 plus years in the House of Representatives of the United States. Even Democrats want change to a more socialist communist platform because they don’t see any change in the inner cities. So much for love within the Democrat Party. Lol. Vote for Michelle Steel .

  2. A vote for a Demcrat is a vote for chaos. I guess Rouda is for chaos, because he isn’t for our conservative values such as law and order.

    He says on his web page he is for Obamacare but has no suggestions how to fix it, which I asked him just before he was elected at the Huntington Beach Yact Club. I was asked to leave before I got an answer. To date, he hasn’t fixed it.

    I recommend Michelle Steel his Republican foe. Check her out on MichelleSteel.com, tells her values and ideas for improvement from Democrat chaos.

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  3. #walkaway from Democratic Party — I did. They lie, cheat and destroy the USA to hold onto their power.

  4. Rouda has been very hypocritical with his stand on House H.R.1 (For the People Act of 2019) which was an ethics bill that, among other things, called for so-called dark money groups to disclose who they donated their money to. Similarly, required recipents to disclose their dark money sources. Rouda won’t call out the dark money groups currently supporting him. Also, Rouda promised voters he wouldn’t take PAC money, but he still is.

    For example, PAC to the Future — a bundler for money form all manner of coprorations — gave $10,000 to Rouda’s campaign not disclosed.

    H.R.1 also bars members of Congress from serving on the boards of for-profit entities. Despite the fact that Rouda was a co-sponsor of the bill within a week of taking office in January 2019, he maintained seats on four corporate boards for months before stepping down.

    Source: https://www.thedailybeast.com/house-freshman-backs-conflicts-of-interest-billthen-sheds-his-own-conflicts

  5. All you have to do is watch or read the news to see that the Democratic Party has become the Marxist Party. Do you hear Rep Ronda condemning the BLM/Antifa violence? No!!! Do
    You hear Rep Ronda condemning Gov Newsom’s release of convicted criminals? No!!!

    Voting Democrat in November means you want the United States to become like a banana republic where thugs rule cities. You have to vote Republican up and down the ticket – unless you like the violence and want it to come here.

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