Los Alamitos celebrates its Police Department with special lunch

Katella Deli provided an enticing array of desserts for the Los Alamitos Police Appreciation event. Photo by Katie Wiedel.

Officers of the Los Alamitos Police Department were treated to a special lunch from Maderas Steakhouse on August 11 as part of Orange County Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. The meal, organized by the Los Alamitos Area Chamber of Commerce, was sponsored by SoCalGas, with additional desserts from Katella Deli.

The lunch included steak, vegetables, and bread delivered by Art Garcia, the owner of Maderas, who also brought his own special cheesecake usually served with holiday meals he provides to patients at the VA Hospital in Long Beach every year.

The hearty lunch and plentiful desserts were enough to ensure no officer would be leaving the room hungry.

Art Garcia of Maderas carries in meals-to-go. Shown with Art Garcia with her back to the camera, Toni Hauger of Los Alamitos Chamber of Commerce. Photo by Katie Wiedel.

The event was held in the Los Alamitos City Council Chambers, with the normal seating replaced with temporary tables and the doors thrown open to allow plentiful ventilation.

Both Mayor Richard Murphy and Chief of Police Eric Nuñez gave words of appreciation and recognition to the hard working men and women of the Los Alamitos Police Department, as well as thanks to the community for supporting them during this current difficult time.

Also mentioned were the members of the community who organized protests in support of the police on Los Alamitos Boulevard in the past few months.

Councilmembers Dean Grose and Tanya Doby were also on hand to show their support for the Police Department.

Representatives of SoCalGas set up a table outside the City Council Chamber to hand out free travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizer, branded bandanas, and other small giveaways.

Update (8/12/20): Thanks to the Los Alamitos Chamber of Commerce for additional information – Desserts provided by Katella Bakery were paid for by SoCalGas. A local chapter of the Republican Women Federated will be bringing over a couple of gift cards from Polly’s Pies. Precious Life Shelter provided some goodies earlier that morning. Charles Landon from Landon HR took a bunch of Starbucks gift cards over the day before. The rest of the food during the week will be provided by the following:

  • Wednesday is Nick’s Deli (sponsored by Susan Morales of Los Alamitos Medical Center)
  • Thursday is Brew Kitchen Ale House (Dean and Wendy Grose)
  • Friday is California Cocina (CI Solutions- Mark Cole and family)
Southern California Gas Company was a major sponsor for the Los Alamitos Police Appreciation event. Photo by Katie Wiedel.

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  1. Thank you to all law enforcement… you are very much appreciated. Those of us who appreciate the men and women in blue are stronger than those seeking to destroy our great country.

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