New pick-up locations for Lyft, Uber, and Wingz at John Wayne Airport are all on Level 3, one each in Parking Structures A2, B2 and C.

Board of Supervisors approves fixed base operators for John Wayne Airport

At the August 11, 2020 Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting Board voted to approve of fixed base operators to operate in the general aviation area at John Wayne Airport.

“I want to thank all the community members, organizations, stakeholders and everyone who has provided their unique perspectives and insights throughout this process,” said Chairwoman Steel. “It is because of everyone’s contributions that we have been able to come to these conclusions for 35-year leases that will shape the future of John Wayne Airport in a positive manner.”

Consistent with community and airport commission recommendations, Clay Lacy Aviation was selected for the North West Full Service FBO, ACI Jet was selected for the North East Full Service FBO, and Jay’s Aviation was selected for the Southwest Limited Service FBO.

All leases will be restricted to Chairwoman Steel’s directive, passed by the Board in 2019, and will – for the first time at John Wayne Airport – restrict the majority of the General Aviation Area to small planes and light general aviation. With these restrictions, 34.6 acres of the total 60.2 acre general aviation area will be solely for planes under a 49-foot wingspan or not exceeding 12,500 pounds, based on FAA regulations which define these sizes of planes as “Aircraft Design Group 1” and “small aircraft,” respectively. The leases before the Board will not open the door to larger planes. They will – for the first time – limit the size of planes in the majority of the general aviation area.

Chairwoman Steel introduced a motion to adopt City of Newport Beach and community group recommendations on operating hours, hanger space utilization, and public accountability. The board ultimately decided to delay discussion on this motion and fold it into the lease negotiation process.

“I am dedicated to achieving our community’s goals to reduce noise and pollution, limit operation hours, and build out the light general aviation area with individual hangars consistent with the existing mix of planes.” added Chairwoman Steel.

This article was released by the Office of Orange County Chairwoman Michelle Steel.