Michelle Steel

Statement from Michelle Steel on Uber likely halting service due to AB5

“It is beyond mind boggling as we battle a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, that our elected officials in Sacramento are enforcing a bill that is driving one of our county and state’s major employers to halt service.

“As AB5 pushes companies like Uber to the brink, putting jobs and income on the line for our citizens, here in Orange County Congressman Harley Rouda remains silent while actually supporting a federalized version of this jobs-killing legislation Washington.

“AB5 is an unmitigated disaster and the consequences of its passage are doing what we’ve been saying – forcing thousands out of work and adding another crushing blow to our economy. It must be repealed immediately.”

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.


  1. #walkaway from the Democratic Party — It should have been labeled runaway.

  2. This is just part one of the ultimate goal of sticking it to all independent contractors so study the ballot coming up in November this is just the beginning of the control the left wants

  3. AB5 is a travesty. It has forced all freelancers (not just Uber & Lyft drivers) to lose their means of support. It is also driving an underground economy where no taxes are paid at all. Small businesses working from home have lost jobs & contracts and the ability to earn a living. AB5 was passed to appease liberal unions that the Democrat politicians rely on for mega political donations. Vote REPUBLICAN to get rid of the super majority stranglehold the liberal left Democrats have in Sacramento.

  4. Hi Michelle – thank you for continuing to fight against AB5.
    I feel it should be repealed.
    I am one of many Independent Contractors who lost their
    jobs as a result of not enough forethought of Ms. Lorena Gonzales when she put forth a bill that she said, “Would start a conversation.” With her 6-figure tax-payer salary – running people out of business who pay her salary, she can have such a, “Oh it doesn’t matter” attitude because she has money to spend and food to eat.
    It isn’t for “government” to tell independent business’ that they “must” pay employees a certain wage and benefits, when it is the companies who “know” their bottom-line dollars they can spend and stay afloat.
    The Uber and Lyft drivers signed on as Independent Contractors, knowing full-well they weren’t about to receive benefits… as did all of the Independent Contractors in my
    fields of endeavor.
    Please seek to repeal AB5 for all of the workers it has destroyed.
    Thanks for you tireless work Michelle; we appreciate you.

  5. Ms. Steel
    You forgot to mention the reasons behind Uber stopping service until after the November election. Uber and Lyft for years have abused their drivers by not abiding to signed and agreed contracts, deactivation without cause , applying price reductions to remain competitive with one another and drivers taking the loss in earnings. Uber and Lyft have never taken less than their 30% , amoung other deceptive businesses practices , the list goes on and on. Both companies were sued prior to AB5 and promised to work with drivers and become more transparent. Again this promise was short lived and the abuse continued, Please do not make Uber or Lyft to be the victim. They certainly are not. Both companies are active
    in spending millions for autonomous vehicle implementation and Uber has been on a shopping spree buying up companies to expand most recent Postmates . But yet they cannot afford to pay their drivers a fare wage? Its time for both companies to know they are not above the law and the abuse of their drivers will no longer be tolerated. AB 5 DOES NOT NEED TO BE REPEALED . ITS THE LAW AND OUR STATE GOVERNMENT WILL ENFORCE IT. Until UBER / LYFT can provide an environment that allows for far and equal treatment to all their employees they do not need to be in business in California

    1. You must be paid off by the union goons just like the corrupt legislators. Repeal AB5.

    2. You must be new here. AB 5 affects a whole lot more than Uber drivers. If you want laws that help Uber drivers, go to your lawmakers and tell them to figure out how to write a law that affects Uber drivers, not 300+ unrelated freelance professions. Unless that happens, AB 5 is going to be repealed, because there is too much resistance to it on both sides of the aisle.

  6. AB 5 is the icing on the cake regarding liberal lunacy in Sacramento. If you want to stop the violence in Democrat controlled cities that could easily escalate into our neighborhoods and want to stop idiocy bills like AB 5, please vote Republican. Let’s get Michelle Steel to DC …

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