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Legislative Republicans fight for all students to receive an equal education

Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) and Senator Ling Ling Chang (R-Diamond Bar) recently delivered a letter to Governor Newsom warning him that the state budget passed in June is negatively impacting students in growing public schools and charter schools by preventing them from receiving proper state funding during this health crisis. Growing public school districts and charter schools are considered some of California’s best-performing schools. This state budget starves them of funding which means fewer opportunities for parents to choose the right education for their students.

Signed by legislative Republicans, the letter requested the Governor address the disparity to ensure that all students are treated fairly and their civil right to free public education is not violated. Click here to read the letter signed by legislative Republicans.

In June, California Democrats passed Senate Bill 98, the education budget trailer bill which did not prioritize the interests of all students. The Governor signed SB 98 and acknowledged the shortcomings of this legislation in a letter addressed to the California State Senate. Click here to read the Governor’s June 29 letter.

“Senate Republicans will always advocate for parents to ensure their students are treated fairly. At a time when education is rapidly transforming, we should be doing everything we can to support growing schools, charter students, and expanding parental educational choice. Funding disparities lead to unequal educational outcomes. Republicans choose our parents and students over politics,” said Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove.

“As a result of the recent budget, underrepresented communities and low-income students are being turned away from high performing schools. We have a moral and constitutional obligation to provide the best education possible to all students,” said Senator Ling Ling Chang who also serves as a member of the Senate Education Committee.

This article was released by the California Senate Republicans.