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Letter to the Editor: Riots and Harley Rouda

Dear Editor:

I have seen videos of the brutal, life threatening beatings of bystanders by the rioters in Seattle and Portland. They have made me ill.

I have also heard calls for President Trump “to do something” about the violence. President Trump’s hands are tied by the Constitution. The Federal Government cannot take action unless either the state or local elected officials ask for aid or the president declares the riots to be a national emergency and nationalizes the state’s National Guard.

Both Washington and Oregon states have Democrat Governors and Democrat mayors who refuse to ask for help as their cities are being destroyed and citizens maimed.

I have several questions for Congressman Harley Rhouda. Do you think that President Trump should have intervened in the riots? If the riots from LA start to spill over into your district, will you support President Trump in helping quell the riots? If not, what is your plan for helping protect those that voted to elect you?

In other words, will you put the safety of voters in your district before the partisan support you have given Nancy Pelosi during your first term?

George A. Kuck, Ph.D.
Major, USAF Retired


  1. The Democratic Mayor’s and Governors don’t want the Federal government in Portland and Seattle. These are Democratic controlled cities where the violence and looting and killings are happening. Look at Chicago and New York — same thing happening in Democratic run cities. The crime rates and killings are going through the roof. Trump said just let him know and the National Guard will be sent in and shut down the violence in one day. Vote Trump 2020.

  2. Democrats are the founders of the KKK, Jim Crow Laws, Planned Parenthood, etc……. they are the true racists. The communists are taking over the Democratic Party with AOC, Ilhan Omar, etc….. talk about racist. They are anti-semitic in the speeches. Moderate Democrats like Rouda vote in cadence with Omar because the radical left are the shot callers of the Democratic Party now. Vote Trump 2020.

  3. I called his office and was told he has no statement on violence in Portland or defending the police. He is weak and needs to go. He does not have the bravery to defy the democrats and support police and normal tax payers. He ran as a centrist but he is not.

  4. I have seen videos of the brutal, life threatening beatings of unarmed bystanders, including Press and a Wall of Moms by Federal Secret Police in Seattle and Portland. They have made me ill. I have seen people hustled into unmarked cars by unidentified and unbadged para-military forces. I have seen young adults tasered in their cars.
    I have seen enough to know that the Republicans and their Dear Leader should be removed from office.

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