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Coyote encounter in Cypress on Friday

According to Coyote Cacher, someone had a Close Entcounter of the Nippy Kind with a coyote on Friday on Grindlay Street near St. Irenaeus Parish School.

Although it did not appear to be sick, the coyote bit the person reporting the incident.

No other details are available.

Update on Thursday, August 26

The City of Cypress systematically followed up on the above report. This afternoon, they sent the following updated information to Orange County Breeze:

We spoke to both OC Animal Care and the Department of Fish & Wildlife this morning regarding the possible coyote incident that occurred on Friday 8/21. DFW has been investigating the incident and working with Dr. Niamh Quinn of UC Irvine who was able to confirm today that no coyote bite occurred. Dr. Quinn leads up the University of California research project that created and monitors the CoyoteCacher website.

The woman was walking in the area of Grindlay St and Vista Del Sol and indicated in her report that she did not want her information shared with any local animal services agencies, so Dr. Quinn contacted her directly to follow up on the report and get additional information. The woman explained to Dr. Quinn that she was out for a walk with her two-year old child when they saw a coyote. In response, she picked up her child and ran. The coyote did not chase nor display any aggressive behavior toward them and left the area without incident. Dr. Quinn and the DFW have determined that this incident was a general sighting at large and that the animal exhibited natural behavior and does not pose a safety threat. DFW has closed their case on this matter.

The City should be commended for its diligence.