featured graphic for campaign of Stacy Lynn Taylor for Metropolitan Water District of Orange County, District 4, during COVID-19

Stacy Lynne Taylor, 20-Year HB resident, to run for Municipal Water District OC

Stacy Lynn Taylor. Courtesy photo.
Stacy Lynn Taylor. Courtesy photo.

Stacy Lynne Taylor is running to serve on the Board of Directors for the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC). She is running for MWDOC’s Division 4 seat, representing her hometown of Huntington Beach, and the communities of Seal Beach, Costa Mesa, and a portion of Newport Beach. Ms. Taylor will be on the November 3rd general election ballot.

A 20-year Huntington Beach resident and former businesswoman, Stacy is the Water Policy Manager at Mesa Water District (Mesa Water®), in Costa Mesa, where she has worked for over ten years. Stacy knows that high-quality, low-cost water is essential for Orange County’s economy, environment, and quality of life.

“I will fight for all Orange County families and businesses to receive pure, affordable, plentiful drinking water now and always,” says Ms. Taylor. She continued, “I would be honored to improve water for our communities and serve all of Orange County on the MWDOC Board.”

The MWDOC Board is a policy-making entity that has countywide responsibility for administering the transfer of surface water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Met) — headquartered in downtown Los Angeles — to all of Orange County. Met imports surface water from the Colorado River and Northern California.

As a dedicated water policy professional, Stacy plans to use her water industry experience — along with her economics education, and public information background — to advocate for fair water rates, positively impact MWDOC’s transparency, and protect Orange County’s water rights and resilience.

Stacy’s goals in office are to improve Orange County’s water sustainability by:

  • advocating for Orange County to receive grant funding for vital water infrastructure;
  • increasing emergency planning to protect the community’s health and clean water access during crises; and,
  • enhancing Orange County’s water quality and supply resilience while keeping costs low.

Resulting from her water policy work, Stacy has strong bipartisan relationships with elected representatives at the local, regional, state, and federal levels. Stacy has also been actively involved with a variety of local community organizations.

Due to her water experience and community commitment, Stacy is endorsed by many elected city and water district officials who recognize her effectiveness, leadership, and teamwork. For more information about Stacy’s qualifications, go to VoteStacyLynneTaylor.com.

This article was released by Stacy Taylor for MWDOC 4 Director 2020.


  1. Can we stop putting retirees into government positions? Fill these seats with young blood please Orange County.

  2. Just what the country needs, more white privileged elders manning local government.

    Get seniors out of politics NOW. The future should be decided by those who will be living it, not rich old folks looking to secure their power and financing.

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