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Young Kim releases first TV ad highlighting Cisneros’ broken promises

Young Kim for Congress released its first television ad of the election cycle highlighting Gil Cisneros’ broken promises to the people of the 39th District. The ad titled “Deceived”, centers around Cisneros’ pledges to be a moderate Representative, not to take PAC contributions, and to oppose Nancy Pelosi’s run for Speaker of the House. In each instance, Gil Cisneros put his interests ahead of his constituents’ and broke his promise almost immediately upon taking office.

“Deceived” puts the race for the 39th Congressional District in stark terms. In November, voters have to choose between untrustworthy politician Gil Cisneros, who broke promises to voters as soon as he had the chance and Young Kim who has a career as a trusted leader fighting for the community and working in a bipartisan way to get real results.

The ad focuses on three areas where Gil Cisneros told voters one thing and did another.

Two years ago, Gil Cisneros promised he’d oppose Nancy Pelosi for Speaker…
then elected Pelosi Speaker with his very first vote.

Cisneros promised us he’d be independent…
then voted with Pelosi one hundred percent of the time.

Mega-millionaire Gil Cisneros even promised he’d reject PAC donations…
then took a million dollars from PACs.

Gil Cisneros deceived us, just to get elected.
Because Gil Cisneros puts his interests over ours.

View the full ad here.

This article was released by Young Kim for Congress.

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  1. Cisneros is a extinct “moderate” democrat that is going to be replaced by a communist socialist like Ilhan Omar, AOC and the lists keeps growing. Look at Saint Louis District 1 House of Representative Democrat Primary— 50 years of Democrat Black Caucus family (dad and son) voted out to have a riot protester Democrat Progressive Communist Representative instead. The inner cities where the Democrats have had their Democratic Plantations are now going to Communist Democratic representatives because the Black Caucus and Moderate Democrats never delivers the people living in these inner cities out of their plight. The Radical Left are taking over the Democratic Party. They are coming so close in each of these Democrat primaries to get rid of the “moderate” Democrat. Vote Trump 2020 if you like freedom, constitution, and having a job in the USA.

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