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Afraid of her own record, Young Kim’s first ad traffics in falsehoods and lies

Just days after Young Kim lied about Cisneros’ whereabouts — implying he was on recess when in fact he was presiding over U.S. House floor debate to help save the Postal Service — Young Kim is again seeking to deceive voters in an attempt to distract from her deeply unpopular agenda.

Fact: Cisneros an independent leader

While career politician Young Kim might be used to following the orders of her party’s leaders, Cisneros has blazed his own trail in Congress.

Cisneros made a pledge to call for new leadership and new voices within the Democratic Party. Along with several of his colleagues, he was able to secure a commitment from the Speaker on term limits for leadership positions that will help lift up new and diverse voices and bring about new leadership in the Democratic Caucus.

As the LA Times reported, “Cisneros has taken a different route…avoiding picking sides in the party’s political divide and focusing largely on local issues”

The US Chamber of Commerce awarded Cisneros it’s inaugural Abraham Lincoln Leadership for America award, which “recogniz[es] members of Congress who demonstrate the bipartisan leadership and constructive governing necessary to move our country forward.”

Fact: Cisneros is the ONLY candidate in this race serious about getting money out of politics

Young Kim’s claims about corporate PAC money are laughable where she’s been a major recipient of money from the oil and gas industries.

Cisneros has never accepted a dime of corporate PAC money, and has always stood by his pledge. Meanwhile, Young Kim has raked in corporate PAC money from Big Banks, Big Oil, and Big Pharma.

Cisneros supported HR 1, the For the People Act, landmark legislation to reduce the role of money in our politics. Cisneros is the only candidate with a plan to reduce the role of money in politics and is walking the walk by refusing corporate PAC money. Cisneros has also been endorsed by End Citizens United, the leading group in the country dedicated to getting big money out of politics.

This article was released by Cisneros for Congress.

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