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Letter to the Editor: Harley Rouda hires violent criminal to stalk political opponent

One of the scariest things for a woman is to be stalked, especially if you know your stalker has strangled his former wife and has multiple charges of violence. That is exactly what Chairwoman Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel who is running for Congress has to deal with after her political opponent, incumbent Harley Rouda hired Victor Valladares to be a “campaign tracker.” A campaign tracker in the vernacular is a paid job to follow, intimidate, and harass in hopes of catching a slip up in an opponent’s actions.

Rouda, who is a Democrat flaunts about social justice on Twitter, yet this is how he treats women? Victor Valladares has a clear history of resisting arrest, failing to appear in court, child endangerment charges, and etc. He is a violent criminal who should be off our streets, not given a job that obviously jeopardizes the safety of Mrs. Steel.

Brandon Nguyen
Santa Ana


  1. Rouda will allow the Communists of his Democratic Party to take over city councils, DA offices, city mayors, city government — Look at Portland, Seattle, Chicago , Washington D.C. , New York City, ….. The police are the bad guys AND the rioters and looters and thugs (“peaceful protestors”) are the good guys according to the Democratic Run Cities. So evil is good AND good is evil according to these Democratic Communists. Vote Rouda out because he is Democratic Communist because he votes like one in the House of Representatives. Vote Michelle Steel and Donald J. Trump 2020.

  2. Defund and get rid of Rouda—- Not the Police. Democratic party didn’t say anything about the riots until the polls starting revealing that people don’t like riots in their cities. Democrats never mentioned riots in their DNC. Democrats stated that they were peaceful protestors in Seattle, Portland, Washington D.C., New York while buildings and cars are burning in the background and looters filling their cars with stolen merchandise. Their reasoning is that these businesses have insurance to cover everything. Really??? Everybody will have to cover these riots when everybodies insurance goes up. Vote Trump 2020 unless you want the 2020 Democrat Communist party of AOC, Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib to take over the government and get rid of democracy.

  3. This dude Victor is BAD NEWS. He’s part of the “reconquista” anti-white movement. He was waving a mexican flag at a Huntington Beach city council meeting one night and hanging out with a guy who said california belongs to Mexico.
    And harley is neck deep with this violent radical. he was part of the Democrat election team.

  4. Pam Writes:
    It’s fake news!!
    Michelle Steel is worthless, only wants for her self. Is prejudiced. Shel do the same as Dana Rohbacher which is absolutely nothing. Has gone against the CDC recommendations. Wants a paycheck while doing NOTHING for her people!!!

    Pam, you owe it to yourself to look into the two candidates more thoroughly. I did and I found Rouda to be glaringly inadequate. Like you, I thought Rohrabacher was getting too comfortable in his job and we perhaps needed a replacement. When Rouda was elected, I began following him and found that he has done virtually NOTHING for us in is first term. He pledged to represent us as a moderate Democrat yet he has voted with Pelosi 100% of the time and AOC 92% of the time. Given that a lot of the Houses activities were consumed by hearings into the so-called Russia Collusion and Trump’s impeachment over a phone call, there was not a lot of time for the House to get anything done — for us.

    What little time they did have left was put into such partisan activities as HR 2474 which was a labor bill denying people the right to work without joining a union and to do contract or “at will” work. This bill, supported and worked on by Rouda mimics the AB5 bill, disallows contract work as well.

    I could go on with such things as Rouda’s hesitance to report where he gets his “dark money” from or the fact that he chose to relax on a private beach with friends when Gavin Newsom shut down OC beaches and told us we had to stay indoors over labor day.

    Oh, and NONE of this is fake news! If you like, I can provide references and articles bearing all this out!

    He is just another Dem pol following the lead of Nancy Pelosi who does not give a rat’s fanny for his constituents. If you did not like Rohrabacher, you should NOT vote for Rouda.

    You compare him fairly to Michelle Steel — the chairwoman of the OC Supervisors — whose daily efforts at saving us taxes and sparing us from onerous government and you find that she is the better choice by far.

  5. Mr Nguyen (writing above) is absolutely correct to be concerned about Mr Rouda’s hiring of Valladares. Apparently neither Rouda nor his staff took the time to vet him. A search of publicly accessible records reveals Victor Valladares’ record to veritable hit parade of charges and convictions:

    o Repeat DUIs
    o Resisting Arrest
    o Failure to appear in Court
    o Child abuse and endangerment charges
    o Multiple accounts of domestic abuse

    These domestic abuse accounts include: strangling his ex-wife to the point that neighbors had to restrain him until police arrived, pushing her down a flight of stairs breaking her back, and striking her in the her teeth with a coffee mug. The District Attorney of Orange County charged Valladares in Superior Court with child abuse and endangerment as well as domestic violence. There are also reports of sexual and mental cruelty in addition to these charges.

    Significantly, Valladares conduct and reputation was so odious that the Democratic Party of Orange County removed him as a vice chairperson of their organization back in May of this year.

    If Rouda runs a staff whose lack of oversight is this bad, one only wonders how shoddy the rest of his work on our behalf is. Clearly Michelle Steel — whose work as chairperson of the Orange County Board of Supervisors — is always tireless and on display — is a much sounder choice to represent us in Congress.

  6. Fake news is when the Democratic Party says that their party isn’t being taking over by the Radical Left. Communist Ilhan Omar kick Phyllis Kahn out of office after 45 years of doing nothing for her Democratic constituents. Communist AOC kicked out Joe Crowley. Communist Jamaal Brown just kicked out Eliot Engel after 31 years of doing nothing in Washington D.C. , Communist Cori Bush (St. Louis District 1) just kicked out honorable William Lacy Clay after 50 years of doing nothing for his constituents in St. Louis. And the lists of Communists taking “moderate” Democrats seats in the House of Representatives are growing. It is the moderate Democrats own fault. People are turning to Communists for results. So much for Love within the Democratic Party— the new Communist Party of the USA. Vote Trump 2020.

  7. Democrat Party is the founders of the KKK, Jim Crow laws, etc………. so it is not surprising that Rouda will hire a stalker to harrass Michelle Steel. These Democratic Moderates are being taken out one by one by the more radical communist members of their own Democratic Party such as AOC, Ilhan Omar in their own Democrat primaries. Look are St. Louis District One — Democratic Black Caucus member was taken out by a rioter leader Democratic Communist member of the Democratic Party . The Communists are taking over the Democrats. So much for love within their own party. AOC said that if this was a different country she would not even be in the same party as Biden. The Left Progressives hate Biden, Obama and Clinton. They have to pince their nose to even thinking of voting for Biden. They will only vote for Biden in hopes to take over the Democratic Party for themselves. Vote Trump 2020.

  8. It’s fake news!!
    Michelle Steel is worthless, only wants for her self. Is prejudiced. Shel do the same as Dana Rohbacher which is absolutely nothing. Has gone against the CDC recommendations. Wants a paycheck while doing NOTHING for her people!!!

  9. Cong Harley Rouda is one of the reasons a Democrat friend is voting Republican this year. She isn’t switching parties but is going to vote Republican and sees what happens if Republicans are in charge. She is afraid that what is happening in other cities with Democrats in charge will come here since California has too many socialist living politicians.

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