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Michelle Steel for Congress launches television ad campaign with “Talking”

This week, the Michelle Steel for Congress campaign released their first television advertisement of the campaign cycle. The ad, titled “Talking” focuses on Michelle Steel’s impressive record delivering results for Orange County throughout her career. The ad hints that Harley Rouda has become a do-nothing Washington politician with little record of standing up for Orange County.

The ad highlights some of Michelle Steel’s key accomplishments during her time as a public servant, including returning over $400,000,000 to taxpayers, leading Orange County’s COVID-19 response, and standing up to Communist China to return American jobs. Put simply, Steel is letting her impressive record do the talking.

“Our first ad isn’t complicated because Michelle’s record delivering meaningful results for this community is consistent and impressive,” stated general consultant Sam Oh. “Meanwhile our opponent has made it clear he has no record of accomplishments and no solutions to the biggest issues facing Orange County voters, and that’s why he’s busy playing political games and tweeting divisive and partisan rhetoric straight out of the DCCC’s national playbook. It’s clear, Rouda doesn’t understand results matter more than ever for this community. Luckily voters have another choice this November: Michelle Steel, a candidate whose record does the talking.”

Most people running for office have slick TV ads, others let their record do the talking.

Michelle Steel took on Sacramento and returned $400,000,000 to taxpayers.

Michelle Steel delivered on Coronavirus.

She’ll stand strong against do-nothing Washington politicians, and take on Communist China, bringing back jobs.

Watch the full ad here.

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.


  1. Absolutely correct!

    When Rouda was elected, I began following him and found that he has done virtually NOTHING for us in is first term. He pledged to represent us as a moderate Democrat yet he has voted with Pelosi 100% of the time and AOC 92% of the time. Given that a lot of the Houses activities were consumed by hearings into the so-called Russia Collusion and Trump’s impeachment over a phone call, there was not a lot of time for the House to get anything done — for us.

    What little time they did have left was put into such partisan activities as HR 2474 which was a labor bill denying people the right to work without joining a union and to do contract or “at will” work. This bill, supported and worked on by Rouda mimics the AB5 bill, disallows contract work as well.

    I could go on with such things as Rouda’s hesitance to report where he gets his “dark money” from or the fact that he chose to relax on a private beach with friends when Gavin Newsom shut down OC beaches and told us we had to stay indoors over labor day.

    He is just another Dem pol following the lead of Nancy Pelosi who does not give a rat’s fanny for his constituents. If you did not like Rohrabacher, you should NOT vote for Rouda.

    You compare him fairly to Michelle Steel — the chairwoman of the OC Supervisors — whose daily efforts at saving us taxes and sparing us from onerous government and you find that she is the better choice by far.

  2. Get rid of Democratic Communist Socialist Party Rouda — Party of AOC, Ilhan Omar , Cori Black, Jamaal Bowman, Ed Markey, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley all Democratic Party Communists. This group of Democrats are always yelling out their Anti- American rhetoric —- always trashing the USA in their speeches. A vote for Rouda is a vote to enable these communists because Rouda just bows down to the squad of Communists.

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