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Marketing and more: Exciting GOP thanks to Trumplicans!

The Republican National Convention has concluded with its uplifting theme of “Honoring the Great American Story.” Now the nation is officially in the final weeks of the 2020 election. From local to statewide to national office, Republicans are out campaigning. Those who win office, must show the same backbone fighting Marxist Democrat ideology that they do seeking campaign donations. That’s the only way to keep both America and the Republican Party great.

Some Republicans have spent the last few years hiding in their oak-walled Capitol Hill offices, venturing out for photo ops in the rotunda. Others act like Fox News contributors, repeating the same weathered promises about hearings that never happen.

All Republicans and especially those elected to office must stop being afraid to push back at liberal insanity. From supporting the unborn to the born to those in blue, Republicans must staunchly condemn anarchists who burn, loot and murder. When Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters shout, “defund the police” they are really shouting “defund the United States of America.”

Trumplicans want their elected officials to push back the way President Trump fights back, not whimper at the first sign of confrontation. Otherwise Trumplicans might walk away and start a new political party. In 1854, the Republican Party was founded by former Whig Party members who opposed the spread of slavery into western territories. Now it might be time to oppose the spread of RINOism – Republicans In Name Only.

RINOs must go

To keep Trumplicans with the Republican Party, RINOs must leave. The reason so many RINOs stay is because CNN and MSNBC prefer Republicans who bash “their” president. After all, there’s nothing special about Democrats criticizing President Trump. Perhaps RINOs can’t be stopped from registering as Republicans, but they should be stopped from being IN the Republican Party.

The newly formed Lincoln Project is the gathering place for RINOs. Its Never Trump members don’t just hate President Trump, they hate Trump supporters. Why would any Trumplican want to be in a Republican Party that has these folks in it?

Never Trumpers erroneously believe that if President Trump is defeated in November, they can spend the next four years recalibrating the Republican Party back to its globalist glory – and the MAGA base will follow along. A war here. A war there. A war everywhere!

In a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed Joel Kotkin, Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University, focused on a post-Trump era (starting in 2020 or 2024). Oblivious to the fact that President Trump’s enthusiastic base will NOT go back to the pre-Trump Grand Old Party mentality, Kotkin closed his misguided “The Way to Rebuild the Republican Party” commentary with –

The question is how quickly they can wipe it (Trump’s agenda) away and replace it with something that appeals broadly to most

What Never Trumpers like Kotkin and Lincoln Project members fail to comprehend is that President Trump appeals broadly to his millions of enthusiastic supporters. With or without a pandemic, they wait hours in all types of weather to hear him speak. They break records in “Trump flotillas.” They fly MAGA flags on their homes. They stand with appreciation for the national anthem. They keep “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. They ignore fictional claims of Russiagate, Ukrainegate, postalgate and all the other gates. With a gun on their hip and a MAGA hat on their head, they see Donald Trump as one of the few Republicans standing between democracy and socialism.

As President Trump said during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention:

Always Remember: they are coming after ME, because I am fighting for YOU.

Disregarding the unparalleled enthusiasm for President Trump, RINOs focus on misleading polls. But Americans (especially Republicans) aren’t telling pollsters their true views. A recent Cato Institute poll found:

Majorities of Democrats (52%), independents (59%) and Republicans (77%) all agree they have political opinions they are afraid to share.

Nigel Farage has frequently written about the abysmal polling done in 2016 for both Brexit (Great Britain leaving the European Union) and the U.S. presidential election. Looking at 2020 polling, Farage writes –

Given the hysteria of the last few months, I would argue that an even greater number of people may be scared to express any conservative beliefs on a wide range of topics, distorting the polls in the process.

Republicans need spines

When opportunities arise to show some spine, too many Republicans cower in fear. Feckless, they kneel, grovel, apologize, compromise or hide. One of many examples:

Rep. Ted Yoho (FL) supposedly cursed during an exchange with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Marxist Democrat. He denied saying it, but a few days later Yoho became a yo-yo by weakly folding and apologizing. If he didn’t say it, why apologize? AOC did not accept his apology, which made Rep. Yoho look even more pathetic.

Using destroyed statues to show the nation what socialism really means, Republicans should have stood by decapitated statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglass and declared that the Democrat-supported Black Lives Matter movement wants to decapitate the United States of America. Instead:

With major Democrat led cities engulfed in Black Lives Matter flames Sen. John Cornyn’s (TX) immediate focus was on making “Juneteenth” a federal holiday. Forget that our nation already combines the birthdays of our TWO outstanding presidents – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln – into ONE holiday. Cornyn eagerly wanted to add another federal day off with pay.

Piggybacking on that idea were Senators Ron Johnson (WI) and James Lankford (OK). They liked the “Juneteenth” federal holiday but wanted to avoid adding another paid federal holiday. They suggested dumping Columbus Day for Juneteenth Day. Obviously, Johnson and Lankford did the math: Italian Americans are 6 percent of the U.S. population while blacks are just over 13 percent.
We will see an example of what pushing back looks like when President Trump visits Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sept. 1 to meet with law enforcement to survey damage done by rioters (that the liberal media calls “peaceful demonstrators”).

This is the Trumplican Party!

Pushing back starts with a society built on law and order and respect for the police who truly are the thin blue line between safety and anarchy. It continues by embracing the unborn and born. Once the children are here it focuses on school choice as the only way to keep our youth educated – not indoctrinated. As part of that education, children are taught that as a welcoming nation of legal immigrants, the United States recognizes its historic blemishes, but remains proud of all that makes America great.

The base can’t do all the heavy lifting. Trumplicans want to elect and re-elect candidates that push back against cancel culture’s politically incorrect liberal insanity the way President Trump, Vice President Pence and some others do. With President Trump guiding the nation through January 2025, the next four years can be an exciting rebirth of the Republican Party with Trumplicans strengthening the Grand Old Party for an exuberant post-Trump world. Otherwise Trumplicans will look elsewhere for a principled party that truly values their enthusiasm, money and votes!


  1. Thanks for the great article, Robin. Keep up the good fight!

  2. Love the Rino’s must go and Republicans need spines section!!! You are absolutely right!!! Thanks!

  3. As always … spot on! It has been sad to see the decline of Republicans and their lack of spine. Thank God for Trump.

  4. Fantastic article mate

  5. Well said! RINOS’s must go!
    To add to this – For whatever reason, the Democrats & the never Trumpers cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that millions of reasonable, educated & working class people can be entirely supportive of President Trump and his policies to put the people of America first rather than the pandering Democrats who put identity politics above all else – even if it means looking the other way while their supporters destroy, loot, burn & murder to further their cause.

  6. Great article, Very encouraging- saying what needs to be said and widely shared,.

  7. Before President Trump, I was ready to go 3rd party because up until Trump, the Republican party had no b-lls. The Left has committed crime after crime and was running the head of their criminal empire for President, when she should have been heading to jail. AND she still won’t go away. The Obama’s need to take a hike as well.

  8. Great article!
    Miss seeing you at the LBRWF.

    1. Author

      Hello Barbara,
      Great to hear from you, but not sure how you can miss me! I am attending all the Long Beach RWF meetings and looking forward to the Sept. 12 breakfast with two outstanding speakers: Eric Early (running to replace Adam “pencil neck” Schiff) and Mark Meuser (who ran but lost in 2018 when he ran for secretary of state). See you on Sept. 12!

  9. Excellent analysis of the real politics that can not be denied! RINOS must go for the Republican Party to grow and continue and not whither on the vine!

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