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Steel for Congress announces Veterans for Michelle Coalition

Michelle Steel for Congress announced a growing coalition of more than 50 local veterans supporting her campaign to represent California’s 48th Congressional District in Congress. The Veterans for Michelle Coalition is based on Michelle’s strong commitment to veteran’s access to quality healthcare and employment opportunities.

“Michelle Steel is the obvious choice to represent Orange County in Washington. It is not just her strong platform, but that she has a tangible record supporting the policies and services that matter most to veterans,” stated Erik Peterson, Chair of Veterans for Steel. “Michelle has consistently delivered for veterans in this community – from improving health services to expanding housing opportunities. There is no doubt she will do the same for veterans in Congress.”

Brett Potts, a member of the coalition added, “I’m proud to be a voter and veteran backing Michelle this November. Elections have consequences and I know that by voting for Michelle, I am voting for the candidate that will always stand up for veterans and prioritize our healthcare, employment, and housing needs.”

Throughout her career, Michelle has a strong record of fighting for veteran services. She worked to open the Satellite Veterans Service office at Joint Forces Training Base-Los Alamitos, which has helped Veterans access services such as benefits, disability pension claims, and counseling. Michelle also has a record supporting veteran housing vouchers and hosting an annual hiring fair that specializes in veteran employment opportunities.

In Congress, Michelle has pledged to deliver quality and accessible medical care to veterans, along with working to improve housing affordability, create good paying jobs, and expand educational opportunities for the veterans in her district.

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.


  1. Vote for Michelle Steel unless you want to give up democracy and the life you are living now. The Communists are walking the halls of congress now with DEMOCRATIC House of Representatives Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, IIhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Jamaal Brown, Cori Black, etc…… and the list will keep growing. Rouda votes step by step with these Communists that will destroy the way we live today. These Democrats want to turn the USA into Communist Russia and China. Biden built up China to compete with the USA and doesn’t seem to have a problem with that at all. Especially when his son Hunter got paid well from China— millions of dollars while middle class American jobs were shipped off to China. Vote for Trump and Michelle Steel 2020. Keep America Great!

  2. I’m a veteran and I’m voting for Michelle Steel!

  3. If you believe in the United States of America and want to see the nation continue to succeed, you must vote for Michelle Steel. You must vote Republican!

    Otherwise the burning, looting and murder will be coming to more cities. Democrats did not say anything for more than three months about all the violence.

    The choice is jobs or mobs.

    VOTE REPUBLICAN! Michelle Steel would make us proud!

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