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Senate Republicans stand up for California families, push for equal funding for students

Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) and members of the California Senate Republican Caucus stood up for parents across the state to ensure all public school students are treated equally and receive the funding they need.

Senate Republicans opposed Senate Bill 820, a budget bill denying critical growth funding to non-classroom-based charter schools, which have always been an important option for families. As the governor’s shutdown reaches six months and many schools continue distance learning, non-classroom-based charter schools have become an even more significant choice for parents doing all they can to make sure their children keep up academically.

During a Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee hearing, Republican Senator Mike Morrell (Rancho Cucamonga) presented an amendment that would have granted funding to non-classroom-based charter schools, similar to funding granted to school districts and in-person charter schools experiencing attendance growth. Senate Democrats on the Budget Committee voted the amendment down.

“Non-classroom-based charter schools have played an important role in our state’s public education system and stepped up to the rapidly transforming needs of our students during this government-mandated shutdown. Instead of helping them to educate students, Senate Democrats are denying them of much-needed funding. I am grateful my fellow Republican colleague introduced this critical amendment and am deeply disappointed that Senate Democrats rejected the effort. California and our students deserve better,” said Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove.

“Democrats in Sacramento are picking winners and losers in our state’s public education system. Every student deserves a chance to succeed,” said Senator Mike Morrell. “The money should follow students regardless of where they go to school. California should not be penalizing families for opting to enroll their children in academic settings that best meet their needs, especially during this time.”


Earlier this month, Legislative Republicans warned Governor Newsom that the state budget passed in June is hurting families and students in growing public schools and charter schools. Click here to read the press release and letter delivered to the Governor.

Jeff Rice who is the Founder/Director of the Association of Personalized Learning Schools & Services (APLUS+) has written an Op-ed titled “State Education Funding Driven by Politics Not Children’s Needs” that is published in Fox & Hounds. Click here to read the Op-ed.

This article was released by the California State Senate Republican Caucus.