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CA Controller publishes 2019 payroll data for state government, superior courts, and CSU

State Controller Betty T. Yee published the 2019 self-reported payroll data for state departments, superior courts, and California State University (CSU) institutions on the Government Compensation in California website. The data cover more than 400,000 positions and approximately $24.54 billion in total wages.

Users of the site can view compensation levels on maps and search by region; narrow results by name of the entity or by job title; and export raw data or custom reports.

The newly published data were reported by 24 CSU institutions (125,967 employees), 56 superior courts (21,181), and 151 state departments (255,380 employees).

California law requires cities, counties, and special districts to annually report compensation data to the State Controller. The State Controller also maintains and publishes state and CSU salary data. No such statutory requirement exists for the University of California, California community colleges, superior courts, fairs and expositions, First 5 commissions, or K-12 education providers; their reporting is voluntary. Two superior courts either did not file or filed a report that was not compliant.

Since the website launched in 2010, it has registered more than 11 million pageviews. The site contains pay and benefit information on more than two million government jobs in California, as reported annually by each entity.

This article was released by the California State Controller’s Office.