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Letter to the Editor: Gas Prices Go Up Again

Remember Prop 6 which was on the ballot in 2018? Thanks to the California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s devious wording, everyone was very confused. Voters were supposed to vote no on Prop 6 to repeal the gasoline tax. It was defeated and the gas tax remained.

The law requires that the gas tax be “adjusted” (most likely it will go up) per the Consumer Price Index on July 1 of every year. Gas prices went up 5.6 cents on July 1, 2019 and again 3.2 cents on July 1, 2020. COVID’s downturn in the economy kept the increase from going any higher. Three cents doesn’t sound like much, but it’s been almost 9 cents in 2 years. The California state gas tax is now 50.5 cents per gallon! This latest tax makes gasoline in California the highest in the nation. You’d think our prices would be cheaper. We drill oil in Huntington Beach and refine it right here in Los Angeles County.

Democrats don’t seem to worry about gasoline taxes. They wanted the gas tax. Fortunately for those in Orange County, Supervisor Michelle Steel, Republican candidate for Congress, is against gasoline tax increases. She will oppose any increase in the federal gas tax too. We need someone who will fight against any further gasoline increases. There will be plenty of other tax increases when we try to pay for COVID expenditures.

Susan Dunaway
Huntington Beach

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  1. It’s so tiring saying goodbye to so many friends who are leaving or plan to leave California because of representatives like Harley Rouda who do not focus on issues that are important to the middle-class.

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