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Letter to the Editor: Harley Rouda’s fear of Fascism

Congressman Rouda stated “I am scared that every single day we are taking one more step towards fascism.” That is one thing with which I can agree.

However, he has identified the wrong party with which to identify the parallels.

His view of history is definitely skewed by his ultra liberal point of view. During the 1930’s there were riots in Germany’s streets. The National Socialist (Nazi) thugs not only intimidated voters, but also rioted, burned, and looted Jewish stores.

In America, which groups are currently performing those actions in the middle of our cities? Our rioters are equal opportunity destroyers trying to get everyone to verbally agree with them. Antifa and BLM are behind the destruction and are associated with the Democrat party financially and politically. Does he realize that money donated to BLM goes to ActBlue, which is a front for the Democratic Party?

Adolf Hitler was instrumental in bringing down the prior republic in Germany. A major reason Adolf Hitler was able to take over the German republic was hyperinflation.

Think of the funds that would be needed for the New Green Deal and the national debt it would cause. Which party is leading us rapidly on the road to hyperinflation? Which party is most like the fascists of the 1930’s? Readers can decide based upon available facts, not empty rhetoric.

George A. Kuck, Ph.D.
Major, USAF Retired


  1. Get rid of Communist Harley Rouda. Communism is for Russia and China not for the United States of America. Respect the flag of the United States not okay the burning of the flag like Rouda does by Democratic Antifa rioters in the streets of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Kenosha, Washington D.C., St. Louis, and many more Democratic run cities. Vote Trump 2020 and Michelle Steel.

  2. Rouda needs a pair of glasses because the only facism is occuring with his own Democratic Communist Party. Rouda —— you do know Ilhan Omar is who wants to defund the police in Minneapolis and convert everybody in the USA into a communist . Ilhan Omar is in your own Democratic Communist Party. The DCP which is trying to become the CCP. Ilhan Omar hates the USA from the constitution, democracy, freedom, law and order , etc…………….. I would advise everybody out there to do your own research on the Democratic Party and see who are the real facists racists liars of this presence time. Look up Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Karen Bass, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez— all Marxist Communists who always talk crap about the USA. When they are on CNN or MSNBC they will all say the politically right things to say but when a iphone catches them on video unaware they show their true Communist Marxist CCP rhetoric. Cori Black is a proclaimed communist who protested with a bullhorn in front of the suburban caucasian couple’s house in St. Louis with the guns trying to protect their house. Cori Black just won a Democratic Primary race against a Congressional Black Caucus member. She will be elected from District 1 from St. Louis to the House of Representives of the USA —- take a good look at the Democratic Party of today. Vote for Michelle Steel 2020 and Trump 2020 for your family sake.

  3. “However, he has identified the wrong party with which to identify the parallels.”

    Major Kuck’s points are valid — particularly the one above! As for the details of why Rouda is a questionable person to represent us in CA-48, one only need look at his voting record.

    When Rouda was elected, I began following him and found that he has done virtually NOTHING for us in is first term. He pledged to represent us as a moderate Democrat yet he has voted with Pelosi 100% of the time and AOC 92% of the time. Given that a majority of the Houses activities were consumed by hearings into the so-called Russia Collusion and Trump’s impeachment over a phone call, there was not a lot of time for the House to get anything done — for us.

    He states his concerns: “I am scared that every single day we are taking one more step towards fascism” and yet has failed to condemn the violence and crimes that manifest themselves in the Democrat run cities of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, kenosha, New York, Rochester, etc. — apparently from his loyalty to the Democrat leaders in the House liek Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler.

    There are other matters that taint Rouda’s record during his first term: supporting HR 2472 (a national version of the awful AB5 law that forces people out of part-time contract work) and his failure to disclose his dark money contributions along with his questionable staff hiring judgement.

    I personally will be voting for Michelle Steel who has worked hard as the chairwoman of the OC Supervisors and shows — in her deeds, not her words — genuine concern for all constituents of CA-48, Democrat, Republican, and independent.

    1. Harley is such a snake. He smeared numerous Americans with the phony DNC lies about Russia calling into question their patriotism.
      His party is going full blown Marxist and he votes WITH THEM 100% of the time, even the Unconstitutional Fauxcheapment. The dude has ZERO principles.

  4. The Democrat party openly calls for Socialism in America. We are all familiar with Bernie Sanders, AOC and her verbally abusive anti Caucasian, anti American colleagues, they are all Socialist, which means ideologically they are baby steps from being Fascist or Communist.
    Antifa has been active in Europe for 40 yrs. they are well funded and well organized. European governments, politicians and private citizens who hold their beliefs fund these Fascist thugs. The American people need to realize, Antifa is here now and they are not going away. In my opinion, Rouda and other California Democrats would allow and even encourage Antifa to physically harm any California resident or business who refuses to submit to their terroristic threats. To Democrats, staying in power is worth destroying America / California. What’s a few more (or few hundred more) execution(s) on the streets of California by Democrat terrorist if deaths keep Democrats in power, right Democrats. Now you can all sing praises to Ho Chi Mehn, Pol Pott, Mao, Castro, Chi and the rest of your racist Fascist hero’s.

  5. Congressman Rouda: “I am scared that every single day we are taking one more step towards fascism.”


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