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Probolsky Research shares their new statewide poll results on CA Prop 15

Our new California statewide poll finds that Prop. 15 is losing by 8 point and that there are a limited number of voters who are still undecided on the proposition.

“The voter contact part of the campaign has already started. With so few voters unsure about their vote, the yes side will need to move voters from their current position to win,” explains Adam Probolsky, pollster with the non-partisan Probolsky Research. “It is not surprising that Republican voters oppose the measure, but so do other broader demographics like Asians and and Latinos.”

We are releasing these poll results for public interest. We do not have a client on this proposition.

Fore more information about the poll, visit https://www.probolskyresearch.com/2020/09/05/new-poll-ca-proposition-15/.

This article was released by Probolsky Research.


  1. Anyone who believes the eng game here isn’t to kill prop 13 is fooling themselves. In any event, those property taxes are not simply going to be eaten by the land owners. They will increase rent to the business who rent space, and they will in turn raise their prices to the consumer. It says renters are protected, but how about mobile home parks, and other non apt or house rentals? Will hotels be exempt or will those cost sky rocket as well? Don’t be fooled, WE WILL be paying this tax, not some ‘evil’ landlord. For gods sake people, the more ‘evil’ they are, the MORE likely it is they will find a way to pas it down to the common person. DONT BE FOOLED!

  2. One way or another the school districts are gonna get their money.. what these sponsors failed to take into account is the cost of complying will ultimately be passed on to the consumer.. ENUFF WITH THE D@MN TAXES. GIVE IT UP! LEARN TO WORK WITH THE MONEY U COLLECT NOW..

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