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25 local elected officials call on Congressman Rouda to take down “deceptive and misleading” ad

Twenty-five local elected officials from throughout Orange County sent a letter to Con Artist Congressman Harley Rouda demanding he immediately take down his “deceptive and misleading” ads attacking Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Michelle Steel.

From the letter:

“The ads you are running deliberately distort her voting record and omit pertinent facts on actions she took as Board Chairwoman in order to protect Orange County taxpayers, root out corruption, and streamline county government.

“We expect better of our Representative in Congress.

“Your actions to smear a Korean immigrant who came to this country in search of a better life and has sought to give back to her community via public service carry heavy undertones of racism and sexism.”

Rouda has a history of discrimination against women and people of color.

Rouda has admitted that in college he attended a racist Mekong Delta frat party where men dressed as American soldiers and women dressed as Vietnamese prostitutes.

One of Rouda’s businesses was required to pay $2 million to a woman with cancer after Rouda fired the employee because her healthcare costs were too high.

A copy of the full letter can be found here.

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.


  1. Michelle Steel has run false and defamatory ads against Harley and you hypocrites are complaining about Harley’s ads? Early last summer, I E-mailed Supervisor Steel as to why she refused to enforce the mask mandate and why she drove Dr. Quick out of her job with threats made against Dr. Quick’s family. And why is she too chicken to debate Harley?

  2. Harley Rouda is a the House of Representative who thinks that South Orange County sent him to Washington D.C. to usher in the Marxist Communist Manisfesto of his Communist Democratic Party. Rouda is a total bowdown to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, IIhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib , Ayanna Pressley who are Communists running the Democratic Party now in our nation’s House of Representives. Look up Cori Black — a Democratic Communist who just won a Democratic Primary against a Democratic Black Caucus member and whose father founded the Congressional Black Caucus. Get rid of this guy Rouda before he starts supporting Communist Democrats to take over our local city councils, mayors, DA’s, any local government office—- look at Seattle, New York City, Minneapolis, Chicago. They have Communist DEMOCRATS running these cities not only the mayor but throughout their jacked up cities governments. The Democratic Communists support the looting and rioting because they say insurance companies will pay for it. The Democratic Communists are always talking crap of the USA. Omar is always saying she wants to change the USA to a Communist Country. A refugee from Sudan who the USA welcomed now wants to change the USA to a Communist Country. Really? The Democratic Communists hate Clinton, Obama and Biden. AOC said she wouldn’t even be in the same party as OBiden if this was a different country. The Communists just want to get dementia Joe Biden in office so they can use him as a puppet. Biden has to use a teleprompter to answer questions given to the people asking the questions. What a joke! How is Biden going to deal with China, Russia and other nations around the world. Trump is for the USA. Biden puts every other country before the USA. If Biden wins China wins. VOTE MICHELLE STEEL 2020! VOTE TRUMP 2020 for your family sake.

    1. LW, you talk garbage.

  3. Rouda is a a scummy guy. He slandered people calling them Russian assets and never apologized for that DNC smear job.
    He needs to go back to Ohio and make amends for all the people he sold houses to that got foreclosed on.

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