featured graphic for Cynthia Tracker, candidate for California Assembly District 65 during COVID-19

Cynthia Thacker Asks: “Do Quirk-Silva and Democrats want chaos on Election Day?”

In 2018, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and the liberal Democratic legislature in Sacramento passed Assembly Bill 1171 which allows same-day voter registration. Cynthia Thacker, Conservative Republican candidate filed to run for California State Assembly in the 65th district, questioned whether Quirk-Silva and other Democrats would be held responsible for some of the anticipated post-Election Day legal chaos.

“Following the 2018 midterm election, we heard stories of unscrupulous people going into homeless camps on Election Day to register inhabitants and then guide them on how to complete their ballot in exchange for cigarettes. Who knows what might happen this year?” asked Thacker. “Our election system works well when interested and educated citizens who WANT to vote, participate in the process. There are so many ways to register prior to the election that it makes you wonder why Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva was so anxious to usurp the system with the potential of creating havoc.”

Pointing out that same-day voter registration greatly increases opportunities for fraudulent voting, Thacker explained that citizens can minimize possible 2020 election corruption. “First, complete your ballot upon receipt. Then bring your ballot in person into a local Registrar of Voters or Vote Center. Shortly after, check the status of your ballot at www.voterstatus.sos.ca.gov to be certain your vote has been counted. Absolutely do NOT mail or drop into a ballot box.”

Pointing to voter enthusiasm for President Trump and the Republican Party, Thacker said it’s imperative that patriotic Americans get out the vote so that socialism is soundly denounced. “Our nation’s integrity depends on Americans trusting the integrity of the election process and having confidence their vote was counted.”

This article was released by Cynthia Thacker’s campaign.

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  1. If your a Republican, you have my vote. It is frightening what is happening in cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago & I am afraid it will happen here. Maybe it’s time for someone who hasn’t made a career out of being a politician.

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