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Unemployment benefits paid to California workers impacted by pandemic top $81 billion

To help support California workers, their families, and their local communities struggling through this historic COVID-19 pandemic, the California Employment Development Department has now issued $81.8 billion in unemployment benefits since mid-March. Last week alone, the EDD paid an average of $678 million a day in benefits – a 962% increase over benefits paid during the same week of the Great Recession in 2010 (an average of $64 million a day). So far in this pandemic, the EDD has processed 12.6 million claims between the regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) program and extension claims, as well as the separate Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program.

EDD issues $300 a week payments under Lost Wages Assistance program

The EDD had more than 1,000 staff working over the long Labor Day holiday weekend to process claims and initiate new $300 a week payments under the federal Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program. EDD is paying LWA benefits based on the order in which the EDD received the claimant’s certification for regular UI or PUA benefits for the three weeks between July 26 and August 15. Those who have already certified for benefits for these weeks and verified to the EDD that their full or partial unemployment is related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a federal government requirement, will receive LWA payments first.

The federal government also requires claimants to have a minimum weekly benefit award of $100 or more on their initial claim. Those who received a payment on that claim for the weeks between July 26 and August 15 should expect one of these scenarios for additional LWA payments:

  • Claimants who submitted their certification for all three of those weeks at the same time will receive one lump sum of $900 ($300/week x 3 weeks).
  • Claimants who did not submit their certification for all three of those weeks at the same time, the payments will be split in two due to normal bi-weekly payment cycles based on when you provided your certifications for the three weeks of benefits.
    • Those with the weeks ending August 1st and 8th in the same two-week cycle will receive a $600 payment first followed a few days later by the remaining $300 for August 15th.
    • Those with the week ending date of August 1st on the second half of their two-week cycle will receive $300 first and the other $600 should arrive a few days later for the weeks ending August 8th and 15th.
  • Claimants that were not paid for one or two weeks of the initial three week period due to excessive earnings, fully employed, or disqualified will only receive LWA payments for weeks paid.
  • All first phase of LWA payments are scheduled to be completed in the next couple of weeks. Starting September 15, the EDD will start accepting self-attestations from phase 2 claimants who had not yet verified to the EDD that there’s a COVID-19 related reason for their full or partial unemployment.Throughout the week, EDD will be sending emails, texts, or mailed notices advising them to complete the self-attestation online through their UI Online account or to send in a paper form through the mail.

After these Phase One and Phase Two payments of the $300/week are made, EDD will distribute the two additional weeks of LWA payments recently approved by the federal government. More information will be coming about when to expect these additional two weeks of LWA benefits.

California is currently applying for a 6th week of LWA payments for claimants contingent upon the availability of federal funds. If this is approved, more information will also be provided about when to expect such payments.

New bi-weekly certification question for PUA claimants

The EDD just launched a new revised bi-weekly certification for claimants collecting Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) benefits. Per a requirement of the U.S. Department of Labor under the federal CARES Act of 2020, PUA claimants must attest each week they collect benefits to being fully or partially unemployed as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. To address this requirement, PUA claimants will now see a new question on their certification through their UI Online account and on a paper certification, if the claimant elects paper certification. If claimants do not select that they are impacted by one of the federal COVID-19 reasons presented, they will not be paid PUA benefits for that week.

Additionally, if someone is receiving PUA benefits by a paper check, the check will no longer be attached to the newly revised paper certification form. The check will come in a separate envelope. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) is one of the federal CARES Act programs that helps unemployed Californians who are not eligible for regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. This includes business owners, self-employed workers, independent contractors, and those with a limited work history who are out of business or have significantly reduced their services as a direct result of the pandemic. PUA benefits are available through December 26, 2020.

Preventing unemployment benefit fraud

The EDD is aggressively fighting fraud in the wake of unscrupulous attacks on the unemployment program here in California and across the country.

These perpetrators are often using stolen identity information from national and global data breaches, as well as exploiting expedited payment efforts in the federal PUA program. Claims identified as suspected fraud have been suspended or closed while EDD investigators partner with local, state, and federal law enforcement to expose and prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

Customers should be aware of two other actions taken in the face of such fraud:

  • No Automatic Backdating of PUA Claims
    The EDD is no longer automatically backdating new PUA claims in order to stop perpetrators from targeting earlier months when federal stimulus payments were available. Legitimate PUA claimants who believe their claim should be backdated are encouraged to contact the department in one of two ways:

    • Submit an online inquiry through AskEDD. Select Unemployment Insurance,the “Claims Questions” sub-category, and then the topic, “Backdate theEffective Date of my Claim Due to COVID-19”.
    • Speak to a representative by calling one of the two EDD UI Call Centers at 1-833-978-2511 or other numbers listed on our Contact EDD page.
  • Limiting Multiple Claims at Same Addresses
    While there are legitimate reasons for several workers using a single address, theEDD has shut down multiple claim situations following key identified patterns.These situations are believed to be fraud and scammers will often try to intercept,redirect, or gather mail associated with these claims. The EDD warns Californiansthat the department will not send representatives to your home and encouragesyou to help the department combat fraud by reporting it and taking one of theseactions with any mail you may receive that does not pertain to you:

    • Send any fraudulent documents or mail directly to EDD investigators throughEDD PO Box 826880, MIC 43, Sacramento, CA 94280-0225.
    • Or you can write “Return to Sender” on the envelope and provide it to your mailcarrier. Envelopes that may contain debit cards that have yet to be activatedcan also be returned to sender. The cards are sent on behalf of the Bank ofAmerica from an address in Tennessee.

The EDD greatly appreciates the partnership of the public in fighting fraud and protecting the UI program for California workers in need. You can learn more about fraud and how to report suspicious activity on the Fraud and Penalties: What you Need to Know page of the EDD website.

The article above was released by the California Employment Development Department.


  1. I just spoke with phone rep at EDD helpline 833-978-2511
    she said all offices of EDD stopped working new claims
    edd overhaul – 9/20 – 10/05

    thru these dates will take no new claims
    will not work existing ID issues

    Will work PRIORITY claims- = Backdated claims all ready
    and fraud claims.

    i asked so If my claim which is frozen by Verification of ID issue was told a week ago it would take 5 weeks i start counting the weeks as of oct 5th? she said no you should be good?????????so they ARE working it.
    she said VERIF ID claims are handled by outside agency
    once they recieve my documents i sent to verify id

    contradictions, misinformation
    and lack of communication
    is job one

  2. One of my friends got back pay and the 300$ she got almost 4,000$! I wonder why, she has been receiving unemployment the regular way as me. I still haven’t received the 300$ and just last week I got employed will I still receive my money? Under a lot of stress

  3. before everyone gets all mad that they were denied etc.. read up on the rules and what is needed to successfully file a claim that is not denied….

    1. I have no problem waiting. But I’m wondering it’s been about that 2 weeks and still nothing. Should I still wait? I’m eligible for the extra lwa but have not seen. My coworkers have gotten it and I have not. Just curious dont want to bother edd, they got enough on their plate was hoping someone might have the answer?

      1. I got my 300 and another 600 and my husband received nothing. I called unemployment and they said it should come in next week or two. I hope so

  4. Thank you edd for all your hard work

  5. I’m sympathetic to the frustration that the workers at California EDD must be going through. And I understand they complain of their antiquated computer system.
    They had a strike force team recently analyzed methods and procedures at California EDD and I noticed one of the problems which is quite evident is communication with the public. I am thankful for publications like this one. I was admonished by one of the representatives for reading and interpreting anything from the press a few months back. She advised me that did not qualify on a claim which I actually did but she was quite demeaning and quite arrogant and made me freak out for a couple minutes. It took me 4 days and probably 16 hours to get through and I ran into a roadblock like that. Recently I was following on their website on their Twitter site any information that had to do with the Lost wage act. They were not talking to the press but we’re making statements sometime in September. They’re on a press release in their own website they stood on a September 7th date for payment. I was fortunate in some aspects to have gotten a payment on the 6th but it was for one week $300 I started to research on their website and on their Twitter site and in the press if these were going to be $300 payments paid out whenever if they were going to be paid out in one lump sum. I did my due diligence researching this because I did not want to call and take the time of the EDD to explain to me if there was some different distribution plan that wasn’t spoken of or reported. After about 6 hours of research I was quite convinced that they weren’t talking and I suspected they made a mistake on my claim or I did something wrong but I would wait for 2 days and possibly it would show up. It did not. So I called in it took quite a while I spoke to a representative the representative advised me that she thought that the one payment of $300 was a mistake and I might have to pay it back because I had a combined wage claim. I asked her where the language was for that stipulation in the lwa she informed me she did not know but that is her feeling after looking at my claim. I was also advised of a wage cut that they took on top of working all the hours and she was speaking in a frustrated fashion and I apologized if I came off rude which I sure I hadn’t but something triggered her for sure. I called my state assemblyman and he took my information and stated that he had a scheduledeetimg with them that evening and he would try to find time to address the situation, the point I’m trying to thread through the needle is not my problems that I have dealt with dealing with ca edd but it’s everybody’s problem and that problem is communication. And just a little bit of empathy for the public and you would realize that these people are scrapping, they’re making decisions whether to pay utilities stock up on food or buy gas to look for a job. This money is critical and it comes in at unpredictable times. the least they could do is to make a public statement so they don’t get 500 phone calls when there’s a weird amount hitting the account. I’d also like to make a statement as to the wage cut that they took it’s not fair and the state should have realized that they are setting themselves up for a worker slowdown. The workers and management of ca edd are incentivized with two prongs if they keep things screwed up they are proving the fact that they have a old infrastructure… the workers feel unappreciated and just for that reason alone will cause a slowdown and the mere fact that they (the state) can’t prove it’s a slowdown might incentivize the state to go ahead and give them their wages back and meanwhile we’re in the middle. I have a awful feeling that some of this fraud is coming from inside, this is another incentive to keep things screwed up. I understand it’s a harsh accusation just a prediction and it would be somebody with access to the computer system and know how to mask the multiple claims that one address this seems to be the ammo of an insider not a hacker or your average fraudster. Thanks for reporting on this issue but it came a day late. And I imagine it wasn’t the idea of the administrators it probably was demand by the strike force. And it looks like they set into motion another guessing game for the 4th and 5th week of the LAW benefits. I do not know why I assumed it would be with the weekly benefits I received yesterday. I diagnose the issues with California EDD as Munchausen by approximation.

  6. Call at 745 in the morning listen to the message its gonna say its closed but still listen and select anything and follow the prompt stay on the phone then keep pressing 9 until 8am then press 0

  7. There a app google it for about 2 dollars it will auto dial the add a few thousand times a min till u get thought and it takes a average of a few min need to find out if someone used your I do to claim your money do t give up it took 5 I. In a half. No. To get mine in the think of the covid God bless don’t give up don’t give up never give up if u deserve it then go get it whatever it takes

    1. What is the app called

  8. Ive been clarifying for benefits since June 14th EDD contact me I told me to file for unemployment if I can’t find a job because of Coronavirus I did so they sent me a award letter dated 7-17-2020 ive been clarifying for benefits every time I get the notification and EDD has yet to make a single payment thats 13 weeks of benefits that they still have in the pending process. Everytime i call i get hung up on or people saying they fixed the issue to look online later….. And guess what no payment and when u call back all they do is put u on hold for hours then hang up on u. They dont answer any email or return phone calls

    1. The unemployment aka is simply a joke, needs a complete audit and term everyone in the department they simply don’t know what they are doing, its a waste of time and so called resource! They are worthless and simply don’t get it !!!

    2. This is for Amanda lambert call your state legislature and your district senator and they will help you i had the same problem and I was paid with 48 hours no joke at all im telling you it will work just try it you just have to Google your areas legislature and senator and email them and they will email you back within 24 hours and then your paid just try it I was paid with in 48 hours after 3 months of trying

  9. Nice story… but us Californians know that’s what it is just a nice story as of September 15 2020 there is no extra money at all just 200 dollars to survive on for the month ……………FUCK edd!!!!!!!!

    1. Right! I was working part time when they made us stay home and edd only gave me $86. So I don’t even get the $300. I feel the same way.

      1. That is such bullsh!t

        This comment has been edited to lightly disguise foul language. Please find a way to express yourself without using foul language.

      2. to be honest you really werent making much when you were actually working … why are you mad.. didn’t you collet all the extra money they gave you earlier? that was super duper more money then you were making.. now you are complaining?,, sorry if you didnt receive these extra payments.. however you techincally could not survive on ur regular wages so why are you mad now.. we in a pandemic.. sigh

        1. she is mad because she is frustrated like everyone else and trying to survive…she needed the extra payments just like well most like you do to provide for her [email protected] family.

          This comment has been edited to lightly disguise foul language. Please find a way to express yourself that does not require the use of foul language.

    2. I now how you fill I have been out of work seance March 16 was my last day to work of any kind and I have 2kids under the age Of 6 and 3 and they just opened up school and the work I do for they elderly I’m still unable to cause of coved 19 and I have lost my app I am now 6 montes late on dills rent and changing when I have to go somewhare cause of no car inshareance and this is my first time ever trying to get the help from uneployment and I have applied seance March 18 got denied so got apperoved for PUA and April 14 and did not recive my frost pay till July 23 Was my first and then on Aug 1 the last one why I don’t now but I was still active and then they side that I had to resretify so I did and and then agion I don’t recive a payment till sep 3 and gess what I havent ricived seance sep 3 and I do my weekliy flames I call to varyify to and I put up with all they issues I have had with my login and password and issue With there sister Bering down and them more then 5 times spend 2 row 3 hours trying to hello me set up and new email account just for my uneployment and still have us the same issue I have lost sleep I am so dreperasst and high exzety I see my kids ackting out do to us not haveing are place and not able to play with there friends and retuning back to the same school and team trying to help there momma cache up and get a home … I am sorry for the people that are not getting the help that we should and and them slowing us to miss out on the income that belongs to us we do what we need to and they still try to find away to keep it from us and not pay us they don’t care if where now on the street no light haveing to pay all that money if it wasn’t for this coved 19 we all would not lost the love one that they did and we would not be on the street and in more debate than we where all I fill that I do have The coved 19 cause me and my 2 kids have lost EVERYTHING some times it Hearts to Breath …all I can say is that I can’t give up cause my kid count on me my heart goes out to every one and God BLESS us all and please give us the help

      1. OMG! Wtf is wrong with this state? Why is Newsom acting like CA is too poor to help people who don’t get the LWA? It’s literally insane.

      2. Hey, a good English class might really help you with your spelling.

    3. Its really not edd its our government how much we get

  10. I applied and was denied. With no explanation. I’ve lived by the rules and now it’s time,for the edd to help me. They won’t answer the phone and it’s been months. I really needed the PUA for me and my family. I just needed the help. And there’s no help. I’ve sent emails to the governor, and city officials with no avail.

    1. I can totally relate. Have been on furlough since April – still not working; still haven’t received even one penny from EDD. Applied in April and was told I didn’t qualify (because I work for a non-profit) but told expressly to reapply under special PUA program and would certainly qualify if I indicated unemployment was direct result of Covid etc. They said it would go right through. So I did as instructed. It took forever but they finally contacted me again saying same thing: I do not qualify. Meanwhile; I reapplied a third time and tried everything I could for the longest time to contact someone from EDD – to no avail. Finally I just gave up, even though I definitely qualify for PUA. Now, I can’t go back to work even if I wanted because am home with kids who can’t go to school etc. I guess at one point they were blaming everything on an old computer system not designed to handle all these claims. The state with the silicone Valley can’t quickly install a better computer system during a worldwide crisis? I don’t believe them.

      1. Same issue happened w/ my BF. We gave EDD 2mo to get thru back log to his claim… no money no communication since “award Letter”. We called on a Monday Aug 24h (Claim start 6/26), was on hold 20mins and got a guy who said they undid the “Auto accept” for COVID – basically if you were honest and said “No, I didn’t look for work” due to covid – back in April/May the computer didn’t disqual you… but now it puts you in a weird loop. BF asked, “Shouldn’t I have gotten some mail or something?” Guy said no – cause its a computer glitch. So dude reset his claim, and approved everything and told him to lie each cert, and say you looked for work even tho, BF explained WHY he was now not working (COVID restrictions). BF legit asks “So, you’re telling me to lie.” Guy was like “Well, its a computer thing – and until we fix it yeah.”. Got card loaded w/in 24hrs. ALSO, note, you will get notified by B of A when your card gets loaded (if you elect txt or email communication), EDD will not show you as paid until 24-72 hrs AFTER money hit your card. Just as an FYI. So, if you’ve gone over 1mo with no payment, check in & call EDD, sit on hold (It sucks but being evicted sucks more). Good luck all.

        1. There’s no way to hit on hold lol… there’s absolutely no way to talk to anyone at edd & they say that to you on the automatic system”you will not be connected with anyone at this time, goodbye” and hangs up. It’s total bs and a broken system for all of us to waste our time and energy on that could be flowing smoothly

    2. 1-833-978-2511 Try this number it’s a separate number and they are open from 8am-8pm It’s for PUA I had to dial and redial about 5 times and was hold for 25 min but got thru to someone who helped me

  11. I qualify for the extra unemployment. I work part time. And still make over the required 100. That the unemployment department wants and on my original claim back in March states that I lost full time job because of covid. Still have not got any of the extra 300.just my regular pay.

    1. I don’t understand why still I have gotten any payment since June 23rd. The $600 was still going until the end if July. Now its a lower payment. So do I still get those payments? Im so confused now. They still sending me wks to certify tho…

      1. You’re still supposed to get the $600 until july 26th. Then $300 after that.

    2. Lori, I am in the same situation. I just logged on to EDD and it prompted me to certify that I lost hours do to COVID. Once you certify you will be eligible for the $300 a week.

      1. Hi my name is alex ayala i aplied for edd in march and i having get nothing yet i lost my job and i behind on rent ,on everything please help us

        1. 1-833-978-2511 Try this number it’s a separate number and they are open from 8am-8pm It’s for PUA I had to dial and redial about 5 times and was hold for 25 min but got thru to someone who helped me

  12. I was awarded my unemployment of about $4, 000 .. Then …come to find out i was disqualified.. Why??

  13. I feel u…that’s how I get treated to….play by the book get u nothing…

    1. so don’t play the book people…. lacks imagination

  14. I want to know if I can file employment this year. Been I think 3 or 4 not sure how many years I worked or not worked cause of my accidents of both knees.

    1. You would not be eligible if you still injured and not able to work…in order to qualify you have to be able and available to work…if you can’t file for disability.

    2. No. You had to have been receiving unemployment from july 2018 or later to qualify this year.

  15. I understand, im in the same. Situation. It really makes no sence that the peple who get less than $100 on the UI wont get Assistance!! I mean, seriously the peple deciding are not thinking right.

  16. I have worked since I was 18 and I am now 60. I have only applied for unemployment 3 times in my lifetime but paid into it all the rest of the years! I only get $79 a week and will now not qualify for the extra financial help because I don’t get $21 dollars more a week! We Seniors really need that extra $300! Don’t help the needy become hopeless!!!

    1. Same here with the $100 cut off, I’m 62 with the same scenario I get $85 per week, this sucks!! Whomever made that decision needs to rethink it, it’s ridiculous! So, what do we do now! I’m pissed!!

      1. Some states are raising everyone who gets less than $100 to $100 so they can meet the minimum a nd qualify for the extra $300
        ..unfortunately California is not one of them and thats sad..

    2. You don’t pay into unemployment. Employers do

    3. You have the system wrong. You have never paid into unemployment. Your employer pays into it . You pay into disability insurance which is administered by Edd.

  17. Wow! This is a very concerning group to reply. The only related topic is of themself and about their money “my money” like the money is coming from their own personal account and they are being denied access to their earned income. No one is informing the correct way of filing or the “how to file” just a bunch of babble. I really should not have commented because I do not have any advise for the quotes I read. Here’s to entitlement! and may God bless America

    1. Contact your dtaye appointed senate offfice we the people vote these rep into offfice, the legislator for your cityy will help advocate these isssues

      1. That;s right, the will look into the situation, that;s why we voted them in.

        1. Oh, the EDD Bank of America cards is really a joke, when the put holds on your money, and when you call them your on hold for 2 or more hours waiting for the lift to be removed. Bank of AMERICA I hate you.

    2. Unemployment INSURANCE is paid into by all working Americans. It’s not a handout like you’re implying. Yes there are a lot of people in this country that feel they’re entitled to a lot of things that they’re not entitled to. Unemployment payments isn’t one of those things. It’s supposed to be there when hard working people lose their jobs due to no fault of their own.

      This comment has been edited to remove name-calling. Kindly refrain from taunting or name-calling that only produces hard feelings.

    3. Yeah aszhat some of us have been working and paying OUR heavy taxes into OUR disgusting state’s stupid UI system for every bum, junkie, illegal by the million to live it up, now we want OUR MONEY we’re legally entitled to since Newsom closed OUR EFIN JOBS

      1. #XXXX-XXXXXX

        The hashtag was redacted because it was merely name-calling. Please try to find a way to express your point of view without name-calling.

      2. Every one deserves and needs help at this time. This is not about entitlement. We are in a pandemic emergency. Entitlement is those idiots that we pay to live like royalty with our tax dollars and they deciding we don’t matter. Yes we do. We all do. None of us asked for this. Life was hard enough. So please don’t attack each other. We all need to help each other get through this either through information, a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to listen and care. Every life matters.

  18. I’m disabled but I still work twenty hrs a week wich is all I can possibly do I struggle to eat put gas in my car get medicine have soap for washing clothes or body I’ve put myself in danger of getting exposed to COVID 19 every day so people can buy what they need to make a living or have everything they need during this time I don’t get a penny for food or gas nor do I have medical service that I need it does not seem fair that I do everything that I can possibly do physically emotionally medically spiritually just to serve the community threw this strange scary and difficult time yet the government gives me Zero help to survive myself threw this. Many others got stimulus money edd money food card yet I’m destitute this is wrong

    1. My concern is this sunday I did my certification and I didnt get pay the $300 per week or the back pay . My work cause of low of business cause of the covid19

  19. I applied for red since July waiting on my account number to register for edd.they sent my account number but short one number suppost to be nine numbers and i only had eight.i message saying am short a number and never heard from red again still up to now.

    1. That happened to me and I went on the edd website and I registered for a sdi online account and when I did it gave me my account number and I was able to log in to my uei account

  20. It is so sad and unfair that “The federal government also requires claimants to have a minimum weekly benefit award of $100 or more on their initial claim.”
    I’m getting less than $70 a week, so I received a letter from EDD that I do not qualify for the $300. People like me with this amount of money a week we’re the one who really need it most.

    1. should’ve worked harder when you had the chance. Or, you know, reported your actual income and paid tax on it. You were getting by with so little before, right? Lol. Everyone I know in this group deserves it, because they were being paid under the table last year

      1. Your not a very nice person. Have a heart. I made 4 times more than I get from unemployment. Getting 450 a week is a joke to me. But that’s how it is. So if people don’t get a lot it’s the guidelines not being a lazy ass. These guidelines were put in place 30 years ago. Even me getting the maximum wouldn’t pay rent today. Never mind eat and have a car gas and lites. It’s a joke. Don’t be so heartless

    2. They do not require the claimant to have $100 in payments. FEMA is a disaster relief agency which requires the state to pay 25% of the funds in order to get the funds from fema. it’s a rule a restriction placed on fema that the state must contribute 25% and fema 75%. so it’s the state that refuses to pay their portion and they put it on the claimant to receive over $100 to get it. it’s the states decision not Fema

  21. Just call the bofa edd card replacement. They will send it to u in 3 to 5 days. Just google the number

  22. There is a lot of fraud internally with CA EDD employees as well. During the first pandemic assistance payments that began in April, employees have manipulated their system and issued certain individuals more than the $600 additional FAC payments, then were given a cut of it from that individual. EDD investigators needs to look closer. Will EDD have those fraudulent funds returned to the state?

    There are a lot of people who filed for UI who don’t even live in CA and received the additional benefits.

    As for me, I didn’t receive all the FAC payments of $600/week. Mine mysteriously stopped in May. I have messaged the EDD internally through UI online but have had no response. It’s impossible to get through on the phone lines. Will I receive back pay?

    1. If you WORKED in California and moved out of state, you still qualify for Unemployment based on the base period in which you worked IN CALIFORNIA. Living, or moving, out of state, does not disqualify one from Unemployment Insurance if they WORKED IN CALIFORNIA during the base period. Leave the work of qualifying and disqualifying people to the professionals.

      1. Hi there, are you sure that’s true?

  23. I understand your frustrations.. My Son to has been waiting he has send in his documents by mail and submitted online and still nothing !!! I hope they get to all you who have been waiting soon …

    1. My son is 20 and he also apploed they sent mail he sent in copy of ss card id and had to send it in . and still nothing. He is so frustrated and had to move back in with me because the assistamce has not come for him. He has been on phone with edd several times and they are seriously NO help at all.


    1. It automatically kicked in for me but I am on my last week and not sure what to do after that!

      1. Get a job. Thats what you do

        1. Does it make you feel empowered by saying that? The UNEMPLOYED WERE EMPLOYED prior to this Pandemic. We already feel helpless and your comment is rude & unsympathetic, therefore SHAME ON YOU. How can we get a job, when there are no jobs out there due to COVID. Believe us, we don’t wanna be in this situation

    2. it will automatically give you the PUAE by the next time you have to certify. Same happened to me where I only have enough for 1 week plus a little extra for the 2nd. That short week amount is the only one that suck!

      1. My husband got retired 10 years ago. And worked for over 50 years. Never apply for unemployment in his life. We are senior citizens. He had to work part time for our medication. He got furlough on March 2020 cus of covid. And getting only $87.00 weekly on EDD and do not qualify for the extra $300.00. We need that $300.00 for our medication and medical supplies. We have sleep apnea and diabetic, difribrelitor implant, arthritis. We really need that extra income $300.00 to meet our health issue necessity. We are in our late 60’s and middle 70’s Please consider the Senior Citizens that are still working for our medical needs. Dear God, Please help America and the whole World

  25. Best way to talk to somebody is through the tech line 833 978-2511. Be specific about your claim by knowing the specific lingo about your claim and get ahold of a “Specialist” . Supposedly there is a tier system with the workers there at EDD and the specialist are the only one’s that can fix your problem. Also be close to a fax machine if need be to turn in identifying info as you talk to them. You may have to wait all day on hold but hang in there.

  26. Stay in prayer. You’re not alone.

  27. I know of homeless people that never worked a day reporting that they were self employed & got upwards of $50,000! So frustrating when people on unemployment are making 3x what I am making! Doesn’t seem right! But it is what it is I guess!

    1. That’s total baloney. You “know of ” the homeless? I had about 40 phone interviews to prove my income, weeks of sending every paystubs, work email, timecard, gig invoice. Every employer got called. Got the max you can get which is 21k, less than half of my former income. These homeless must really be gaming the system. You couldn’t get that much if you tried.

      1. That is correct!

    2. Hahaha! That’s impossible. $50k? Yeah ok

    3. All the hookers and homeless in my hood are sportin new cars and more dope than you can shake a stick at a parade oftoothless smiley faces every day dirt bikes gokarts people ziping around every where money for nothing and çhiks for free.

    1. can always use help with this matter and money.

  28. I filed a claim on 6/28/2020, have not gotten no money, and have called every week to see what’s going on, now they are saying cause I work for a school district in food service, and was still on call during summer break, because we still feed the kiddos in the summer, but only a few get to work it, and now only a special agent can look at my case, and have been waiting on the phone for 2hrs at a time, and nobody ever answered, now my coworkers at least 11 of them have gotten edd& they are in food service as well, but tell me no. I don’t know what to do at this point and very frustrated. Please Help.

  29. Yes

  30. I have begun to receive the $300/wk just recently. However, will I be receiving the $900 retro payment you speak of? I wasn’t sure if that was issued right away or is there a waiting period?

  31. Duuuude… sounds like ur hating. And why u telling on ur homies??

  32. I am a Truck Driver and drive on the 110 / 710 /605/405/91/105/5/60/10/210/99/ from Port of LA & Port of Long Beach to San Diego back to the Ports AMD pick up to deliver to Sacramento AMD provide my driving services for the Supply and Demand of Goods for the people and the biggest gross domestic product (GDP) in the world as a misclassified employee. I have observed individuals whom have received from $10,000 to $20,000 bcs they have applied for UI and don’t work, have a goal, objective, yet they spent the PUA funds on other unimportant things. I have a goal, objective or life changing ideas to make a difference, yet EDD or Sen. Lena Gonzalez have assisted to my polite requests. I apologize in advance but give credit where credit is due. I have drove or 5 yrs and not once have I got into an accident bcs SAFETY for the people is my priority and failure is not an option.
    Thank you,

    1. What does that have anything to do with anything? EDD is to help with rent food and basic living expenses not to accomplish life goals or dreams and your job performance does not matter unless you were terminated for cause.

  33. I have been waiting for some help since march 15th ,I filed in March I made a mistake when I filed corrected the error sent a notorized letter for my birth certificate , copy of license, paper from social security proving that was my social security number , proof of residence , another copy of my identification card and now I’m homeless my father who was living with me now lives in Texas which he doesn’t like he’s 84 years old my neice and her son he’s 5 years old haven’t worked since February 10th I’ve called sent letters nothing no help please can someone help.

  34. Yes it’s a section listed covid 19 childs school is closed.

  35. I have been waiting for some help since march 15th ,I filed in March I made a mistake when I filed corrected the error sent a notorized letter for my birth certificate , copy of license, paper from social security proving that was my social security number , proof of residence , another copy of my identification card and now I’m homeless my father who was living with me now lives in Texas which he doesn’t like he’s 84 years old my neice and her son he’s 5 years old haven’t worked since February 10th I’ve called sent letters nothing no help please can someone help

  36. I filed in June. Did all that was asked of me. Filed for ui.
    Haven’t recieved a cent. Certify bi-weekly. When I start work soon will I get the benifits I haven’t recieved yet from Edd?

  37. I was recieving unemployment up until August, then it suddenly stopped. Can’t get on UI online due to forgetting my security questions to verify identity to reset password! I’ve been calling EDD with no luck at all. This is so frustrating! Don’t know what to do.

    1. For something so important you write the security questions down knowing how overwhelmed and hectic the system is right now! Take some accountability.

  38. Very disappointed I applied in apr . Cannot get through to EDD . I’m now homeless I was very much so affected by covid 19 .

    1. They turned off mine 2 weeks ago because I tried to change my mailing address. I can still log in, certify, get texts on my phone, same res address, yet now they need to verify my id 5 months later? The new help line is a freaking joke. Wait an hour for some guy in his kitchen with 3 screaming babies in his lap to tell you “wait 6 weeks and see I guess!” They don’t even have access to your account let alone answers!

  39. I have been waiting three months now and i have not gotten payed. I sent in my paperwork to verify my identity like 6 times yet im still waiting and was disqualified. I have sent in a appeal but nothing has happened. I call everyday to speak to EDD but they say theres nothing they could do. This is so sad because im honest yet this has to happen to me. I dont understand why? Can someone help me.

    1. Leave an email online through EDD. The same thing happened to me, until I sent an email.

      1. Can’t even get thru the unline.This is all bullsh!t.Even when unemployment was slow,it still the same. BS

        This comment has been edited to lightly disguise foul language. Please find a way to express frustration or vehemence without using foul langage.

    2. Your claim sounds like mine. Email: [email protected] Her name is Sandrea. Tell her your situation and that you are desperate for any type of help. In your email, give her your SSI # and phone number. After emailing her, she will directly call you and get your claim going. I filed March 14th; and I just got paid two weeks ago thanks to her. I emailed her one night, then the next morning she called me. Her and her boss had my claim going within 2 hours. She’s directly at the Sacramento unemployment office and is a big boss there. I hope this helps! I promise this will work!

    3. I’m in Chicago and we have a lot of ongoing issues with the system setup for benefits… I tried to bypass applying for regular unemployment because I’m an independent contractor. When the Pandemic Assistance program was up in May I applied immediately. I was approved in May but had pending issues in June. I called several weeks and I got a payout of 8,300 after taxes was taken out.. I can’t even imagine still being in the pending process because the system is not progressive enough to file a claims… I talk to so many people but I’m thankful the money started rolling in at the end of June. I’m currently waiting on the extra 300 dollars but I still have 4,000 saved…

    4. Did you contact Julie Su
      Or do ask EDD?

    5. Contact your local legislators office ( Assemblyman, Senator etc). Only way. Still takes time but at least you will eventually get help. I had to do this with a family member who was in the same boat as you. Google your local Rep in your area. God bless and good luck louck

    6. Michael call the Torrance office 310.782.2101. I forget if you select “1”or “2”, cause one of them transfers to the main number where you never get through, the other will get you to someone at the office. Now, they can’t help directly BUT the woman that helped me transfered me to the 800.300.5616 line so I was in the cue and my 4month long issue was fixed. Keep in mind that you may not get someone right away at the Torrance office, but you will get someone. Just keep trying! Good luck!

    7. Did they give you a reason why you where disqualified?

    8. I have been waiting for three months i haven’t got paying since than what can i do and also been asking identity verification three times that something i don’t understand
      Does some one help me this situation and documents including us passport and 2019 w2 and drive license.

    9. I so feel your pain… Waiting, honest, hardworking… Yet NOTHING… SAD AND HURTFUL…

  40. I went on my ui online to certify that I lost my job due to Covid and I couldn’t find self-attestation I know when I originally filed claim I explained that I lost my job due to co-vid19 , I still haven’t received the additional federal payment yet

  41. I still have not got anything. Since 3 29 20.all because my x job puts wrong ss#..all bad

    1. Oh my goodness !!!! Had this exact thing happened to me about 2 years ago! Thankfully it didn’t happen during the pandemic like you shared it’s happening to you! What a hassle complete stressful headache you’re having to go through right now. When I caught it my mother and I actually caught it it was off by 2 digits. Then whatever my prior employer did it was now off by six digits. Want it finally was supposedly fully corrected I actually for the first time ever needed to cash out my sick days and personal days as I broke my wrist and was off for a very long time. I had to jump through hoops with disability Social Security and my prior employer as I was a ghost in their system as of January 23rd 2017 and when this occurred it was December 2019. They did not internally correct something so I literally was a ghost. it took me 7 months just to get it internally corrected with my employer. Definitely messed up my disability and I’m sure it plays into why I still don’t have enough accrued unemployment right now to get the full 450 a week. When from 2016 until summer 2019 two and then later three jobs all at the same time. Hence why my mom and I did not catch the off by 2 digits earlier. Sorry, I went completely off topic! But I genuinely feel your pain cuz I’ve been through it. Hope you got your unemployment very soon

  42. It says $0 left to claim until claim year is up ? I never got the $300 payment. Ive been Homeless sence August 26 when i received my last extinction payment .
    What do i do now?. because i am still under high risk and can not risk working outside sales and ive litterily been kicked from any payments!, ive lost everything! I dont have any resources to help me.
    I cant even get into a shelter because of overcrowding. Please.help

    1. Try reapplying. Similar happened to a family member. Had to rapply it was faster.

    2. Hey brother I don’t know you, but I’d like to help. I see your homeless but I am coming into some cash. I know what it’s like. All I need from you is a way to send you cash. and also where are you at? I am in California . Anyhow please feel free to respond

      1. God bless you!!!!

    3. May God supply all your needs and this to shall pass.

  43. Fabian don’t hate bro, people legitimately earned unemployment benefits. So they were able to stimulate the economy by buying needed items. Go back to work and stop pointing your finger. TRUMP 2020

    1. Raymond are you sure you want a President who intends to end Social Security for good? Too many people depend on that income (approx 52 million). So you might want to check that out. President “Chump” is against the American people.

    2. You know all about hate lol your a cheerleader for that team my lost friend Biden 2020 because love trumps hate

    3. Unfortunately, I am one of the individuals that does not qualify for any pandemic assistance through edd due to my weekly award claim for $52.00. This is a pathetic situation and it’s blatant discriminatory exclusion of assistance because I unfortunately only worked minimum wage and therefore my claim award amount is under 100 a week . How are us low wage paid individuals supposed to survive? Pathetic.. truly pathetic…

  44. I dont really know whats up with my unemployment benefits.I received my first notice of me filing a claim with EDD.my first notice of pandemic unemployment assistance award : claim effective date 03/15/2020, date mailed :07/13/2020. My social security number(the last 4 digits 1488). My maximum benefit amount 6513.00 and my weekly benefit amount: $167.00. I was given another notice from EDD and it stated. 07/14/2020 mailed date. Claim effective date : 03/15/2020 that my reward went up $10218.00 the whole amount. and my weekly amount went to $262.00 aweek. This is the last time I heard from EDD.I recertified like the letter said.March was the last time hear from EDD. Some money was sent and placed on a bank of America debit card. I’ve never received a bank of america’s account.I’ m filing stolen card/or mail thief.You can reach me at 916-670-3061.Could you forward this statement to the appropriate office.someone has to see what happened.Thank you’ll very much.

    1. REMOVE YOUR last four SS info!!!!!!!! Ppl can do things with that info & your name. With so much going in NOW they can use your info to their advantage.

      1. My name is Marie , I did not receive my LWA payment at all so what are you guys talking about . I certified for the week of 09/05/2020 and 09/12/2020 , i got only the little money of my base EDD . Where LWA $300×2 what does EDD take us for . How do they think by doing this to us we will survive with 3children . I am soo disappointed. I just need EDD to pay my money because i am qualified for the program.

    2. My sister and her boyfriend stole my identy for edd. I want to pay in doing time

  45. Do we qualified if we left are job do to no babysitter because school are closed do to COVID-19

    1. Yes you do . Staying hole to take care of a minor falls in that category

    2. Yes. If u had to leave your job due to ur child not being able to go to school because of COVID/and ur weekly unemployment is AT LEAST 100 dollars or more. This is for the extra $300 a week

    3. Yes you do qualify

    4. That’s so crazy because mine was the same EXACT info and amounts. Mine is effective March as well, sent identity verification in August 12, recieved aug 14th. Now all I hear is ” pending” or I can transfer you to the specialist. What??? I have been waiting for months and now they talk about sending out the $300? It clearly is FRAUD going INSIDE EDD so they need to stop placing blame on the filers and figure out where all this money has gone because people like me and you, NEVER GOT ANYTHING but mail. I moved out of state because I couldn’t afford to stay. It’s all a bunch of bs and absolutely ridiculous to claim that filers are the problem. What a joke it’s the workers redirecting people money and glitching the system to say “pending”. There will be alot of workers in jail by the time the Feds finish with the EDD

  46. Why has no one contacted me about my unemployment claim yet did I not fill it out right to something

    1. It’s not their responsibility. It is yours to complete paperwork correctly. They are overwhelmed and you should have known this. Take accountability.

  47. Its sad that there onky giveing it to people with 100 or more i lost out on alot of money and need help

    1. Hey Ashley I don’t know you, but I’d like to help. I see you’re in need of some help and I am coming into some cash. I know what it’s like. All I need from you is a way to send you cash. and also where are you at? I am in California . Anyhow please feel free to respond

      1. hi patrick, your offer seems like a great opportunity!! i would appreciate it if you could send me some more information, let’s say, your social security number? your full name, and maybe your address. thanks! please reply back asap?!!

    2. Be careful
      Of the below comment this sounds
      Like a scammer.

  48. I closed my claim , but I was eligible for those weeks under Covid-19. Do I have to reopen my claim to get my $900.00

    1. I totally agree with you Ashley. I think it’s really unfair as well. I lost out on alot of money as well. I have a teenage daughter and I got laid off in March of this year cause of COVID-19 and haven’t been back to work yet. I’m having an extremely difficult time without the extra benefits. I too need some help. Is there anyone that can help us?

  49. it’s great that they’re finally doing something
    I live in the Varrio and work hard for my money..
    Didn’t appreciate seeing vatos who haven’t worked a day in there lifes flashing money and new cars and braging how they beating the system..
    It’s all quiet now because they spent it all and now are worrying about getting that knock on the door for a Unemployment cop…


    1. Bro tell me about it. Literally people that I know using their kids as independent contractors and crack heads who have never held down a job but played the system from $15,000-$150,000. I’m so disgusted at this entire system, I’ve worked hard my whole life and barely scrapping by trying to do the “right thing”. Sickening.

    2. Worry about ur self don’t worry about other people you should be happy for them . Im sure they need that money if they havent been working.

      1. I’m not sure if I only received 2 or 3 of the first payments of the extra $300. First is there some kind of website you can search and find out if you got 2 or 3 of the first payments of $300? And second if I only received 2 payments of $300 and not 3, will I receive the last 2 payments of $300 in my state (which is Tennessee, and was approved to receive the extra $300 threw the week ending on September 5th ) or will I only get 1 of the 2 or no payment at all? And third I don’t understand why on everything that I have searched says that it is a total of 6 weeks of the extra $300, but then I keep reading and a few paragraphs after reading that it says that on September 10th Tennessee was approved to get two more weeks of the $300 after the first 3 were paid, instead of 3 more weeks of the $300? Because by the dates they have posted on every single page I have opened (which i have opened and read at least 50 different pages) is a total of 6 weeks if your state gets certified for the full amount, which ends up being a total of $1800. The $1800 does not include what you normally receive each week when your not receiving any type of stimulus/extra government help.

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