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2020 National POW/MIA Recognition Day is Friday, Sept. 18

The National League of POW/MIA Families is partnering with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) on a special virtual event for National POW/MIA Recognition Day 2020. We are calling on everyone who has worn a POW/MIA bracelet to submit a brief (up to 1 minute) video telling the story of your POW/MIA and bracelet. Stories will be featured in a virtual event on September 18 at 12:30 PM (and afterwards depending on response)!

Simple instructions for using your cell phone to take and upload your video are available here, along with current information on the POW/MIA issue, stories of returned ​POWs, families who have received answers and those still seeking answers.

You can also order your bracelet by clicking here.

Below is a short message from DPAA Director Kelly McKeague regarding this important Day of remembrance and honoring those who are Still Unaccounted for (Unreturned Veterans) – it also honors those who dedicate their lives to continuing the search for our still unaccounted brothers and sisters. We all owe a great debt of gratitude the many dedicated people who work for and with DPAA around the world.

Breakdown by War – Still Unaccounted for/Unreturned Veterans:

  • WW II 72,579
  • Korea 7,578
  • Vietnam 1,586
  • Cold War 126
  • Gulf/Other 6
  • Total 81,775

Message from DPAA Director Kelly McKeague from Defense POWMIA Accounting Agency on Vimeo.

There will be 2 ceremonies honoring our POW/MIA Department of Defense personnel that day (both streamed live online by the Defense Media Activity inks included below).

– 1st Ceremony:

Held at the Pentagon at 2 p.m. EST (8 a.m. HST)
Hosted by the Honorable David L. Norquist, Deputy Secretary of Defense
POW/MIA Recognition Day Ceremony at the Pentagon

– 2nd Ceremony:

Held at the DPAA facility (Hawaii) at 10 a.m. HST (4 p.m. EST)
Hosted by Rear Adm. Darius Banaji, DPAA’s Deputy Director of Operations
POW/MIA Recognition Day Ceremony in Hawaii

Also remember the National League of POW/MIA Families, whose decades of hard work, tenacity and aggressive pressure on foreign governments have resulted in continuous searching for those still missing since the 1960’s. Although they were started by the wives and friends of those missing during the Vietnam war, the League’s searches have and continue to provide information about the missing from all wars, and such information is extremely important to those families that are still awaiting word of their loved ones who are still unaccounted for (Unreturned Veterans).

We give a huge “Thank You” to the League’s CEO, Ann Mills-Griffiths, as well as the entire League for their ongoing efforts as a non-profit foundation. Please go to their website to learn more about their work and express your appreciation for all they do to learn more about our still unaccounted for (Unreturned Veterans).

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