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Cynthia Thacker: “Why does Quirk-Silva and Democrats want to destroy neighborhoods?”

Cynthia Thacker. Courtesy photo.
Cynthia Thacker. Courtesy photo.

Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and the liberal Democratic legislature in Sacramento were eager to pass a bill that would have allowed multi-family duplexes to be built on land zoned for single-family units. Standing on a residential street, Cynthia Thacker, Conservative Republican candidate filed to run for California State Assembly in the 65th district, questioned why Quirk-Silva wanted to destroy residential neighborhoods. “Thanks to a last-minute political maneuver Senate Bill 1120 failed to get through the legislature. Yet, the fact is that Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva voted for this bill and that should concern every homeowner.”

Thacker continued, “Walk down a residential tract in the district and imagine that all the single-family homes are gone, replaced with multi-family duplexes. Instead of one unit on each lot, there could have been as many as four. Suddenly, high density impacts the community and almost overnight the neighborhood’s personality completely changes.” Shaking her head in disbelief, Thacker asked, “Why would Quirk-Silva want to destroy communities that she represents?”

Acknowledging that she is running a unique grassroots campaign that focuses on the people in the district, Thacker stressed that enthusiasm is on the Republican side and that helps her at the ballot box. “All the enthusiasm is with President Trump and that will help elect Republicans down ticket. Californians are watching in horror as Democrat-led cities become scenes of unrelenting violence by socialist leaning organizations. District 65 residents rightfully worry if that kind of violence could happen in our cities. Enthusiasm and getting out the vote are how Republicans will win in 2020!”

This article was released by Cynthia Thacker for State Assembly.

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  1. I read that in LB they want to build small 5 story units in residential neighborhoods. Probably section 8 housing. They will use Eliminate Domain to force people to sell. They could build these units in areas that don’t affect established neighborhoods. Maybe in areas on the fringes of cities?

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