US Geological Survey during COVID-19 [featured] 20200623

Earthquake wakes up northwest Orange County

An earthquake shook and rattled through northwest Orange County at around 11:39 pm. on Friday, September 18. The shaking and rattling was extended — not a short quick jolt — and strong — not to be overlooked.

So when we got to the USGS Latest Earthquakes page, we were not looking for a magnitude under 5 — but that’s what we found.

According to USGS, a magnitude 4.6 quake west-southwest of El Monte struck at a depth of 17.6 km. That location is north of where San Gabriel Blvd. crosses over the Pomona (60) Freeway and about 20 miles from our location.

So you can now officially add “earthquake” to the list of events occurring in 2020, along side of plague, fires, and riots.


  1. Live in Tustin! It rolled first, then it shook! My alert went off ! Saying the cent was Fountain Valley! 4.77…..

  2. I live in my car and i was just laying down for the night and felt it. Thought my car engine might be messed up so i turned the car off and it kept shaking. I called my sister in stanton who said stuff fell over on her dresser and that our dad was worried about the flat screen tv falling over. ‍♀️

  3. It woke me and I thought someone had jumped on my bed. First a small shake followed immediately by a sharp jolt.

  4. At first I thought it was my dog scratching at the foot of my bed until it got stronger , and I looked to see no dog!! LOL

  5. It woke me up, that’s the strongest quake I’ve felt in the past 18years by far,

  6. I felt the strong longer shake of earthquake. I live in Brea at 11:45 pm.

  7. I live in fountain valley California and I pretty much feel the jolt

  8. I live in Huntington Beach and not only did I feel it, I could hear it before feeling it. I knew exactly what it was. It was a strong jolt.

  9. I live in Anaheim and it was a strong shake.

  10. How much more can California handle pandemic riots earthquakes fires

  11. I felt the quake. I live in Irvine. It actually lasted a little longer then I expected. Nothing severe but I definitely knew what it was.

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