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Letter to the Editor: Petition to Governor Newsom regarding the release of felons from prison

Dear Orange County Breeze Editor:

Recently, West Orange County Republican Women Federated were on busy Los Alamitos Blvd. holding a food drive. In addition to the petition to recall Gov. Newsom, who has done a dismal job during the pandemic, there was a letter for residents to sign urging the governor not to release convicted felons from prison. The letter read:

Dear Gov. Newsom,

We vehemently protest your releasing convicted felons from prison! Over 10,000 have already been released and another 8,000 are planned for the end of August. Where are these violent felons going to go but into OUR residential neighborhoods! We do not want these murderers, rapists and other convicted felons released from prison. You have mandated that all law-abiding Californians are to wear masks. If wearing masks is the key to controlling the spread of the Chinese Virus, we insist that you give convicted felons masks to wear and keep them where they belong – in prison!


The letter was signed by 54 people – see attached (pdf).


Nancy Hathcock
Proud President
West Orange County Republican Women Federated