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Cisneros criticizes opponent Young Kim’s record on gun law

Representative Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr. received an F rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA). The NRA endorsed Young Kim and gave her an A rating. While in the California Assembly, Young voted against several common-sense gun safety measures that would protect our kids. In August of this year, the NRA was found to be fraught with fraud and abuse after an investigation found that “top NRA executives misused charitable funds for personal gain, awarded contracts to friends and family members, and provided contracts to former employees to ensure loyalty.” The NRA has spent money supporting Young in the 39th District.

“I wear this F rating from the NRA as a badge of honor. I’m committed to fighting for common-sense gun safety measures, and I’m proud of the work I’ve done so far in Congress to make that happen. It comes as no surprise that the corrupt, fraudulent NRA endorsed my opponent, Young Kim. Young has a long track record of putting NRA profits over our childrens’ safety, the same profits that NRA executives were using to line their own pockets. Unlike my opponent, I’ll stand up to the NRA every single day,” said Rep. Cisneros.

Young Kim’s troubling gun safety record:

  • Kim voted against prohibiting concealing weapons on school grounds.
  • Kim voted against requiring background checks for purchasing ammunition.
  • Kim voted against expanding gun violence restraining order scope.
  • Kim voted against allocating funding to reduce Armed Prohibited Person System backlog.
  • Kim voted against an effort to curb untraceable “Ghost Guns”

This article was released by Cisneros for Congress.


  1. Common-sense gun safety for Cisneros is the abolishment of the 2nd Ammendent in the U.S. Constitution—– meaning taking away your guns totally. VOTE TRUMP 2020 AND Young Kim 2020.

  2. Cisneros walks in cadence with his DEMOCRATIC House of Representatives Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and newcomers Cori Black, Jamaal Bowman— look up some of these names and see what is coming out of their mouths. They are DEMOCRATIC Antifa Communists in the House of Representatives now. Ilhan Omar is always talking crap about the USA and how it should be changed. Cisneros is a Communist Antifa sympathizer and enabler who doesn’t have any guts to stand up to these Communists in his own DEMOCRATIC party. He is a total bowdown. When it comes to 2nd amendment rights the Democrats want to take away your guns —- look up Kamela Harris has said. And look up what many other Democrats have said and tried to do in the past. VOTE Young Kim 2020 and Donald Trump 2020 for your own families sake.

  3. Unfortunately for Rep Cisneros, you are a Democrat and the Democratic Party supports Black Lives Matter and Antifa – violent organizations. No sane person wants violence in their cities the way we have seen in other Democrat cities. I tell everyone that this year to vote Republican!

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