Josh Newman launches new ad showcasing lifetime of service

Continuing his unwavering momentum with the election just over a month away, Josh Newman’s campaign for California State Senate District 29 unveiled his latest video ad, which will be airing on digital platforms districtwide.

The ad, titled “Love Country,” highlights how from the Army to the State Senate, Josh has always put duty, service and country first. It also underscores that to get through this unprecedented time, we need facts, science, healthcare, a government we can trust, and bipartisan leadership from public servants like Josh Newman.

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This article was released by Josh Newman for Senate 2020.


  1. Well said ! Newman is part of what’s wrong with State. If you can’t remember Newman’s name, remember his bad hair, because even if this bad penny isn’t elected this time he will be back. Kind of like California’s own personal Hillary Clinton, he will never go away.

  2. Mr Newman – The people of your district fired you two years ago! They gave you a pink slip. Told you to pack your things and leave. Why would we want you back? All you’re going to do is raise our taxes again. YOU WERE FIRED!!!!

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