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Young Kim ad criticizes Cisneros financial dealings

Young Kim for Congress released their second television ad of the 2020 election, highlighting recent revelations of Gil Cisneros’ seedy financial dealings during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic and profiting from holdings in Pharma companies despite claiming to want to lower prescription drug costs.

Following a private Congressional briefing, Gil Cisneros made 219 stock trades of up to $6 million, more transactions than any other Representative or Senator during that time. He also profited from up to a million dollars in healthcare and pharmaceutical stocks and his foundation invested in companies that raised the price of life saving medication over 1,600%.

The ad exposes Cisneros’ deception and his track record of putting his interests above those of 39th District voters.

A bombshell exposé. Despite claiming to want lower prescription costs, Mega-Millionaire Gil Cisneros profited from prescription price hikes.

Cisneros profited from up to a million dollars in pharma stock.

Worse? His foundation’s investments raised insulin prices almost seven-hundred percent and an arthritis medication sixteen-hundred percent.

Then, Cisneros traded millions in stock following Congress’s private coronavirus briefing.

Mega-Millionaire Gil Cisneros. We paid while he profited.

Watch the full ad here.

This article was released by Young Kim for Congress.


  1. Don’t believe what you are watching on television from the media. They tend not to tell you the whole story. The media takes one sentence out of a Trump speech and spins it into something that was never said or meant. Please look up and research whatever you are questioning yourself and don’t be duped by the Democratic Party year after year. Cisneros is just another spin master of what the Democratic Party is in 2020. The Democratic Party is not the same party that it was when JFK was leading the party. The Democratic Party is not even the same party as when Hilliary Clinton 2016 was running for President. I wanted Clinton to win in 2016 because I didn’t know what to expect from Trump. This guy was a outsider from Washington D.C. and the swamp of D.C. Despite all the attacks from his opposition Trump has done more for the United Citizens than any other President before him. Vote Trump 2020 and Young Kim 2020 for your families sake. Don’t believe the lying media, Hollywood, and anyone else who is trying to get your vote and forget all about you until the next election comes around.

  2. Trump just signed a executive order part of his America First Medical Plan to reduce insulin for Medicare patients (senior citizens) to $35.00 per month or lower to replace the disasterous Obamacare with it unchecked medical hidden expenses. Cisneros is just a total bowdown to the radical left Communists in his Democratic Party — Rashida Tlaib, IIhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Cori Black, Jamaal Bowman, Karen Ass, and the list keeps growing every passing Democratic Primary. VOTE TRUMP 2020 and Kim 2020 for your families sake.

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